Recruiting Roundup (1-12-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

We finally have a more complete recruiting roundup thanks to some new help on the blog (full introduction coming soon). The hotboards still need a complete update and Ben Cronin still needs to be removed from the scholarship breakdown but this should give you recruitniks something to chew on.


Tim Hardaway Jr. (commit)

Tim continues to perform well, leading Palmetto high school. Hardaway scored 24 points in a game against Seigel in a Tennessee tournament, including four 3-pointers and a four-point play.

Hardaway injured his heel and missed Palmetto’s game versus Ely (16-0) which resulted in an ugly 19-56 loss. There has been speculation that Hardaway’s injury could put him out for the season. However Palmetto knocked off Southridge last night which makes me believe that Hardaway may be playing through the injury.

Evan Smotrycz (Commit)

The New England Recruiting Report updated their 2010 rankings and have Evan Smotrycz in third, citing his combination of size and skill. New Hampton fell to Brewster, 83-70,  after holding a second half lead  but they blew out Vanier Prep, 109-66.

Evan is working on another diary so we should have a full rundown soon.

Jon Horford

This guy has really been making a name for himself lately, turning in a 23-point, 11-rebound performance against Holt High School in a tournament in which he was purportedly the best player on the floor, hands-down. Here’s what Jon had to say on the win:

“I felt pretty good about [the tournament], but honestly there were a lot more things I could have done,” Horford told the Lansing State Journal. “I think our guys were just a little overwhelmed to tell you the truth. It’s a huge venue, playing against Holt, probably the favorite in the conference. The guys were a little shaky and it showed. … I feel like if it wasn’t for the first quarter we would have beat Holt by double digits.”

Against Jackson Lumen Christi, Horford had an eerily identical  23-point, 11-rebound performance against Jackson Lumen Christi High School. Coach Beilein was in attendance to see the big man knock down three three pointers.

Grand Ledge fell to Okemos last Friday (52-65) and will face Portland tonight.

Michigan is getting serious about this Horford and he appears to be returning the interest. Horford has been spotted in Ann Arbor for both the U of Detroit and Ohio State games and appears to be a very serious target at this point.

Trey Zeigler

Photo from Next Generation Sports

Zeigler continues to be at the top of many recruiting boards, thanks mostly to performances like the one he turned in against Midland Dow High School on January 5th, notching 20 points.  The All-Stater also took a trip to Michigan State for the Spartan victory over Wisconsin.

Zeigler and Mount Pleasant will take on Alma tonight.


Carlton Brundidge (Commit)

Brundidge is averaging 24 points per game, a slight decrease from last year’s 25.5, but his rebounding and assist numbers have almost doubled according to the Daily Tribune. Southfield is 6-1 overall.

Southfield knocked off Avondale this week, 69-68, and Brundidge scored 21 points and added 5 assists. Brundidge also notched 32 points in the second half in a come back win over Southfield Lathrup after being held scoreless for the first.

Amir Williams

The center who, according to the internets, ranges from 6-9 to 6-11, scored 14 points in a 68-43 drubbing of Roseville on January 8th before suffering a sprained knee .

Against Bishop Luers High School, Williams put up 12 points, 14 rebounds and two blocks.  The next game against Madison Memorial, he racked up 15 points, nine rebounds and five blocks.  In summary: killin’ it.

ESPN’s Reggie Rankin caught Amir Williams in action over the Holidays:

Williams is a long and lean post who runs the floor extremely well. He displayed good hands. Williams is a decent rebounder, but he should be better based on his length and athletic ability. He rebounded better offensively than defensively and had a couple nice put backs. In the post, he went to his jump hook over his left shoulder that, at times, was stiff. He mostly scored on dunks from drop-off passes created by guard penetration. When doubled in the low post, Williams did an excellent job passing out to the open man. Defensively, Williams played with his hands up and did a good job staying between the offensive player and the basket. Williams has off-the-charts-potential and upside, but, at times he does not play with enough energy and urgency, which affects his production. He is a work in progress and, in most cases, young post players like him develops at a slower rate, but he is definitely a high major recruit. How good can he be? Time will tell.

The bad news is that Amir Williams sprained his MCL and will be out four weeks. Before the injury, he also took an official visit to Kentucky.  You can find a transcript of a radio interview here.

Spencer Turner

The Bloomington South sharpshooter is playing relatively well on a loaded team. Turner is averaging 10.3 points per game but is starting to heat up from three point range, hitting 3 out of 6 versus Lexington. If you need a refresher on the 6’3” guard’s shooting ability, here is a clip from this summer.

Justin Gant

Justin Gant’s Terre Haute North team moved to 11-2 after a 52-39 win over Turkey Ranch. Gant was 5-10 for 10 points and pulled down 5 rebounds.

Gant has been leading Terre Haute North, also scoring 14 points on 6 of 9 (1-1 3pt) shooting in a 47-19 win over Mooresville. Gant has visited Ann Arbor (Notre Dame game) and remains on the Michigan radar. Here is a recent video clip of the Indiana big man in action.

Mike Gilchrist

Michigan remains interested in the consensus #1 player in the class of 2011. Mike Jackson made the trip to see Gilchrist over the break playing in California. Gilchrist remains very interested in Villanova and Kentucky but his interest in Michigan appears sincere considering the fact that he made it in for a visit.

Gilchrist also injured his knee recently, being rushed to the ER, but the results of his MRI were negative and the injury is being called a strain.

Marshall Plumlee

Plumlee continues to play well for Arden Christ School in North Carolina but his team is extremely loaded. ESPN got a chance to see him in action this December:

This may not have been Plumlee’s best 3 game span of basketball (Chick-fil-A Classic), but his game is not about posting big numbers (yet!). The big fella is about winning and thrives in an environment emphasizes unselfishness and teamwork. As the ultimate team player that plays with a high level of intensity and focus he is kind of a throwback to how post players used to play. He communicates extremely well, plays excellent positional defense and loves finding an open teammate for an uncontested shot. He impacts the game with his energy and enthusiasm; he consistently makes hustle plays that swing momentum. He is developing a low post offensive game and made a couple of impressive moves after receiving the ball on the block. He is still a work in progress and is improving his overall athleticism, but it does not take a lot to predict the future is bright for the youngest of the Plumlee brothers.

Cody Zeller

Cody Zeller scored 15 points in a win over Evansville Mater Dei, leading Washington to a 10-0 record. Zeller is still on the radar but also visited Indiana for the Illinois game.


Yogi Ferrell’s Evan Daniels caught up with Yogi for a 2012 intro ($) and it appears that while Michigan has not offered, Yogi remains very interested. Ferrell’s coach reports that Purdue and Butler have offered while Michigan appears to be waiting until the summer.

Ferrell is averaging over 30 points per game and most recently scored 32 in a loss at Heritage Christian. According to Inside the Hall, Ferrell attended the Illinois at Indiana basketball game.

Kellen Dunham


Dunham had 12 points in a 51-44 win over Anderson but his shining moment came in a 55-54 win over Highland.  Dunham finished with 17 points and 4 assists and hit the three pointer that put Pendleton Heights ahead with 1:27 remaining. Trailing by one, Dunham was fouled on a drive with 16 seconds left before knocking down both free throws for the win..

rivals has a nice video clip of Dunham in action ($) from earlier this year.

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  • Blazerine

    Fantastic overview of basketball prospects!
    Great read. Thank you.


  • Giddings

    Does anyone know if Horford has an offer yet? Sounds like he may be an “instant commit” when he gets one, which is huge for us as we try to replace Cronin.

    Things are way quiet on the Zeigler front, I don’t think there’s been anything really linking him and Michigan since his official visit in the Fall (besides speculation of course).

  • AG2

    Either Zeigler is waiting for an offer from a big time program, or he’s waiting to find out what happens to his dad. Or he just plain loves to be the center of attention.

    As for Horford, I don’t think he can commit until the start of the late signing period anyway. Unless you mean a verbal. Frankly if Beilein botches this it would validate almost all the criticism about him being a weak recruiter.

  • 90V8

    Lots of talk about Zeller ending up with Butler.

  • AC1997

    AG2 that seems like a pretty harsh comment on Beilein considering the enormous randomness with recruiting (grades, interestes, coaches, boosters, AAU, parents, playing time, etc.). I would agree that Beilein needs to find someone who could play center – namely defend and rebound – but I don’t think it hinges on one player.

    (Quick note – damn I miss Epke Udoh on this team)

    One small request for recruiting posts like this Dylan – PLEASE include the players position after you list their name. When we start talking about guys who we haven’t heard of for future classes it is nice to know what position they project to.

  • AG2

    I guess I meant that in the context of a solid player who fills a desperate need who seems very interested in coming here. If that’s not actually the case then I’ll stay optimistic.

  • dave

    if you cant reel in somebody to replace manny then you are definitely a bad if not terrible recruiter in my book. that should be the easiest sell of all time. its instant playing time and just look at what manny has done….simple as that …….that should sell every single big name kid out there ……..unless they want to win, then thats a different story

  • Here’s a Zeigler quote from a little under a month ago:

    Zeigler told WDFN radio on December 17: “They’re (Michigan and Michigan St.) close to home, less than two hours away. Michigan State wants me to play all three positions, the one, two and three. Michigan is pretty much the same thing; they see me doing a lot of different things in their offense. They both tell me there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for playing time right away. Both situations look great right now.”

  • Jeff

    Also, Zeigler has consistently stated all along that he would wait until the season was over to make his decision. He hasn’t waivered from that.

  • Ted

    I’m from GL and Horford is a project. He’s 6’9, but really skinny. Tough for him to bang down low. Zeigler will more than likely go out of state, which leaves us in trouble. If Manny leaves, then we are looking at about another 10-15 win season. So that will mean in Beilein’s first 4 yrs he’ll have 1 NCAA Tourney and 3 yrs with nothing. He better get Ziegler or we’re screwed!

  • Jesse

    Just making sure…Smotrycz is still committed right? Because it doesn’t say “(Commit)” next to his name.

  • Dylan

    Yes. Smotrycz is still a commit. Just a typo.

  • Sam

    FWIW, Sam Webb apparently said on a recent recruiting round-up that, if anything, our chances have gone up with Zeigler because he dates Jordan Dumars’ sister. Hopefully that helps us.

  • Mith

    Until they break up.

  • AG2

    I don’t think its all over if Zeigler goes someplace else. While Ted has a point that Zeigler seems like the kind of guy who will probably go to some big time out of state program like UCLA or Duke (or Kentucky if they somehow offered), it is my impression that Beilein hasn’t placed all his eggs in that basket. I’m sure guys like Hardaway and Brundidge have the potential to be “scorers” even if they don’t play wing. Not to mention Smotrycz.

  • andrew weiss

    big michigan fan. Being a high schooler i know i few things about recuiting that the common man wouldn’t. I live a few miles away from country day and have been to multiple games this year. Beilien was in attandance when country day played madison memorial in a tournament. Amir keeps getting better every time i see him play. His size and speed is very good and when he wants the ball, he will get any rebound. I am a facebook friend with Evan Smotrycz and he likes michigan a lot and will be a wolvernie next year. He says he talks to Ziegler a lot which is a good sign. Also with Jordan Dumars coming to michigan, him and amir were teammates for 2 years.

  • I believe getting Zeigler will be a major turning point for Beilein. Without him or another Top 40 player in the nation, UM will not break in the top five of the Big Ten. MSU, OSU and Purdue and now IU are getting the nations top players. It’s an arms race.

  • Brick

    Weren’t we looking at a big man that’s playing for Novak’s old HS?

  • Paul F.

    Great job Dylan. Williams would be a big time help. As would Trey. Gilchrist still mentions Mich. Man that’s huge. Let’s hope Beilein can pull some strings.

  • Brick: You are thinking of Mitch McGary, haven’t heard much about him, I’ll try to do some digging.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Ted, I understand that UCLA, Duke, and others are legitimate possibilities for Zeigler but it seems highly probable that CMU, UM, or MSU might be the choice. To act like TZ going out of state is “more than likely” seems rather bold. Possibility sure but, between those three, I’d put my money on him staying somewhere in the state of Michigan.

  • Sam

    I also have a feeling that Trey stays in-state. I think I’ve heard that he will probably end up close to home. And I am still confused as to the scholarship situation at Michigan State. I thought for sure that they were full unless someone left early (which I don’t foresee), but I keep reading articles about Zeigler that say he has interest in State still and that “it is believed that Izzo is holding his last scholarship for Zeigler”. Perhaps I should ask a State friend or look for myself, but does anyone know the situation?

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Speaking for the Green, MSU fans suspect one of two things is at work. First, Izzo is (was?) reasonably confident that Kalin Lucas will skip his senior year. Izzo felt Lucas should look into it last year so the assumption could be that this season will seal the deal. Of course, one could argue that he hasn’t played like an early entry yet but we’ll see.
    Second, Tom Herzog (little used, 3rd string center) is a RS Jr who will graduate with his degree and an excellent GPA this year. Talk is that it might be understood that he’ll step aside if need be. MSU fans don’t want to think of it as Izzo pushing someone out but it may be Herzog’s preference if he’s going to spend his last year behind Sherman, Nix, and now Adreian Payne with no hope of seeing the court. He might be ready for graduate school.
    Regardless, either of those scenarios will play themselves out (presumably) before TZ decides. Hence, the continued interest.
    For those who doubt, on signing day Izzo himself said that MSU might add one player, probably late, and it was taken as an unmistakable reference to Zeigler.

    I’m still putting my money on playing for Dad at CMU.