Commit Diary: Evan Smotrycz (1/14/10)

Dylan Burkhardt

As most of you know, Evan Smotrycz has been blogging throughout his final season at New Hampton prep. You can find his old entries here: #1, #2. Here’s the latest from Smotrycz, recapping the Christmas break and what lays ahead for New Hampton.

Over Christmas break we had a tournament in Philadelphia. We ended up winning all 3 games pretty easily and took a championship trophy back to New Hampton. It’s not often that a player gets to play in a championship game at any level, so when the opportunity came about I was excited and ultimately glad we ended up winning. That ended the first part of the season on a high note (9-3).

Last week was our first week back from school we ended up splitting the two games we had and currently sit at 10-4. I pulled my calf in an earlier practice and it hasn’t allowed me to play the way i want to. I’m using this week to rest it because this will be the last opportunity to do so. From here on out the amount of game really picks up. We will either have the games in the week, or two followed by back to back games the next week. It won’t be easy but it will be fun, as long as we’re winning.

I have been watching a lot of Michigan games this year and definitely can see myself fitting in with what they are trying to do both offensively and defensively. As for the exact role I would fill I am unsure. I would envision myself setting and coming off screens on the perimeter and creating within coach’s offensive scheme. I am working hard in the weight room so I will be ready to defend Big 10 forwards and rebound hard on both ends. In reality I don’t know what the coaching staff has planned for me. I am just working hard now so when I get there it will be that much easier to do whatever they want me to do.

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  • El Capitan

    Everybody thinks Evan is going to have huge shoes to fill when Peedi leaves but you know what? I’ll take a freshman with something to prove, working 110% on every play over an all-conference big man who doesn’t even know where he is half the time.

    Evan, if you can come in and give us the big-man equivalent of what Stu and Zack did last year, you will take this team far.

  • De La Soul

    Hey El Capitan, get a grip. Deshawn Sims has been performing at an all Big Ten level. Quit being a hater. We’re all excited about metrics but your eagerness to push out someone who’s given 4 years to this program is sickening and filthy.

  • Honestly, Capi, you’re talking about the B10 player of the week and one of our two best players over two seasons. If you’d endured the life experiences that Deshawn Sims has you might have problems concentrating, too.

  • Sam

    I agree with the last two posters. Sims is playing phenomenal ball right now (Player of the Week last week). As Mattski points out, he hasn’t had the easiest life either. His little brother, who was apparently very close to him, was murdered before Sims played a regular season game at Michigan.

    As for Evan, I wonder if he knows about the whole “Metrics” thing. If not, he needs to find out somehow. Other than that, he continues to impress me with his writing and his drive. I like what I read from him every time.

  • Matt

    Glad to hear you’re doin well, Evan! Seems like you have a real good head on your shoulders too. Can’t tell you how nice it’s gonna be to have a shooter on the floor without having to give up too much size. Keep hittin those weights and good luck the rest of the way.

  • fresh

    also keep chirping in treys ear

  • Erik

    I don’t know if Sims is “phenominal”…that seems like a little stretch. This past week his offense is finally where it should be. He’s very inconsistent, but just happened to finally string 2-3 nice games in a row. But defensively…whoah…I’ve watched a lot of plays where he loses his man, gets burned, or doesn’t rotate. And that’s not even counting how easily he lets his man get the post feed. Often times his defense looks as if he’s playing with four fouls with how passive he is.

    Sims isn’t horrible, but he’s not phenominal. I’d call him a great offensive threat when he wants to be, and a mediocre defender.

    It’s good to hear Smotz is in the weight room…he’ll need it in the Big Ten. But I won’t expect him to replace Sims any time soon. I just hope he can defend better.

  • JB

    capitan – get outta here with that anti-peedi talk, get serious

  • hambone

    Excited to watch you play for the maize and blue Evan! Thanks for the great diaries!

  • michigan fan

    Looking forward to seeing play for Michigan, Evan. Go Blue!