Game 21: Iowa at Michigan Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

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The good news is that Michigan is finally playing good defense. The bad news is that they still can’t shoot.

Michigan beat Iowa by 14 points and the result was never in doubt but it’s tough to get too excited. Iowa didn’t record their first field goal until the 10:34 mark of the first half. Michigan controlled the game but there were probably only 10 minutes total where I’d say Michigan looked impressive.

Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims scored 40 of Michigan’s 60 points but they weren’t very efficient doing it. The duo combined to take 34 of Michigan’s 58 field goal attempts and notch 8 of their 12 turnovers. It’s tough to blame Harris or Sims because they are forced to carry the load but Michigan is going to need a better effort going forward.

Offensively, Michigan continues to struggle a lot. They struggled to make shots, with a shooting line of 42.2/43.7/26.9. They didn’t hold onto the ball (21.2% turnover rate) and they didn’t shoot many free throws (24.1 FTR). For a change, the one area where they dominated was the offensive glass. Michigan rebounded a whopping 51.3% of their missed shots and DeShawn Sims alone had 9 offensive boards (he did rebound several of his own misses).

Defensively, Michigan dominated Iowa. The Hawkeyes shot 34.5/41.2/16.7 from the field, rebounded 32.4% of their misses and turned the ball over on 17.5% of their possessions. Credit Michigan’s defense but Iowa just couldn’t get anything going on the offensive end of the floor. It also helped Michigan that Aaron Fuller, who presented the biggest mismatch, only played 26 minutes due to foul trouble.

Michigan will take wins any way that they can get them at this point. If Michigan plays with the the same defensive effort that they have brought for the last month they are going to have a chance to win games down the stretch. If they had played the kind of defense they are playing now for the first two months of the season they’d easily have at least a couple more wins.

At this point it’s clear that this team can’t shoot. It’s not some kind of extended drought or fluke – it’s reality. Their best chance going forward is going to be to play defense and work the offense through DeShawn Sims.

Trey Zeigler made the trek to Ann Arbor for a visit and was sporting a block-M hat. According to his tweets, Zeigler also got the chance to meet Jimmy King. There will be plenty of shots and playing time available next year if he decides to attend Michigan. Trey put up nice numbers Friday night in Mount Pleasant’s 7th straight win over Bay City Central: 28 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, and 5 steals.

stu-1 harris (caption) Michigan's Anthony Wright battles Iowa's Eric May for a rebound in the second half.  *** The Michigan Wolverines dominated from start to finish in a 60-46 victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor. DeShawn Sims had 20 points and 12 rebounds, while Manny Harris scored 20 points and six boards. Photos taken on Saturday, January 30, 2010. ( John T. Greilick / The Detroit News )

Player Bullets:

  • DeShawn Sims: DeShawn Sims is a first team all Big Ten player; he added 20 points on 9 of 18 shooting and 12 rebounds tonight. Peedi has an offensive rating of 113.6  (9th) and is using 28.2% (6th) of Michigan’s possessions and is averaging 20.6 points (1st) and 8 rebounds (3rd) per in conference play while shooting an eFG% of 56.7% (7th). As someone who has criticized Sims’ motor, mentality, consistency or whatever else at times, it’s time to give him credit for playing so well in conference play.
  • Manny Harris: Manny scored 20 points but he was definitely fighting it out there today: 20 points, 6 of 16 (3-9 3pt) shooting, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 6 turnovers. Manny started out smoothly, getting involved when he could, making good passes, and getting some nice looks. Then the wheels fell off a bit as Harris started missing bunnies, forcing passes, and just becoming all around sloppy with the ball.
  • Zack Novak: Novak needs to stay out of foul trouble or Michigan will lose games that they shouldn’t. The drop off from Novak to Wright is appalling to see in action. Novak hauled down 6 rebounds and dished 3 assists to go with two 3 point makes out of five.
  • Stu Douglass: Douglass wasn’t bad, but I would hesitate to say he played well. He hit a couple early threes but finished 2 of 8 on the day for 6 points with 4 rebounds. Make your layups man!
  • Laval Lucas-Perry: I’ll just quote the WLA: “Laval Lucas-Perry’s game is subtle. So subtle you wouldn’t notice his mark upon the game. Lucas-Perry resists hullabaloo. Attention. Anything of note. Yet, like Jewish Guilt, he is always there. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t believe me, but it’s true. That fifth guy that runs up and down the court? That’s him.”
  • Darius Morris: Darius Morris needs to shoot 5,000 jump shots per day this summer. If he learns to shoot it will open up his offensive game, otherwise no one has any reason to guard him tightly on the perimeter.
  • Zack Gibson: Michigan needs Gibson to come in the game and play hard for 5 minutes. He’s done a pretty good job of it the last couple times out. He had a basket as well as a pair of offensive rebounds with no turnovers in 8 minutes. That’s all Michigan needs.
  • Anthony Wright: The stats aren’t pretty: 18 minutes, 0 for 3, 3 rebounds, and an assist. But I think Ant was probably worse than his stats today. He was a huge liability on defense and looked tentative with the ball on offense. Michigan won’t win many games when he plays 18 minutes.

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  • Bill

    good defense and morris looks like he is getting more comfortable every game.

    On a side note I heard DeShawn Sims talk about his visits to MSU when they were recuiting and how he loved Izzo and how Tom would drive him home. Not sure but I thought school could only provide travel expenses on 1 offical visit. I looked on rivals and it said he didn’t make any offical visits to MSU.

  • Andy

    “The drop off from Novak to Wright is appalling to see in action.”

    So true. I was hearing complaints about Novak missing open shots, but when Wright came in, I had to say, “that’s what happens when Novak is out.” I try to defend Wright from time to time because I have a soft spot for chuckers (being one myself at heart), but wow. Bad defense, seems to travel every time he dribbles, can be found just standing around on offense and seemingly out of position… I hear he’s a good poker player though.

  • gpsimms

    just saw the episode of the journey from this week. man, the locker room scene after the MSU loss was a real tear jerker.

    Beilein said the right stuff, but it was a pretty tough scene to watch. Check it out if you get a chance.

  • kkire

    gpsimms, do you have a link for that video?

  • I think Morris will end up being a really good defender, Bill.

    Also – if Stu misses another layup, I may lose my mind.

  • Old Style

    I feel like Darius gets a bad rap here. His jumpshot definitely needs work but it’s very apparent he is far more physically blessed, and has more upside than most of the other underclassmen.

  • UMIndy

    Yes, the Stu layups are crazy. I think he is so worried about having his shot blocked and looking bad that he causes himself to look even worse by missing easy layups.

  • Erik

    Watching MSU, their bench players could start for us in several spots. Look at our scholarship breakdown and look at what we are getting out of them:

    McLimans: nothing. redshirt
    Cronin: nothing. Injured
    Morgan: nothing. Injured
    Vogrich: essentially nothing
    Wright: essentially nothing
    LLP: essentially nothing

    That’s six scholarships we have this year that is giving us basically ZERO production.

    I know Stu’s missed layup and Novak’s odd shooting funk this year deserve to draw some criticism, but to me, it’s this horrible lack of production from the rest of our crew that is hurting the most. We’ve got half our scholarships not doing crap. It really is like the old Amaker/Ellerbe days when we had scholarships revoked, and we were stuck playing with a short bench. It really does feel like that all over again.

    Until we can get to the point where we only have 2-3 guys that are injured or redshirting, this will be a very mediocre program.

  • nice post
    thanks dear

  • I was so convinced that the shooting slump would end. Turns out it’s not a slump–it’s bad shooting. I’m not maligning the kids, but this is not just a ‘wait’ll next yr’ proposition; it’s a ‘wait’ll two years from now’ predicament.

    There will be nothing to do but continue to try to love ’em.

  • Dylan- thanks for the update on Trey Zeigler. I totally agree with you that if Trey wants to play right away and be able to get 14 – 19 shots a game UM is for him. If he goes to Duke, MSU or out west he will be the 3rd or 4th option.

    At UM he would be the man. Beilein would develop him for the pros.

  • michigan fan

    It was great to see a win. Hard to say how much of it was Michigan or a weak Iowa team. I agree, at some point, it’s not that we are not shooting well, it’s that we are not good shooters.

  • alf

    Yeah, Zeigler should be promised a starting spot, even in the microscopic chance that Manny stays. If it means Novak or Douglass sits, I say, great!

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    It’s rare that I feel disappointed after an 18 point win, but this one did it for me. Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims are the only 2 players on the team I feel comfortable with the ball, and even they were playing a little sloppy.

    Bottom line, there needs to be more/better talent on this team. Time will tell how Vogrich, Morris, Morgan, and McLimans will work out but I just don’t see any of those guys filling the shoes of Harris and Sims. Let’s hope for a Trey Zeigler commitment…

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  • JimC

    About Manny, yes he was sloppy but i would suggest that his stat line is misleading: e.g. Manny drives the lane and shoots a runner, misses, gets his own rebound and shoots again (from under the basket). The first miss is obviously counted as a missed FG, but he’s got the ball up near the cylinder for his/Peedi’s own put back. He had one take where he didn’t score til the 3rd try, but it’s almost like he knows getting the ball in play up there can lead to the score.

    That’s all i have to say about that.

  • Peedi pulled the whole miss, rebound, miss, rebound, make thing couple times too. It works versus Iowa… but let’s try to make the first layup next time.

  • JimC


    TZ: I tried to read his Tweets, but he has them protected (now). Is there anything else intriguing there?

    Stu: that was a sorry miss, but at least he tried a layup, finally!

    “Novak needs to stay out of foul trouble or Michigan will lose games that they shouldn’t.” Maybe hyperbole, but i can’t really argue with it.

  • Michfan4borw

    Mark is correct that Manny should stay. He’s not the leader of the team and he’s not even top five in the Big Ten. He has to be MORE of a leader than the rest above him b/c he works with a little less.

    Sims is a senior and I think Manny would benefit in the same way Peedi has by staying for his last year. Get a strong incoming class and heal up some players, grow the rest and Manny stays could make for a strong 2010-11 team. No matter, I think this team will continue to improve and show well in the big ten tournament. I hold out hope for a NCAA bid if we win the close games and the ones we should win — like Iowa at home.

  • alf

    Anyone catch that Utah dork Marshall Henderson’s surprise face-punch on a BYU player last night? If there’s any justice in the NCAA, he’s played his last game. Too bad we can’t have his suspension applied retroactively to the game vs UM.

  • This might be a question with an obvious answer, but why not play Gibson as the backup at the 4 and 5? Wright is a complete casualty on the defensive end, and aside from one game on the offensive end as well. Let Gibson work at the 4 when Novak needs to sit and at the 5 when Sims needs to sit. This will only really give him 4 to 5 minutes of extra time a game, and then we only need Wright to back up Manny for 2 minutes a game.

    Is this plausible?

  • Musket: It’s pretty clear that Beilein isn’t comfortable with that. I am sure he has his reasons but a lot of it has to do with playing Peedi down low and also the fact that neither of them are tremendous passers.

  • Fair enough. It is just troubling to see someone who struggles so obviously at a position being thrown into the mix. One of the many stories of the season I suppose.

  • jmblue

    Juice, the draft isn’t a reward for a good college career, it’s about helping NBA teams. How much would Manny, at his current stage of development, help an NBA team? Not enough to warrant using a first-round pick and possibly not enough for a second-rounder, either.

  • Old Style

    I have to give Simms some props for his hands. He catches just about every pass thrown his way. Sometimes it’s taken for granted, then Gibson comes in and shows the hands most big men have.

  • Sarah

    I really hope Manny doesn’t leave. I don’t think he is ready and it would be nice to have him on the team next year. Right now I don’t think he would make a roster and he would after his senior year.

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