Game 12: Michigan at Indiana Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

I opted to enjoy the New Year rather than hurry up and write a post game about Thursday’s game. Mostly because I am just as frustrated as the rest of you. Grasping for answers about how a promising season could go so wrong, so quickly.

I can point to statistics about how badly Michigan has shot the ball or how terrible their defense has been. But at the end of the day, something just isn’t right with this team.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that this is just a lost season. At 6-6, Michigan will probably have to put together a run to make the NIT, forget the NCAA tournament. A loss to the 2nd worst team that they will face in conference play is certainly not the way to get started.

As for the actual game, Stu Douglass and Zack Novak played their best games of this season but DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris were painfully missing in action. Harris and Sims struggled with foul trouble (9 combined fouls) and just never got going. Jeremiah Rivers deserves credit for playing great defense on Harris but Manny consistently settled for outside shots (1-5 3pt). DeShawn Sims just didn’t show up, he wasn’t assertive, missed bunnies, and didn’t show up on the glass.

[[[four factors graph will be posted when StatSheet comes back up]]]

A quick look at the four factors makes it obvious what happened. Indiana lived at the free throw line (59% FTR), shot the lights out (52 eFG%), and won the turnover battle. Michigan has done an extremely good job of keeping opponents off the free throw line this year, but silly fouls plagued them in the second half whether it was tackling the other team or fouling jump shooters. Michigan did a terrible job forcing turnovers against the typically sloppy Hoosiers but most of that can be attributed to running the 2-3 zone throughout the second half.

Michigan’s field goal percentage defense has been terrible, opponents have shot an eFG% over 50% in 7 of 12 games and Michigan is 1-6 in those 7 games. Only Iowa’s eFG% defense has been worse in the Big Ten.

At this point, it’s just time to watch and see if this team can get any better. Any of you that have been following this program for sometime have been through rough seasons before so it’s time to buckle up. Ohio State comes to Crisler Arena tomorrow without Evan Turner and fresh off of a 22 point beat down from Wisconsin.

Player Bullets:

  • Stu Douglass: 40 minutes, 6-11, 16 points, (4-6 3pt). A great performance from Stu, he hit a number of big shots and showed great poise throughout. Michigan is going to need performances like this going forward.
  • Zack Novak: Simple phenomenal performance from Novak: 39 minutes, 18 points, 5-10 (4-9 3pt), 9 rebounds, 3 asst, 2 steals, 1 block, and 0 turnovers. Zack plays with more hustle than probably the rest of the roster combined and I suppose it’s time to start hoping that it rubs off.
  • Manny Harris & DeShawn Sims: As mentioned above, silly fouls got the best of them and they put forth an extremely mediocre performance. Michigan needs much much more from these two.
  • Laval Lucas-Perry: The shot is missing in action but at least Laval added a few assists. Michigan needs Laval to be a scorer, and he saw most of his minutes passed along to Darius Morris in the second half.
  • Darius Morris: Darius is developing slower than most hoped but he still shows flashes that remind us that he can be a very good player. At this point though I don’t think he’s in a good role coming off of the bench.
  • Anthony Wright: Just terrible, he consistently chucks and misses three point shots and doesn’t bring much of anything on defense.
  • Zack Gibson: Watching Gibson is still painfully frustrating but he did manage 5 rebounds in only 8 minutes, that’s one more than Manny and Peedi notched the entire game.

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  • SteinerBlue

    How frustrating that prior to this game, the struggles of Douglass and Novak offensively where likely the biggest missing link (outside of our horrible defense) so far this season. They both finally play great, and Manny & DeShawn lay an egg.

    I agree with you Dylan that something is just not right with this team. Leadership, confidence, swagger, hunter mentality, effort, complacency? It may be a bit of all those issues, but the more I watch this team the more it appears that they just don’t seem to WANT it like they did last year. That may not be accurate, but it sure looks that way to the naked eye.

  • Acedeuce

    To a certain degree, the team just isn’t getting the breaks this year. This game wasn’t all that different from last years game at Indiana, but we aren’t hitting those 1 or 2 big shots to save games. Lets not forget we were down 20 to them last year(and IU was far worse then) before our team came back to force OT.

    I guess I just see this as regressing to the mean. Last year we should have lost probably 3-4 more games that we ended up winning(Savanna st, @IU, @Minny come to mind). This year, they are about 1 or 2 big shots from getting over the hump in a couple games and they just can’t do it. To some degree that is drive and leadership, but you also can’t always hit the big shot, it just comes down to skill/luck/percentages that are inherent in basketball. It’s frustrating to watch, but what isn’t in Michigan Athletics this year.

  • pgrom

    how sad that it is Jan. 2 and we have essentially given up hope on the season. How the hell did this happen? This was supposed to be our year.

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    it’s unfortunate that nothing is going well for the wolverines; i think a lack of lineup depth, leadership, and consistency are the glaring holes.

    On the plus side, it seems Novak and Douglass have got their shot back; we just need a more aggressive Sims to free up Manny more.

  • 90 M Varsity

    Is our bench production signigicantly worse this year? I almost wonder if UM should start Vogrich to see if they can get him going and try to bring LLP or Stu off the bench.

  • ToBlav

    Listed above are a lot of contributing factors all of which or any number of which may be correct. Coach Beilein seems to be the only one who is composed about the situation and talking about it on an even keel. It is still possible to finish the season in an upbeat manner, but it feels like there are not enough thumbs to save the dike. I am too small of a person to be as positive as I’d like to be right now. Thanks for listening.

  • Tom, Too.

    Tears welling up here……tough.

  • bf1118

    Johnny Beilein please go recruit the Detroit area already! We do that and actually keep them from going to East Lansing or out of state we will be successful and damn good at that.

  • AG2

    I don’t know if I was the only one who thought this, but going into that game I still believed even without Creek that IU had more talent than we did. After all, we could barely handle Devan Dumes and Verdell Jones last year, what made people think we could handle them this year on top of Watford and Rivers? IU shot lights out at home vs. Kentucky so I expected to see them do that again this time.

  • AG2

    Its official. With Maine’s victory over Boston College, that loss at home to BC is by far the worst one of the season, but the Utah and IU losses are close second and third.

  • bones

    I’m beginning to lose my faith in the head coach. A dozen games, has anyone seen any fire? Can you think of one drive by the opposing team where someone….got taken down hard?

    At the beginning of the year I thought we might have some depth, but at this point in the season, we don’t even have a solid starting 5, much less depth off the bench.

    Feeling dismal.

  • Dave

    alabama is definitely a terrible loss as well, dont forget we were up like 13 on them at one point………just an unbelievable season that is really not understandable why its happening….very sad

  • Coach Beilein – Some Recommendations-
    1. Since no Big Dance this year, concentrate on the future
    2. Recruit athletic,strong big men (no more slow 3 pt shooters)
    3. Attend at least one PSL game a week regardless of your schedule
    4. Introduce Blake M. and J. Morgan to Barwis, they need to gain 15 pounds of muscle in their red shirt season.
    5. If Dunn doesn’t come back hire Jalen Rose as coach/recruiter
    6. Bench Ant. Wright he won’t be back next season. Go with Aso, may be shorter but will bring intensity and toughness. Think future. 7.Demand DeShawn Sims stay within 10 feet of basket at all times

  • Scott

    New AD……cut your losses with Beilein at seasons end…please!!!

  • maxwell’s demon

    Dylan – If a certain amount of people ask for you to ban Scott’s IP address would you please consider it? He provides no insightful commentary and clearly knows nothing about collegiate sports.

  • maxwell’s demon

    People that argue that Rich Rod should be fired are oblivious to what would happen to our program if we fired him. People that argue that Beilein should be fired are just plain idiots.

  • Junderground

    I completely agree with acedeuce’s post–I think it’s a great analysis. I would just add that it’s still very frustrating to watch this team. It puts one in the circumstance of having a hard time having any idea what to expect next season, even after recruiting is done and we know their roster.

  • werewolf

    I think it’s time for Ant to concentrate on his baby mama. I literally cannot watch when he is in. It’s just astounding to me that he got a schollie when he rode the pine in high school. Seriously, wtf. Catch chuck, catch chuck, catch chuck, catch chuck

  • Scott

    Just because I disagree about Beilein and don’t think he will cut it, why should I be banned? It’s my opinion and having gone to all home games, I earn the right to say what I see and think. This team is unwatchable and everyone knows it!

  • Jeff

    Scott, I don’t know if you should be banned, but your act is getting very old. Everyone is extremely ticked off at the way this season has gone, but you are the only one who is repeatedly making hysterical and/or whiny posts. Nobody wants to listen to that crap over and over. Give it a rest.