Manny Harris Reinstated

Dylan Burkhardt

manny harris celebrate

According to a statement from the Michigan basketball program, Manny Harris has been reinstated. Here are the quotes from the athletic department release:

“It is our hope that Manny will show tremendous growth from his suspension,” said Beilein. “We look forward to moving on and to having a great practice today.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize to the university, the coaching staff, my teammates and every U-M fan for not being able to help the team against Purdue,” said Harris. “I made a poor decision during last Friday’s practice which I regret very much.

“I fully accept the suspension from the coaching staff. It was the correct decision. I cannot tell you my disappointment for letting my teammates down and showing the lack of leadership that I normally try to provide.

“I love my teammates, the coaches, this program and especially all the fans who have continued to support me. I have learned a great deal from this situation and I don’t ever want to have it happen again.”

Exhale and buckle up for tomorrow night.

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  • Chris


  • Brad

    welcome back Manny…now get a W tomorrow night…Please?

  • Jeff

    That would be the hoped for response.

  • JJ

    WOOHOO!!! Bring on Sparty!!!

    Michigan/michigan state video

  • Tweeter

    Time to move on. Tomorrow’s game should be a lot of fun.

  • Manny seek redemption verses MSU. Go blue.

  • other steve

    Here is an article from the free press about matt painter wanting to storm Michigan’s bench because of an apparent elbow thrown by LLP against Chris Kramer. Don’t know how accurate this story is but interesting because it involves Kramer and elbows.
    It doesn’t sound like much to me but who knows.

    Glad Manny was reinstated and I hope he responds well like he has in the past.

    Go Blue! Beat State!

  • Sheryl

    I think it’s just Kramer drama. Here’s the original article. If you notice after the game, Painter pretty much laughed it off.

  • Sam

    Good news, even if it was probably expected by most. I know he is a great kid and is truly sorry for whatever he did (and I’m not going to speculate, as I hope no one else does either). Everyone has lapses in judgment at times. I don’t think anyone would say Zack Novak is a bad person, but he clearly swung an elbow at Ohio State last year. It happens. Let’s hope he comes out with a vengeance and we put Sparty down for the 3rd time in the last four times they have been to Crisler.

  • Everyone seems to be panicking but there are alot of big games left and dont forget about the Big ten tourney.If they can beat State and go 10-8 in the conference I think they have a good shot at an At Large Bid.The State game is a must win! Go Blue!!

  • Alex

    Time for the team to go to work and prove once and for all they are the real deal. Speaking as a frequent Rager I hope we give the team our full support tomorrow.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Nothing particularly novel here but worth a read:

    Katz >> Gottlieb in my book.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Totally off topic question for a bigger tech geek than myself:

    Does anyone with HD have trouble with CBS’ broadcast for bball games? For me the picture kind of breaks up when they go to close ups with a fair amount of movement (not to an unwatchable extent but to an annoying one). I’ve been reading about motion blur but not sure this is the case. It does not happen with ABC and Fox, and I believe they broadcast in 720p whereas CBS is in 1080i, and my TV is 720p so I’m wondering if this could be the reason?

  • Deacon Blues

    @Juice: Bear in mind that we’re staring at a second-round Big Ten Tournament matchup against MSU.

    In order to make a run in the BTT, U-M simply can’t be in MSU’s bracket. (Which we would be if they’re the top seed and we’re in the 8/9 game.) Playing on short rest is tough enough as it is for this team. Beating a rested MSU on a neutral floor after playing 20 hours before just isn’t realistic for U-M.

  • Mark

    I thought they played well once they figured out they can play without Manny. He is a good player but the only thing he cares about is himself. He would rather score 30 and lose to State than score nothing and win.

  • I really disagree with that statement Mark. Harris has never struck me as a ball hog or a greedy player.

    Does he tend to force things occasionally? Yes.
    Is he a ridiculously selfish ball hog? No.

    He has a top 5 assist percentage in the conference for pete’s sake.

    The idea that he would enjoy losing to State while scoring 30 is laughable at best.

  • Junderground

    I absolutely cannot believe I just read a “we’re still in the tournament hunt” post.

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    Well things seem to be looking a little better…the problem is that we’re facing an undefeated MSU team tomorrow.

    Should be an interesting game, the way I look at it is if Iowa can keep up with MSU, so can Michigan, so we should at least have a shot. The key is: will this be the team that swallowed Penn State, Ohio State, and Uconn, or the team that choked against Northwestern, BC, Utah, Marquette, Wisconsin, and Alabama?

  • maxwell’s demon

    We are still in the tournament hunt. Not very likely but not ridiculous. But to be honest I don’t even care that much right now, just want to beat State.

  • ryan

    I will have faith with the tournament until we have no chance at faith anymore… as long as there are enough games left to win that could put us in… I will have faith.
    Thanks. Tommorrow Manny and Sims will combine for 50 and michigan will win by 6. I have money on this game.

  • AG2

    If I had to use my powers of deduction, I can’t help but feel like what might have happened is that Manny lashed out and called his fellow teammates losers or something. Maybe that’s why the question of do his teammates accept his apology was raised.

  • I do beleive in michigan.Michigan has the type of team that could get hot and win the Big Ten Tourney.They are starting to shoot better and with Manny back they are sound on the defense side of the ball.LLP is the key because this kid is the best pure shooter on the team and in my mind needs more minutes.

  • rlc

    “If I had to use my powers of deduction, I can’t help but feel like what might have happened is that Manny lashed out and called his fellow teammates losers or something. Maybe that’s why the question of do his teammates accept his apology was raised.”

    I noticed on Saturday that Manny wasn’t suspended for “insubordination,” which is what it would be called if he butted heads with the coaches, but “unsportsmanlike behavior.” Since it’s unlikely he tried to shave points during practice, and there were no fans around to taunt, I assumed that he abused one of his teammates, either physically or verbally.

    And if that’s the case, it would explain why the team might not have been too torn up about the suspension, and why they would need to approve the reinstatement.

  • Sam

    I have heard two explanations as to what Manny did, neither of which I believe to be true. I will not elaborate, but one was told to me by someone who had heard from someone who was sitting behind the women’s team’s parents at the Purdue game (??) and the other appears to be just a rumor. People need to stop speculating and simply move on, as I’m sure Manny and the rest of the team have done.

    Go Blue, Beat State!

  • Junderground

    Some of these comments are an interesting study in faith. I’m glad people are having that sort of positive–I’d call it forgiving–attitude toward the team. But if you’re believing UNTIL it’s mathematically impossible, that means you’re seriously predicting an undefeated run all the way out? I suppose they could pull off a surprising win here and there, but I think they’ve won two in a row only twice this year, if memory serves, both times against two weak teams.
    I prefer to hold them to more realistic expectations. They’ll probably go roughly .500 in conf. play the rest of the way and almost certainly get an NIT bid. It’s fun to watch what they can do with a thin roster made largely of 2-star types, but that doesn’t mean they have any halfway-realistic hope for the tourn.