Game 13: Michigan vs. Ohio State Preview

Dylan Burkhardt


Who: Michigan (6-6) vs. Ohio State (10-3)
Where: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
: January 3rd, 4:30 PM
Radio: MGoBlue, WWJ 950 AM/WTKA 1050 AM
Line: Michigan by 1
Stats: Live TFS
Opposition Blog: Eleven Warriors
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Ohio State makes the trip north to Crisler Arena to take on a Michigan team in disarray. The good news for Michigan is that Ohio State will be without the services of Evan Turner who is recovering from a fractured vertebrate in his back.

lightyDavid Lighty

Ohio State got waxed in Madison, Wisconsin in their Big Ten opener, falling to the Badgers 65-43. But that’s not to say they aren’t with out talent. William Buford and David Lighty are the main scoring options on the wing while Jon Diebler can flat out shoot the rock, even if he can’t do much more.

Inside the Buckeyes look to Dallas Lauderdale (one of the best shot blockers in the Big Ten), Nikola Kecman, and Kyle Madsen. For the first time in a few years, the Buckeyes are without a sterling post prospect in the mold of Greg Oden, Kosta Koufas, or BJ Mullens.

Dallas Lauderdale

One of my biggest worries is that Ohio State has the ability to shutdown Michigan’s “big two” of Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims. Lighty has the length, athleticism, and experience to stick with Harris while Lauderdale has the size and tenacity to stop Peedi in the post.

The Buckeyes statistical profile is very pretty, even if most of it stems from the Buckeye team that had Evan Turner, the most complete player in the conference. On offense, Ohio State shoots it at a very high percentage. Their 57.9% 2 point percentage and 40.6% 3 point percentage combine for a 59.1% eFG% which ranks third in the nation. The two guys to watch outside the arc are Jon Diebler (48.3%) and Jeremie Simmons (51.2%).

They do a very good job of valuing the basketball (17.3% TO%, 29th) but they don’t really crash the glass (30% OR%). The Buckeyes don’t get to the line all that often, especially without Turner, except for David Lighty but he is only 33/58 on the year from the stripe (57%).

Defensively Ohio State is solid across the board. They play strong field goal percentage defense (45.2 eFG% allowed), force a number of turnovers, and are solid on the defensive glass.

Losing Evan Turner was a huge blow for Ohio State but I still have a relatively hard time seeing Michigan winning this game. Michigan is 0-5 against RPI top 200 teams this year and 5-2 against teams outside of the top 200. To emphasize: Michigan hasn’t beaten a top 200 team this year.

Can they beat the Buckeyes? Michigan should certainly be able to play with Ohio State, but at this point it’s tough to predict a win in any game.

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  • Tweeter

    Great win today. It was a solid crowd as well (had to be a sell-out). I think we also just saw what will soon be the new starting lineup. Douglass-Morris-Manny-Novak-Sims. That group really played well together especially defensively. LLP did some nice things too, but Morris played his best game of his career. His defensive pressure was fantastic and he made a couple real good decisions with the basketball.

    Beyond those 6 though, there really is not much. Gibson is once again going thru one of those lulls where he contributes little. Wright played like Anthony Wright. Vogrich had three nice plays (two o-rebs, two put backs, and a block), but he also got abused on D. He plays with good energy, but he just dont not have the athleticism or the knowledge yet to guard at this level.

    What still surprises me a little is that Akunne has not seen a few minutes here and there. I thought he showed some nice flashes earlier in the year. Right now I would be fine with him as the designated Novak sub for two minutes per half, and Gibson as the designated Sims sub. Then Vogrich getting a couple minutes a half and all the other minutes going to Douglass, Morris, LLP, and Manny. Wright to be used only in case of severe foul trouble.

  • chris

    did anyone hear JB’s quick postgame interview? He said something about giving Manny a breather in the game for a reason he “won’t get into”? Anyone have some insight into the meaning of this statement?

  • Tweeter

    I heard it. I thought it was probably just a cold or other illness.

  • Merlin

    On one play Manny made no effort to get back. I bet he benched him for that. Great crowd today. Team still has problems but the Detroit boys get serious when playing Ohio State. Some good effort from the freshmen today especially Darius who is really getting the hang of it.

  • bf1118

    Loved Peedi and Manny today. If we put it all together on both ends of the floor this team can be an NCAA team. Unfortunately they haven’t done that consistently this year and are possibly running out of time to do it together. This was a huge win though for them moving forward and they are not out of it yet. You never know if they can protect home floor and steal a few on the road they aren’t supposed to win we can make some things happen come post season play. Thats a big if though…

  • KainKitizen

    It looks like by the end of the year we should have a good top7 for tournement play. I think by the end of the year, both Darius and Matt will be part of the rotation and get 15-20+ minutes a game and be contributing players on both sides of the ball. LLP will have his moments like he did last year. LLP just needs a game like he had against Minnesota. His confidence with shooting the long ball is down right now. This was a good win against a ranked opponent in the conference. Lets go to state college and kick some butt.

  • Tweeter

    I agree on Darius getting more and more minutes as the year goes on, but I dont know if Matt will get there. His defense is just such a liability right now and with only two months left, I dont see it improving enough to where I would trust him out there for any length of time. It would be a different story if the zone was working because we could hide him somewhat. But in man to man, he just is not physically ready to guard people. I love his hustle, his shooting, and I think he is a nice piece to have off the bench for a lift, but I bet his playing time will continue to just be in small spurts.

  • Sam

    Everyone is hating on Vogrich for some poor D, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t see any huge mistakes that he made. Maybe I missed it when he let Diebler go once, but I’ll trade a three for two huge put-backs and a momentum-changing block any day. He played with some unprecedented intensity yesterday. If he can keep that up and continue to improve on D, I think he will be a very bright spot in the future.

  • maroussia

    It will be great to watch Ohio State Buckeyes,i have bought tickets from… looking forward to it.

  • maroussia

    It will be great to watch Ohio State Buckeyes,i have bought tickets from… looking forward to it.