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Dylan Burkhardt


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  • Andy

    Crazy story about Ingerson. Just sad to see such potential fall apart like that. Mental illness is just a crazy thing (no pun intended). Hopefully he can turn it around.

    I always liked watching him play. Always seemed to be having a good time and I have a soft spot for pure chuckers.

  • AG2

    So apparently, all you need to beat Wisconsin is a little bit of size.

  • So Michigan is 3-0 vs. Minnesota & 0-5 vs. Wisconsin over the last two seasons but Minnesota is 3-0 vs. Wisconsin. Go figure.

  • Tweeter

    That is a strange stat Dylan. I will say this though, UM has been very close to beating Wisky both the last two years at Wisconsin, and yet got blown out both times at home. However, the home game this year Im not sure any team in the country would have beat Wisconsin. They shot the lights out and its not like all their shots were open, many of them were hoisted with very little time left on the shot clock.

    AG2 I saw that you commented on Riley in the other thread. I watched a bit of the Syracuse-Georgetown game tonight and caught the couple minutes that Riley got (apparently only his second appearance in a Big East game). It was pretty obvious almost immediately that he is not ready to play at this level. I dont think he would have helped UM at all this year.

    In terms of transfering, I dont think so either. I think UM lands Horford this year and gets another big next year. Riley looks like a guy that could have some potential, but I dont think he is going to be able to contribute anything for several years.

  • KDavis

    Yikes. If he’s not going to be ready to contribute for several years, I hope he’s on the Van Wilder college plan. I agree, though, about Horford. I think we get him. I worry about next year’s class. If one of the targeted bigs don’t sign with UM, I hope they don’t panic and just hand out a scholarship to the equivalent of, say, Peter Vignier.

    Sad situation with Dom. Hope he straightens himself out.

  • fresh

    loved what vitale said about michigan……….everything he said about kids should want to come here, etc is absolutely right…….its unbelievable they struggle landing kids…..thats sad

  • Tweeter

    I guess Vitale has not been inside Crisler arena recently . . . or inside our practice facility, oh wait, we dont have one. Or maybe he is just blinded by all the conference championship banners we have, I mean its only been almost 25 years now since the last one.

    UM is a great school, with a great sports tradition. But the basketball program has done nothing since the fab five days which were 17 plus years ago. Which means the kids that we are recruiting right now have no personal connection with anything good regarding UM basketball.

    With how much scouting there is now of high school sports, why would a great young player want to go to a school with no facilities and virtually no recent history? They can go to Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, Arizona, and a ton of other schools that have better facilities, better recent success, and they will be treated like a god. Playing time doesnt really matter any more as long as they have the name coming in, NBA scouts already have their draft slot established.

    I really love Vitale’s passion for basketball, but I dont think he understands the atmosphere of todays game as much as other analysts do.

  • NVE

    I live 2 blocks from Lake Merritt and run around it every weekend. Surreal to see that picture of Dom standing there in his b-day suit at the halfway point in my run. Hope he gets help.

  • Brick

    @KDavis Vignier was a very effective post player his last two seasons. He’s a great example of why most bigs really should redshirt if they plan on using all of their eligibility. He wasn’t very good when he hit campus but once he matured he was a quality rotation player.

  • KDavis

    @Brick…I’m baffled by your post. Let’s look at Vignier’s junior season (easily his best year)…If my 6′-11″ big man is going to play 30.3mpg, I’d expect more than 6.5pts, 7.4reb, and O.6blk.

    His senior season: 14mpg, 4.8pts, 4.1reb, 0.4blk. Those are Zack Gibson numbers if Gibson plays 14 minutes.

    Let’s not let the disappointing seasons lower our standards.

    Sorry, I should have just said “Leland Anderson”.

  • Paul

    Totally agree with V. on Michigan. I had higher hopes for them to coming in. The most fustrating thing is all these kids that came in are suppose to be great shooters. Some games they couldn’t hit the back side of a barn. I did overated this team big time. I really wonder where the points are going to come from when Sims and Harris are gone.
    Next season before I write my preview article I’m just going to have to be more critical.

  • jmblue

    Tweeter, you know that those facilities are coming, right?

  • jim-e-p

    Vitale has had a bizarre fixation with Michigan during all of the endless years he has been ruining basketball telecasts. Vitale bringing up Michigan by any convoluted means possible and Ed Hightower getting the charge/block call incorrect have been constants during the last quarter century of college basketball. I think Vitale feels some sort of slight, that he thinks because he won a few games at UD that he should have been offered the Michigan job. Just listen to him in his next game (if you can stand the noise) – he will work UM in if at all possible. During the Frieder years he was constantly on us for scheduling cupcakes. During the Fab Five years it was constant moralizing about the woofing and posturing. He was an Amaker apologist (due to the Duke ties)long after the tieless wonder had demonstarted his incompetence. Vitale is a fraud, a sycophant, and a joke.