Friday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • JB

    free update on horford and brundidge

  • gpsimms

    wow….that is a pretty poor performance from the maizerage. hopefully because they were out of town or something.

  • gpsimms

    also, it seems like hardaway is scoring almost 50% of his team’s points. Hopefully he keeps rolling…

  • Benjamin

    Yeah…ouch to Maize Rage.

    Sounds like they need to up their game, sounds like they were having a Sims-esque off day. ;)

  • maxwell’s demon

    Pretty interesting that Sims averages more 3 attempts in losses but actually averages half as many makes. I guess this makes sense, but interesting to see the numbers.

  • Colby

    Hey Dylan, first keep up the great work on the site. You commented on an earlier post about Jackson being in Cali watching Gilchrist. I was wondering if you hear anything about us and Quincy Miller another 5 star 2011. He lists us on Rivals and surely we would be a longshot like with Gilchrist but was curious if the coaches are still watching the kid. Thanks

  • Maize Rage

    Interesting you guys seem to be taking Titus’ side on this. I thought we could get some support from other Michigan fans.

  • JimC

    Hey the NW game is NOT sold out right? And you can just walk up to the ticket window up to game time?

    I haven’t bought tix that way since Amaker days.

  • JimC

    @Maize Rage, don’t stress.
    Mark Titus’ blog is pretty funny. I’ve read a lot of his entries.
    But the guy is a goofball–he spent about 2 months last year on a ridiculous “Whitest Guy” contest, and i quit reading.

    He might seem clever to first-time readers from UMHoops. Sure he’s clever, but he’s not an authority on anything except riding pine for OSU, and having a crush on Erin Andrews (his other favorite topic).

  • mitchigan

    It’s been a rough year for the Dunn family. Terry Dunn who looks exactly like our boy Jerry. Was forced to resign as the coach of Dartmouth after his entire team threatened to boycott taking the court this weekend.

    Multiple sources told that the each player signed a document that was taken to the administration on Friday stating they refused to play for Dunn.

    I hope all is well with Jerry and his personal/family issues.

  • JRose

    Maize Rage…I would not sweat Titus…just because you were not rude to him he has issues. I hate that we give him the attention that we do, the guy is the waterboy…why do we care what he says? He is just another suckeye! Go Blue!

  • Kevin in GR

    @JimC..I doubt you have any trouble finding tickets for NW. I was trying to sell 1-2 out front for OSU and could hardly get $5/ticket! You should be able to find cheap one’s too I’d think…..

  • gpsimms

    i’ve read him a fair amount, and do find him funny, i was just pretty shocked anyone would make fun of him for being a bad basketball player. he’s made a name for himself by doing just that. anyway, sorry maize rage.