Crisler Arena Makeover on the Way?

Dylan Burkhardt

Per Mark Snyder in the Detroit Free Press, it appears that plans to renovate Crisler Arena are on the agenda for the U-M Regents.

Constructed in 1967 for $7.2 million, Crisler needs major infrastructure work so the first phase of the plan will be a nearly $20-million project that would address plumbing, heating and roof issues, replacing the lower bowl seats and realigning the aisles. The funding is expected to come from department resources.

If approved by the regents, the work would begin in mid-2011. That way, it would only overlap with the end of the basketball player development center construction, which is slated for October 2011.

The second phase of the Crisler issues would be major concourse work, including renovating the bathrooms and the points of sale, but there is no projected date.

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  • Giddings

    About time… when the practice facility is up and running it will just make Crisler look worse and worse.

  • Wes Mantooth

    This is awesome news. Even though it’s still a bit down the line, it’s good to hear these renovations are at least being discussed/planned. Waaaay overdue…

  • Anything that makes Crisler less dungeonesque gets a thumbs up in my book.

  • Kevin in GR

    As I was walking through the concourse, I was thinking “boy, this is pretty dreary and dark! Also, did anyone else notice the lack of sound from the PA announcer in the first half? It seemed like they forget to turn up the volume and did at halftime.

  • JimC

    Yes the PA was inaudible many times!

    Seems like the upper speakers kept losing sound….like when everyone was cheering for the older gentleman at mid court. All I could figure out was he ran track for M and he was especially old, maybe 100. He did seem to walk better than Cronin though. No i take that back.