Manny Harris Out Versus Purdue

Dylan Burkhardt

Don’t have any details because I’m on the road but Manny Harris will not suit up today for Michigan due to disciplinary reasons. Reason: “unsportsmanlike conduct” in Friday’s practice.

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  • AG2

    Penn State up ten with 15 left at Wisconsin. Will history repeat?

  • AG2

    Yep. Wisconsin 14-0 run cuts the lead from 16 to 2 with 8 mins left.

  • “For instance WVU was a good program when Belein was there, when Huggins took over it became a top 15 type of program. It became a place where McDonalds all americans go to play.”

    Jay – when did Huggins get them to the elite 8, like Beilein? I missed that.

  • KDavis

    Easy, ZRL. I didn’t go to the university, but I do care about the university and not just about the football and basketball teams. I’m so sick in the head, I anxiously wait each year for Time magazines list of top universities.

  • AG2

    I’m going to be sick. Wisconsin turned a 16 pt deficit into a 7 point lead in less than 10 minutes. Ed Hightower ruins another game.

  • Giddings

    AG2 – it’s a safe bet that either Hightower or Jim Burr will be the lead official on Tuesday. I’d prefer Hightower – seems to always give the home team an advantage. Jim Burr just seems to hate us even when we are at home.

  • Dylan

    I’m still on the road, goin home tonight after the Colts game. So no post game yet, probably posted tomorrow morning, but I’ll weigh in on Manny, Grady, Purdue, MSU, etc etc. Lots to talk about.

  • ohmigods

    Wondering how much this season’s difficulties
    is effected by Jerry Dunn being on personal leave.

  • AG2

    You said it, Giddings. If I recall correctly, Burr has openly said he thinks Michigan basketball is a joke.

  • Hope this site doesn’t turn into Mlive. There’s been a lot of knowledgeable and interesting posting here since it got up and running. Mgoblog has been run down by the ranters, too.

  • Mith

    Agreed, Mattski. The number of idiot postings has been alarming. There’s nothing wrong with a negative opinion, but what good does the extreme bashing do? If you are unhappy with Beilein, that’s fine, but the repeated “Beilein sucks! We suck! We’re a joke!” posts get pretty old. I mean, what’s the point. Let’s try to at least act intelligent around here.

  • Tweeter

    I think to be fair to all of us intelligent and thoughtful posters on here, the people that just rant and rave about Beilein or UMs problems are a very small minority. Most people on here get it even if they disagree on some issues.

  • JB

    for what it’s worth, central michigan has picked it up, 4-1 and first place in the MAC

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  • Giddings

    Ha JB I was checking on them yesterday too. I think we agree that it’s better for us if they do well, which would keep Ernie Zeigler at CMU and not send him to an attractive high major as an assistant coach (where Trey could follow). If it comes down to us and CMU I’d feel much better about our chances.

  • Giddings

    Of course if they win the MAC and go on a cinderella run to the Sweet 16 or something…

  • JB

    yeah, i think it’s a really good thing for us if cmu does well, i don’t think they’ll do too well for our purposes. also, iowa might knock off iu here. this makes me realize what a dogfight the big ten is gonna be. after purdue and msu, teams #3-9 are all 4-3 or 3-4. if only we can knock off msu…

  • I like Michigan’s chances against MSU, providing Manny Harris is back.
    Wish I could be there.

  • mike

    I dont know whats going to be more painful for michigan fans to watch in the next 2-3 years. Watchin the Wolverines struggle in football with Rich Rod when they should of stayed with Carr or watchin beilien bring in unathletic shooters who can’t shoot.

  • maxwell’s demon

    mike – I think it will be listening to people who pretend to know what they are talking about.

  • InBeileinITrust

    Maxwell’s Demon – LMFAO. So true.

  • Tweeter

    Random question but what does everyone think will be the spartan fan turnout for Tuesday’s game? One of my buddies (spartan fan) claims that they are going to have similar numbers to the 1999 game at Crisler. If any of you were there for that game, it sucked. I honestly have no idea what the turnout will be, it seems like there have not been very many away fans at our games but we have only played a couple in conference so far.

  • Giddings

    I’m sure it will be sizeable, Tweeter, but no way will it be like the 1999 game or any others from the dark years. I think it will be similar to the last few years if not slightly less, since 1) we have such a better student representation now, 2) the increased U-M fan interest in the team before the season led to more ticket sales of Big Ten packs, etc (I don’t think there was a public sale of single-game MSU tickets this year) and 3) it’s an early game on a weeknight.

    Hopefully we’ll keep them quiet like we did with the Buckeyes earlier this month.

  • other steve

    mike thats funny… im pretty sure carr retired so they needed a new coach anyway.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Tweeter – I don’t remember what year it was, pre-Horton I think, but I can remember a game where they had us outnumbered 2:1 and ended the game with a very loud “we own Crisler” chant. Nothing can be worse than that.

  • Tweeter

    yea Max pretty sure that was 1999. I dont remember the “we own crisler” chant. But I remember getting to the game about twenty mintues before tip, and as soon as I walked thru the doors on into the concourse, all I could hear was Go school color 1, Go school color 2. It was pretty much all UM fans in the lower bowl, but the entire upper bowl seemed like it was spartan.

    Last year it was not bad, there were spartan fans there, but they were not that loud or noticeable until the end of the game when UM fans started to leave. The only reason I brought it up was because of what my friend is claiming and the fact that the upper bowl has been pretty sparse this year particularly behind the baskets.

  • Paul F.

    Got tired really quick with the Go green Go white chants last year. Gave me a big time headache.I’ll be there the whole game win, lose or forfeit.
    Go Blue! Beat MSU!

  • Objective Spartan

    There will be a sizeable Spartan contingent again this year. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s a point of emphasis among the Spartan faithful to take away Michigan’s home court advantage. The UMich ticket office has tried over the past few years to restrict the amount of single game tickets falling into enemy (Spartan) hands, but thanks to Stubhub and other online ticket exchanges it’s easier than ever to get your hands on them.

    As usual, we will be representing in the impenetrable dark void that is Crisler’s upper bowl. It should be an entertaining game, but I’d suggest you leave your ski masks at home.

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