Michigan 68, Connecticut 63

Dylan Burkhardt

When the first thing that comes to mind to criticize is the students rushing the court, it’s safe to say that it’s been a pretty good Sunday.

Post game coming later tonight or more likely tomorrow morning. Celebrate the win here in the comments. Go Blue.

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  • Mozzerrella

    Great to see the Wolverines get revenge on the Huskies this year. It was exciting to be at the game and I definitely loved the enthusiasm the students showed in the last five minutes. And what’s the problem with the students rushing? After all of the trouble we’ve been through, what’s wrong with some celebrating? No fights occurred, the court cleared out after a few minutes, and we all went home happy. Now, let’s carry this momentum into Madison!

  • GoBlue

    Great win!…D. Morris is not a super athlete and really not a full time PG, anytime he has to run, its awkward for him to stop and he has to give up his dribble manny times. This team does not have a single bonafide PG on the roster but they found a way to win. Go Blue!!!

  • maxwell’s demon

    I feel like 11 wins in conference just puts us right on the bubble. I know historically 11 wins in a major conference gets you in but our non-conference is really going to hurt us. We now have one good win, but even that win is at home vs. what looks like the 5th best team in the Big East. With no other impressive wins and a handful of relatively bad losses it’s just going to be a glaring weakness on the resume. However, a marquee road win would help.

    Also, certainly not convinced this team can win 11 games. I’d say we played about as well as we could today and barely beat a pretty good UCONN team that played without Dyson for essentially the first half.

  • Sam

    I wouldn’t say we came even close to playing as well as we could today. 37% shooting is the best we can do?? I don’t think so. It was a solid performance, but not even close to as well as we can play yet.

  • Deacon Blues

    8-5 with a BTT win gets it done, I think. Provided the mid-majors have another light at-large bid haul, which it looks like they will.

    But that’s asking a ton. I’d be impressed if we can get back to 9-9. Remember: We had a pretty rough time last season with MSU/Wis/OSU/Pur/Ill (2-7 combined). Still have seven games against those guys.

  • timeout1993

    I agree totally with AG2’s assessment, except I doubt (with sadness) that the blue and maize can get 8 more wins in the reg season.

    There should be more bids for a surging B10, but I think the conference will probably hold steady with 6 bids. The Pac 10 is weak this year, with many commentators claiming they’ll only get one bid. Obviously, since basketball and media and money are all connected, the P10 will get more than that, but it will be hard to justify more than 3 bids for them (particular if ineligible USC is in the top three). The ACC is weaker this year, while the A10 is stronger.

    So, will Michigan get to 11-7 and be top-6 in conference? (which, I think, is all we need to be, having earned our signature win, assuming the Huskies don’t collapse). Well, I can see us sweeping Iowa and PSU, so there’s 6 wins. More challenging but doable, we need to take down Minnesota and Illinois at home; there’s 8. But how do we get from there to 11? I think the most likely candidates are @MN and @NW, but that still leaves a win against the Big 4: OSU (on road, with healthy Turner), Wisconsin, @Purdue, or MSU. For those predicting an 11-7 record, which one do you see us picking up?

  • Tweeter

    @jamie mac. Yes. 8-5 the rest of the way with a BTT win, gets them in. Assuming that some of those wins come against MSU, Purdue, Wisky, OSU and Illinois (which I would think they have to in order to get 8 more). Whether this team can actually do that or not is a different story. I still believe, but a win at Wisky this week would go a long ways toward building that momentum.

    @GoBlue: I guess it depends on what you mean by bonafide. If you mean a legit top level PG, then I agree with you. If you just mean a guy that is capable of running this offense, then I disagree. Douglass and Morris are both capable of running this team, much the same way that CJ Lee did. Are they ideal PGs, no, ofcourse not. But very few teams have great PGs out there. For instance if anyone has watched Georgia Tech this year, that is a team that is a real good PG away from being a national title contender. As it is, they have a guy that is pretty solid and can run the team for them.

    That’s kind of how I see it with Douglass and Morris. I dont feel like they are winning despite their play (which is how you made it sound). For the most part Douglass has been fine. Yea he is not going to beat anyone off the dribble right now or create a lot of shots for other people. But he makes good decisions, and he is a very good passer. He made several passes today that led directly to baskets that a lot of college players would not have made. If I am picking a team, I’m not gonna go out and pick Douglass first as my PG, but if he ends up being my guy, I know that I can win with him there and talent around him.

  • I have a hard time buying any 11-7 Big 10 being left out of the field, especially during an era when perception towards the league is at a high.

    If Michigan adds a Big 10 Tourney win, they would be 13-7 in their final 20 games……with most of those wins being of the resume variety.

    That would wash away a lot of criticisms from the OOC results. In the end, I also wonder if UM’s “bad losses” are really going to be worse than most other Bubble team’s bad losses are. That might be a sneaky thing worth tracking if Michigan makes a serious run at this.

    As far as UM’s ability to follow through and go 8-5, today gives me plenty of reasons to believe. The big key will not be getting swept in this big stretch of three games. If they can get one win, they’re probably going to be favored to win 6, maybe 7, of their final 10 regular season games. It’s a tough chore. A worthy chore. But one they have a chance at acheiving.

    Cant wait for Wednesday

  • Other Matt

    I’m with you, Jamie. Obviously 11-7 would get us on the bubble, whether or not we’re on the right side of it would depend on what happens nationwide and in the BTT.

    /stating the obvious

  • Erik

    For whomever was asking about highlights, I’d suggest just going to http://www.mgovideo.com and use torrents to download the entire game. It’s worth a watch end-to-end.

  • Simon

    RR was probably holding the piece of paper that listed all 30 Recruits that were visiting Ann Arbor from the 2010 and 2011 classes this weekend. People need to chill out about Rich Rod for a little. He has had 2 years to turn a pure pro style passing offense into a spread option offense. That means that the only players on the roster that were recruited to play the spread are 18 and 19 years old as sophomores and freshmen (most of whom redshirted this year). Seeing as he has turned around every program that he has been at for the better, I think we should all let the man do his thing for at least another 12 months and stop worrying about his facial expressions at a basketball game.

  • Dyle

    The court got stormed because the students storming the court were the fair weather/big game fans. A big percentage of the fans that really care and go to all of the games tried to resist.

    And people need to stop talking smack on LLP. He’s not shooting well and does 1 or 2 stupid turnovers a game, but he continues to start every game because he’s a solid defender and comes up with big plays on defense. He also is the only guard that can actually penetrate on the dribble (excluding Manny of course).

  • Jay

    I want to take this time out, and give a quick apology to Zack Novak. Other day I said he never makes a 3 when it counts, and I almost cringe when the ball rotates his way in a tight game. Well today..he knocked the biggest one down of the season for him and this team. Takes confidence to continue shooting that rock, when you havent been “on” so to speak. Ant you did your thing too. While watching the game, I explained to my friend that you were probably “the worst player ever from Oak Hill” (sorry but you’ve killed me everytime I thought you were turning the corner, so I had to jump off the very small Ant Wright bandwagon)..well today you came through…Very good win for Blue. Lets build on it!

  • Maize Rage

    2600 students at the game, there were sure to be some that thought this was court-storming-worthy, even though must of the core Ragers had no interest in rushing the court.

    But we will have you know that when we beat those guys from East Lansing, the entire student body will be on the floor. That is the kind of game that begs for students rushing the floor, and the Maize Rage will be all over the court then.

    Whoever is criticizing fans for storming the court, you should probably start watching the GAME and not just the last two minutes. The fact that you can point out one collective problem in an entire day shows that you have no vested interest in the TEAM and how they perform. It is not only insulting to the students who genuinely cheer for the team night in and night out, but it is disrespectful to the team because you are putting them in the back of your minds while you concern yourself with the fact that the fans are over-zealous.

  • Mith

    What’s with all the posts about who the TRUE fans are and who is better than who. Let’s all grow up a little. Yikes.

  • Paul F.

    Great win. Manny’s drive and dunk was awesome. Anthony Wright did a nice job as well. They have some tough games ahead. Hopefully they can keep the streak going. Go Blue!

  • Adam Sez

    I take some of the credit for Ant Wrights pretty good game!! (Just kidding, i did call him out after the Indiana game.) I still think he makes horrible decisions and throws the ball into the 1st row to many times in 8-12 minutes of game time he gets. It was nice to see him get some confidence and shine on National TV. Good for him. It was great to see Peedie and Manny get help! we still need 2 of the next 3.

  • Adam Sez

    It would be nice to make the Big Dance but for me that would just be another huge bonus and a blessing for recruiting. I have felt we were way to overrated with the talent or lack of talent on the roster. For us to have the same season as lat year we need a lot of breaks and for LLP, Stu D, and Novak to shoot the lights out consistently. Gibson, Morris and Wright to contribute good minutes of smart basketball and solid role-playng when they come in to rest our starters. When you’re starting 4 small guards and 1 PF you need to hit your shots and limit turnovers, play solid D. I liked when they showed Beilien talking to they guys after the win and he was stating the statistics and how playing that tuff D the whole game will get them the W.