The Road Warrior: Laval Lucas-Perry

Dylan Burkhardt

I have criticized Laval Lucas-Perry several times on this blog. Calling him tentative, critiquing his ball handling ability, and wondering if he truly feels comfortable in the offense. Luckily, whenever I am convinced that he has lost it he comes up with a huge performance, seemingly out of nowhere.

For some reason when the situation looks dire, there is no one whose hands I would rather have the ball in than Laval Lucas-Perry. His shot disappears at times and he might have a couple turnovers or silly fouls, but he manages to make big shots when Michigan needs them most.

None of Laval’s career performances have come at Crisler Arena. In fact, a majority of his double digit scoring games have come away from home including the best and most memorable.

Somehow, Laval’s best performances have come not only in games that Michigan needed to win but mostly in games they actually won. Michigan has won 4 true road games over the last two years under John Beilein. Laval Lucas-Perry is averaging 15.8 points per game and shooting 59% from the field in those four victories.

  • Junderground

    I’ve always liked LLP, and he’ll always have the potential for big games, but I’m not sure how consistent he’ll ever be.

  • MarcO

    Dylan, interesting point about LLP. What I’d like to know from your analysis is, how often does Michigan win/lose when they have 3 scorers with > 15 pts. I’d make a bet that UM wins most of those games.

    Certainly, I’m all for that guy being LLP, would love to see him develop into a consistent scorer.

    To be honest, I don’t care who it is. It can be you for all I care so long as UM gets a win(can you shoot 3’s? How’s your defense?).

  • Interesting stuff. Didnt he also have a nice game against Clemmie in the tourney last year?

    He is up and down, but he has plenty college career to go.

  • I think this was a fantastic win. Would’ve been very easy for Blue to fold in this game. I understand we weren’t playing a great opponent but a come-from-behind Big Ten victory is huge no matter who you play.
    One alarming thing is that only eight players played in this game and two of those players didn’t register more than five minutes. Let’s hope that doesn’t have to keep happening.

  • blueinflorida

    does anyone know where I can find a replay/stream of this game? I totally missed it last night.

  • Pretty sure ESPN360 has it.

  • Kenny

    Dylan, great post! I was expecting a generic post on the comeback, but distilling out LLP’s role in big games on the road is a much moer interesting read. My numbered thoughts:
    1. LLP has definitely been inconsistent, but he brings an ability to penetrate (although not finish when he does) that we absolutely need. Douglass is more consistent and we need him on the floor, but he’s not going to get into the lane – hopefully both LLP and Morris can become even more dangerous off the dribble (I still wish we could add Kelvin Grady here).
    2. This point was made in a mgoblog post, but it bears repeating: Novak’s hustle is what keeps us from getting put away early when the rest of the team goes cold like that.
    3. Speaking of inconsistent, Manny has definitely been that this year. Any chance the team’s struggles and his inconsistency combine to see him come back for his senior season?
    4. Those shorts w/ the broad white stripes on the side are sick, any idea where I can buy a pair?

  • Posted a couple games back that I thought consistent play from Laval could be the key to the rest of M’s season, then he was a non-factor two games running. He worked hard in the off-season, as I recall; maybe it’s beginning to pay off. Even if the team could count on 10 pts a game from him and a sure hand at the tiller, it would be wonderful. Someone who can consistently penetrate has been lacking these past two seasons.

    P.S. Those shorts ARE cool.

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  • Sam

    Kenny, those shorts are ’89 throwbacks. We wore them against Ohio State last year when we welcomed back our national championship team. I know that they auctioned off a bunch of the game-worn jerseys, but I’m not sure if they still make them at all or just for special occasions. We’ve only worn them once over the past two seasons.

  • Kenny

    Good to know, thanks Sam!

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  • Joe

    Question for FireBeilein — Were you late for 7th grade homeroom this morning?

  • SteinerBlue

    The stats on LLP in the 4 road wins just goes to prove how much better this team would be with a consistent, 10+ ppg scorer.