Jordan Dumars to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Jordan Dumars enrolled at Michigan for the upcoming semester. Dumars opted to transfer from USF after the Fall semester and will almost certainly walk-on at Michigan.

Dumars is a 6’5” wing guard who was a  2-star prospect before he committed to South Florida, averaging 10.2 points, 2.3 assists, 2.2 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game while captaining Detroit Country Day’s team to a 19-1 record during his senior year. Dumars shot 36 percent from three point range and 96 percent from the free throw line.

Dumars will be eligible after Michigan’s Fall 2010 semester ends in mid December of next year.


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  • Tom, Too.

    Jordan!! Welcome. Nice.

  • Kevin

    Good pickup, especially if he’s a walk-on! Eligible around this time next year?

  • Harry

    Yeah I’m wondering the same thing as Kevin. When will he be eligible?

  • Dylan

    Yeah. He will be eligible after the first semester next year. Just like Laval Lucas Perry last year.

  • Jimmy

    If we can land Zeigler and Horford then we will have some very impressive basketball bloodlines on next years team.

    Dumars and Hardaway Jr. with NBA dads.
    Horford with an NBA dad and (current) NBA brother
    Ziegler’s father is a D-1 coach.
    Lucas-Perry’s dad played for University of Detroit.

    If only we had Glen Rice Jr. and Juwan Howard Jr on the squad.

  • AG2

    We can always use a 39 pct 3 point shooter and a 96 pct free throw shooter.

  • Paul F.

    Good news. Welcome Jordan. Can always use a shooter.

  • Kevin in GR

    I assume he’ll be able to start practicing with the team immediately (aka LLP)?

  • Drew

    Anyone else watching this College of Charleston-UNC game on ESPNU? Incredible stuff

  • Drew

    Also, seeing Pitt win yet another game on the road against a formidable Big East opponent makes me feel a lot better about the Indiana loss. Unfortunate that these are the things getting me through the season, but hey, whatever works.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, Drew, that was amazing. One thing that kind of freaked out my wife and I was after the game, when the fans charged the court, one of the NC players didn’t get off the court fast enough and he got swallowed up by the crowd and just disappeared. It was kind of freaky. Very cool upset though.

  • Drew

    Yea those court stormings can get a little dicey sometimes. The crowd seemed to do a decent job of avoiding the one Carolina player I was watching. I’m just happy I can talk trash to my State fan friends about losing to a team who just lost to C of C.

  • AG2

    Western beat College of Charleston.

  • JimC

    David Brandon is the next AD…?
    What’s his official position on Trey Zeigler

  • Dumars can’t defend anyone at this level. Akunne is way, way better.

  • Benjamin


    Is Dumars better than Ant Wright?

    I know their college careers at UM will not overlap.

    But, if that is true, its a good move. Especially when you account for Ant Wright is on scholarship, Dumars will not be.

  • gpsimms

    If we could have games where our walkons play against their walkons, I think our team would be really good. We would miss Puls, though. I think they would probably let Ant play on the walkon team…

  • BL11

    people can kid about this and wether he will ever play…but one thing that JB is doin to this team is increasing the talent in practices. A few years ago the 10th-11th-12th men on this team werent as good as our current 14th-15th guys.

  • gpsimms

    Yeah, I wasn’t mocking. It’s nice to have this kind of depth. It’s exciting to me that kids who have offers are walking on to Michigan. I guess I was mocking antwright, but I am excited about the talent of our walkons.

    I do sincerely believe our walkons are among the best in the country.

  • Wright is better than Jordan Dumars, IMO. Of course I think Wright is as bad as you all do.

    The only people who are holding out hope that Dumars can help Michigan are the ones who’ve only seen his dad play.

    He’s a good free throw shooter, nothing more.

  • Benjamin

    Jared- Yikes. Thanks for your input.

  • DaveR

    Dumars is an exiciting addition. As a walk on, there’s no need to burn a scholarship. He has decent height at 6’5″, shoots the ball better than all our current players so far, and he’s green. Beilein appears very good at maximizing a player’s talent – maybe he can coach Dumars up to speed. He might be a diamond in the rough or a complete washout – but it doesn’t cost Michigan anything to give him a shot.

  • DaveR: You are 100 percent right that it doesn’t cost Michigan anything to add him. And Belein could potentially coach him into a decent role player. I don’t see that happening, but you never know. As for him being a better shooter than all UM’s current players, that’s just not true unless you count free throws — and he won’t get many of those.

    He played high school ball with three guys 6-9 and taller and had open 3-point attempts all game, every game. Look at his highlight reel. Even at that, he still only shot 36% from deep. There’s no way he gets those kind of open looks at this level, and he can’t create his own.

  • Junderground

    I completely agree with Jared. I can’t believe people are getting so excited about a kid who scored TEN POINTS PER GAME in high school. You have to consider that bottom line when thinking about his percentage. He shoots at a (reasonably) high percentage while really not contributing much offense. I don’t know the h.s. percentages for Stu Douglass, LLP, Morris, etc. but to think that Dumars is going to contribute much because you’re comparing his high school stats with those of guys who are mostly still in terrible slumps makes no sense.

  • Rich

    Beilin needs to teach someone to box out and rebound…they all stand around looking at the shooter.