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Dylan Burkhardt

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    Sorry if this is repost, but recruiting update of sorts: http://michigan.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1041377

  • Giddings

    Kansas State last night was an interesting case.

    First of all, I’m not convinced that the students collectively decided not to rush the floor – if you get enough security personnel at the front of each section, you can stop a rush. I wanna say that the Big 12 has given out fines in the past for court-rushing, so maybe KSU just upped the security to stop it before it started. I guarantee that at least a handful of students wanted to rush.

    Having said that, I think KSU rushing the court would have been acceptable. It’s a win against an undefeated, #1 ranked team and the first major indication that your team is truly a national contender (for seemingly the first time ever). The one thing that makes me second-guess myself is the fact that KSU was actually favored to win the game, much like Clemson last week against UNC. At least we were underdogs against UConn.

  • timeout1993

    Thanks for the link. Watching the terrific DCDS-Pershing game makes me wish the wolverines had the recruiting advantage in Detroit that they used to — unfortunately, the edge has gone over squarely to MSU.

    At least the blue and maize still have the edge when it comes to recruiting undersized, 3-shooting Indiana farm boys.

  • fresh

    legs on horford looked real solid it was more of his upper body that needs enlarging. strength is crucial

  • Enjoyed your take on tonight’s game, Dylan. With their best big man out, I look to Deshawn to anchor the scoring, give everyone else some confidence. And I look forward to the continuing evolution of our guards.