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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • I’m glad Grady is back, hope he plays in games next year, because I don’t have alot of faith in Vogrich. With the extra minutes Saturday Vogrich again showed he doesn’t have the quickness to play Big Ten. On defense he looks like he is on rollerskates. He can’t get his shot off.

    Morris and Grady have the physical traits and I think Eso does too. I see them bringing more to the team than Vogrich. Hopefully somehow he can gain foot speed, otherwise might be hard to live up to his 4 star ranking.

  • Tweeter

    Vogrich will probably gain some foot speed but I doubt that much. The bigger thing is just adjusting to the pace of play. I think he will be just fine once the game slows down for him. A guy like Jon Scheyer does not have very good foot speed, but he has learned how to use his body and his brain to make up for it. You dont have to be a great athlete to be succesful in this game.

  • JeremyC

    With Grady back is he using a basketball scholarship or is he on a football scholarship?

  • Football scholarship.

  • JimC

    When is Kelvin returning? I don’t see the article on him…either my browser search isn’t working right, or maybe my mind is still in the caribbean!

  • intrpdtrvlr

    I think one of the biggest changes since you wrote your MSU/Gonzaga summary is that Chris Allen is shooting much better and has developed into an all-around quality contributor. So far, I’d call him MSU’s most improved player this year. He’s been complimented for taking leaps in his perimeter defense and even received a battlefield commission as the “Geez, what a mess” point guard for the end of the Texas game. He could be a difference maker now.

  • Yup, that’s what my guy KJ from The Only Colors told me… He’s become a great defender and is still a streaky shooter that can make a difference.

  • Drew

    I myself feel like an idiot for suggesting this and I know it won’t happen due to lack of preparation and all, but I really wish Grady would play tomorrow.

    Izzo’s teams play great defense and we are not going to get open looks from 3. We all saw the 42 points we put on them at home last year, just not pretty. Grady brings top level speed and can beat a lot of guys off the dribble, although he was unable to finish at the rim most every time he got there last year. Mostly, my hope is that his ability to get in the lane will free up some open looks on the wings.

    His defense came into question a lot last year, with good reason. But really, how much worse can it get as far as our guards go? We can’t stop ANYONE from penetrating.

    While I’m not sure how much of the system Grady still has down from last year, I think it’s safe to say he won’t take the court tomorrow night. That being said, I envision two ways of us getting open looks outside.

    1) Sims is going to have to get off to another monster start, causing the State defense to collapse down. Going to be tough, because State has the bigs that may prevent them from needing to double team.

    2) Manny is going to have to get in the lane off the dribble. This scares me, because lately when he’s done this, it’s been a turnover what seems like 30-40% of the time. And it’s especially scary considering the ability of State’s defense.

    Say your prayers tonight folks… Could be a painful one tomorrow.

  • Erik

    Drew I disagree about Grady. It’s the improved defense that has been keeping us in games lately. I would not sacrifice that for kelvins speed. Not to mention Kelvin is probably rusty.

    I almost get the sense that since conference play belein has said “ok our shots aren’t falling, our only hope is to play defense and not get too far behind”

  • Tweeter

    I think one big thing is missing this year for state though, that really aided them in the win last year. Travis Walton. He absolutely owned Manny Harris last year. State has guys that have the ability to be lockdown defenders in guys like Summers and Allen, or Green, but I dont think any are of the caliber of Walton as of yet. Couple that with Harris coming off a suspension, and I expect him to have a good game.

    The bigger question for me going into the game, is will we be able to control tempo and keep them out of the lane. The fact that the game is at home gives me some confidence. The team just tends to scrap more and get after it at home. If we take care of the ball and at least make it difficult for them to get to the basket, we should have a good shot.

  • Drew

    Erik I do agree the defense has been much better in conference play. Although we definitely regressed a bit in the Purdue game. Really infuriated me.

    And Tweeter, you make a great point about Walton. I don’t think he was really recognized enough nationally for how incredibly good of a defender he was. Absolutely shut down Manny last year.

    I honestly thought that Sparty wasn’t going to realize how much they were going to miss Walton/Suton, but that really hasn’t been the case. Hopefully Manny comes out on a mission tomorrow.

  • Kramer and Painter…what a pack of babies.

    Its a shame we don’t get them at Crisler this year. I had a tremendous time booing Kramer and the officials last year.

  • Drew

    Kramer is a complete douche. There are a lot of other words I’d like to use to describe him, but I’ll refrain. Really don’t like the dude at all though. Let’s just say if he gets another elbow to the face I won’t be shedding any tears.

    Really don’t like P.J. Hill from OSU either. Dirty player, no skills.

  • AG2

    Last time, we couldn’t stop Delvon Roe, how are we going to stop Roe AND Sherman AND Nix?

  • Drew

    I’m not worrying too much about Sherman and Nix, neither of them bring that much. When State goes with Morgan, Roe, and Green, we are in serious trouble.

  • Giddings

    Regarding Grady, I just read on Scout that they’ve run into a bit of a problem – his class schedule doesn’t quite cooperate with practice. Beilein said that today, they only had Kelvin available for 35 minutes before he had to go back to class.

    If he can’t get that class schedule changed around, there’s no way he’ll see the floor this year…

  • Sam

    Yeah, Roe probably had his best game against us last year. I don’t expect that to be the case this time around. Though State has some big bodies, none of them are big-time threats to score a bunch of points unless one of them is just on. Obviously Lucas is a good point guard but I feel that we can force him into turnovers. I’ve always felt he is a little more out of control than anyone ever says. Stay in front of him and we’ll be fine. Summers we just have to keep from getting all his athletic dunks and rebounds and he won’t worry me too much. Hack Nix if he gives us problems down low, but he usually doesn’t get much playing time. That basically leaves Raymar Morgan on Novak as the key matchup. If Novak can keep Morgan from having a big game, I think we win. The key will be to keep State off the offensive boards and putbacks and play some very solid defense.

    Michigan 65, msu 59

  • Name

    the same can be said for manny just so you know. lucas averages 2.6 TOs in 31 min of play and manny averages 2.8 in 36 min.

  • Paul F.

    Michigan 63, Michigan St. 61. Two Manny Harris free throws at the end.
    Go blue!

  • I agree Big Blue plays perfect B Ball!!! Michigan 67,Michigan St. 55

  • sven

    I wish LLP had broken Kramer’s nose.