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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Eddie

    Interesting post by Bacon. Any word on who Manny thought cheap-shotted him and consequently fought with?

  • JJ

    The 2 horrible calls in Michigan/MSU game.

  • AG2

    Nice post about McLimans, there might be some hope for him yet. Thanks to John Bacon for the info on what happened. He’s usually good for stuff like that.

  • DaveR

    I know many will argue that the foul on Sims isn’t usually called in the closing seconds but a foul’s a foul. It wasn’t a close call.

    The lack of consistency on the Lucas foul on Lucas-Perry is disgraceful. It was an exact replica of the Manny foul, possible a bit more blatant. Lucas should have been ejected OR the rules should be changed. The lack of comment by the Big Ten is unacceptable – is it a sign of incompetence, corruption or both?

  • AG2: The Bacon post is interesting. It varies a bit from what I’ve heard but I think it’s intentionally vague in that sense. Really no point in continuing to bring that up at this point though. Probably something that should be left as is, internally.

  • DaveR: what I said.

  • JimC

    Jeremy Lin an Econ major at Harvard! An athlete and a serious student.
    Maybe I’m too idealistic, and yeah we don’t really care, but I wonder if there are any playing in the Big10?

  • Tweeter

    Dont have to look far JimC. Stu is an econ major and Novak is a business admin major.

  • sven

    We could actually use McLimans now.

  • Andy

    McLimans is going to be the oldest senior in UM history after a prep school year and a redshirt. Hard to imagine being a freshman eligibility wise when you could have been a junior. Hopefully the delay and seasoning will help him become a factor.

  • Alyzen

    I wonder how the rotations at the 4 and 5 spots are going to work out next year? We’ll have McLimans, Morgan, Smotrycz — and I guess Novak’s gonna have to keep playing out of position at the 4, otherwise we’re going to be looking a little thin/young at those positions. I have to admit, that article didn’t make me feel a whole lot better how McLimans is gonna match up against other Big Ten big men, but hopefully I’m wrong about that. Maybe if Morgan can throw his weight around and hold his own down low, McLimans can play at the 4 and stretch defenses out with his 3-ball ability. Don’t know who would rotate in at the 5 in that case, though.

  • Matt

    Don’t forget we’re in the running for Horford too…

  • Alyzen

    That’s right, forgot about Horford — I’ll cross my fingers…

  • Brick

    I thought it was interesting that McLimans seems to be playing exclusively the 5 in practice. I thought he would get some minutes at the 5 but be primarily a 4. It will be interesting to see how the minutes play out at the 5 next year between Morgan and McLimans.

  • Sam

    Me and a couple of my friends went to watch Horford play tonight at Jackson High. It was a great game throughout with no team ever holding more than a 6-point lead, but in the end Jackson pulled it out. Horford held his own, scoring 27 points while hauling in 21 rebounds to go along with a few assists and five blocks. He is surrounded by underwhelming talent to say the least. He has great hands and is basically a vacuum down low. He won’t have Gibson’s hands problems. He is a great passer out of the post and showed a number of solid post moves, mostly baseline spins.

    He does have much to work on though too. When he gets the ball in the post, he always takes a dribble right away and brings it a little too low. He also takes a little bit long to make a decision on whether to make a move to the basket or pass back out. He is a little slow, but he can speed up when he needs to. He appeared to lack effort at times and his rebounds were mostly a result of being the tallest guy on the court and not necessarily effort and boxing out. He is very long and showed decent presence on defense. His jump shot is bad. He puts his right foot about a foot in front of his left foot and barely gets off the ground. He shoots free throws the same way, but was a solid free throw shooter at about 11-14. He also needs to add a lot of muscle to his thin frame.

    At this point, I think he is ours if/when we offer, which I think we will end up doing. He is not going to be a first-year contributor, but I can see him progressing well.

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