Happy New Year

Dylan Burkhardt

Enjoy the holiday. Post-game from today’s painful loss will be up tomorrow.

Here’s Beilein’s post game presser from Inside The Hall:

John Beilein Postgame Comments from Inside The Hall on Vimeo.

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  • johhny bigs

    OK wow, this lose solidifies my view that Michigan basketball is just not up to the challenge. We are the second worst team in the Big 10 purely looking at overall record. I think that might translate past just records. How could a team that beat Duke, the Bruins, and Clemson last year just completely flop this year? We even had the addition of Morris and Vogrich. OK sure we lost some leadership at point, but like come on. This was our year.

  • eddie

    it’s interesting to think back to all of the guest bloggers from other Big 10 teams making predictions early in the fall and to think about how they all probably overestimated their win totals. back then we all knew that not everyone’s season would end up so rosey. bummer that our squad is the one that has so far been the most over-inflated.

  • Tom, Too.


  • Paul F.

    Happy New Year to everyone. Great job on the site Dylan. Thanks.

  • JRose5

    If Stu and Novack shoot like that we HAVE to win…Manny and Deshawn failed to show up…Sims is to be expected, but Manny was a surprise! Manny should prob return fro his Sr. year. Gotta win the Big 10 tourney to get in now.

  • Beilein kind of low-key about the loss? Or just tired? Indiana is a better team than most seemed to give credit for. And he’s right that every Big 10 game is a battle. I don’t think we’re a lock in any game to come.

  • JimC

    OSU scores a paltry 43 at WI. And if & when Oregon pounds the Bucks in their latest BCS embarrassment, then they will be taunted a second time.

    Happy New Year to all the Michigan fans!

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately, tournament play of any kind is nearly out of the question at this point. To make the NIT, they would need to go 10-7 in the rest of the B10, with one of the easiest games already played. And let’s be honest, this team is not going to win four games in a row in the B10 tournament.

    As for why, this team basically can’t win a B10 game when Harris has an off game. They will win some games when both he and Sims get hot. Words cannot express how disappointed I am with DeShawn Sims. He has now disappeared in every loss, with the exception of the Kansas game. Early in the second half, with Harris already in foul trouble, he took his 2nd foul on a fadeaway jump shot by an Indiana big man just inside the 3-point line. A minute later he took his third foul on an inbounds play at mid-court. He’s a senoir and he’s making plays that indicate his head is just a million miles from the court and the game situation. Look no further for the biggest reason this season has been such a disaster.

  • maxwell’s demon

    JB knows how to say all the right things after the game. Too bad he couldn’t drive them through to his team during the game…

  • Jeff – I agree totally with your comments about Sims. He definitely is not going to make the NBA, but if he has any dreams to play in Europe he needs to play smarter and physical. His senior year has been a total disppointment. Soft…

  • Champswest

    I agree that this team is unlikely to make any post-season appearance. They are not the same team as last year. They don’t have the hunger or intensity. They seem to be out-played and out hustled by everyone they play. It is the senior (and junior) leadership that is letting them down. Novack is the only one that plays with any fire or heart.

  • bf1118

    A few thoughts from that Indiana game. We need more talent period! If we are going to bring in three star players then they better play smart and they aren’t frankly. How did Anthony Wright get a scholarship to Michigan anyways?? Was Tommy Amaker that bad of a judge on talent? Manny we need a whole lot more from you. Hardaway Jr cannot get here soon enough! Trey Zeigler you would help to big guy. Frustrating loss yesterday to say the least. And why did we go 2-3 for most of that game. I know we can’t guard anyone in man but what about the 1-3-1?

  • DaveR

    We don’t just need talent – we need front court talent. This team is proving that you can’t be an elite team without decent front court talent even with a great coach – last year was a bit of a fluke. The ACTIVE players that Beilein has brought in are ALL guards – Lucas-Perry, Douglass, Novak, Vogrich, Morris and Akunne. The three front court players he has brought in – Cronin, Mclimans and Morgan – aren’t even playing. Cronin likely will never play again. He even lost one great front court player, Ekpe Udoh, who transferred – he’s projected to a be a first round pick in the NBA draft. Some of it’s bad luck (Cronin and Morgan’s injuries) but it seems to be a bit more than that. Why is Mclimans not playing? He was supposedly a solid 3 star recruit. Is he so bad that Beilein won’t play him even though they badly need more front court help? Is Beilein just a poor recruiter of front court talent? If this doesn’t change, don’t expect Michigan to be a consistent NCAA tourney team – small ball just won’t cut it.

    Smotrycz looks like a great addition next year. But with Sims and Gibson gone, they ‘ll need him, Morgan and Mclimans to all be major contributors if they hope to compete next year. They probably also need to add Zeigler to replace Manny and another big man like Horford in order to have a decent chance at the tourney next year.

  • Tom, Too.

    I agree 100%. Maybe JB needs to revisit his system. College has become more physical than the NBA and small ball won’t cut it anymore. He needs to get two huge bangers down low and get the guards in the weight room. If you look at MSU, OSU, etc…those are men and we have boys. I hate to say it, but it is true. Zack Novak at the four for all four of his college years is a joke.

  • Scott

    Beilein needs to go, period. He’s a good teacher of basketball, but cannot lead men nor does he ever get the team fired up. He lets players take dumb shot after dumb shot and Gibson and Wright should be at Grand Valley State, not Michigan. This program won’t make the tourney again for about 5-6 years. Pathetic!

  • Mith

    Wow, Scott, way to freak out. Yes, let’s fire Beilein in his third season. That makes sense to overreact because the team is having a bad year.

  • Scott

    He is below .500 in 2 1/2 years, he has no big men, they shoot 35 3’s per game, don’t rebound, don’t play defense, take dumb shots, are unathletic, just lost to the worst team in the league w/o their best player, won’t even make the NIT this yr, will be worse next year, 4 of his recruits in the past 2 yrs play a COMBINED less than 5 minutes per game…..yeah, let’s keep him!

  • Scott

    The UCONN women’s team would beat us. It’s time for a new AD to make Basketball a priority and go get a good coach that can recruit. You win with players, not a system. Let’s continue to let the team in EL keep beating our ass for 10 yrs in a row……oh wait, our swimming and diving program is solid, we’re ok. Football, Basketball and Hockey are complete embarassments right now.

  • JimC

    As Champs said above, It is the senior (and junior) leadership that is letting them down.
    This may not be the only thing missing, but how do you explain bringing back about 95+% of your production, and the team gets considerably WORSE this year.

    This is why we don’t really know what we’ll have next year…yes Manny and Sims are gone, but will the team play more effectively next year with all the players fitting JB’s style?

  • Jeff

    Take it easy Scott. This is not football. UofM has not been relevant in basketball for a dozen years. If not for Beilein, we would have gone the whole decade without making the tournament. You’re right to criticize him for this year, but at the same time, it really shows what a great job he did last year. It’s not going to be easy to turn around UofM basketball, for one thing MSU and OSU are rolling, so that hurts with recruiting. It’s probably smart to hire a guy who doesn’t need top recruits to succeed. After last year, I think he’s earned a couple more years.

  • AG2

    Scott you need to chillax. This season might be a disappointment, but you can hardly call Beilein’s tenure one. After all, he accomplished in two years what Amaker never could and with considerably less talent and athleticism.

    The real problem is that Beilein has yet to bring in a true 4 or 5. Smotrycz will help big time there, and so would John Horford, and even Jordan Morgan if he gets healthy. For the time being, we’re pretty much running 4 guards and a wing (Sims) out there.

    And at the risk of repeating myself, go ask Da’Sean Butler if Beilein knows how to recruit frontcourt players.

  • mitchigan

    Scott, whose recruits do you think Gibson and Wright were by the way – obviously Amakers. Beilein has done a remarkable job at Michigan. He is an amazing teacher and a great coach with a track record that is among the tops in the business. It’s been a very rough start to the year, but he’s definitely on the right start to bringing Michigan back.

  • Steve

    Anyone who thinks manny is a lock to leave after this year is crazy

    If you cant take jeremiah rivers one on one how the hell are you nba ready?

    Mannys back for his senior year and sims is lookin for a 9-5. Sims has to be the softest 6’8 player in the country!

  • maxwell’s demon

    Scott – You just have no idea what you are talking about. What evidence can you give me that we won’t make the tourney for 5-6 years? It’s not Beilein’s fault that he lost Ekpe, or that Cronin can’t play. He certainly doesn’t want to be playing Wright.

    The fact that we made the tournament last year (and won a game) is unbelievable and a testament to his ability as a coach. We started a walk-on PG and two true freshmen two star recruits (one of who is 6’4 and playing the 4 position). You’re probably the same guy who says he can’t recruit despite an already impressive 2010 class, which would become phenomenal with Horford and Zeigler additions. Plus, he already has a huge 2011 recruit locked up in Brundidge.

    If Manny leaves we will certainly be in trouble next year, but to claim we won’t make the tourney for 5-6 years is pathetic.

    Look forward to seeing you back on the bandwagon by the end of the season.

  • Dave

    mannys hamstring has to be bothering him or something else cause this has been 2 games in a row he has struggled………manny can take anybody in the country, he can have an off game every once in a while

  • JimC

    Well i wouldn’t say Manny is a lock to enter the draft…but he & Sims have kinda been a pair since he got here. I hope they both make it in the pros, but wow they have work to do.

  • Scott

    Do you guys even watch this team play? We were 10-22 his 1st yr, 21-14 amde the tourney (because we be at down UCLA team and Duke). We won’t make the NIT this year. Basketball is meant to be played with athletes and scorers, not a “system” where you basically “check-in and chuck”. Novak at 6’4 is playing POWER FORWARD! Let’s just keep being mediocre in bball and not recruit big time talent because OSU and MSU are good. Look at Smottrycz’s offers, UM, Providence, he’s 6’9 and about 200 pds and horford is about 210……that doesn’t show me rebounding and the ability to bang. West Virginia is a better team/program since Beilein left. They are in the top 10! This team is un-watchable……Vogrich can’t even play, but was considered a top shooter in HS…..hello Gavin Groniger!

  • Scott

    Anthony Wright just missed his 187 3pointer in a row, but as Beilein says, he has the green light. Also, Zeigler ain’t coming here…why would he? I hear we’re going to have 5 guards start on Sunday, we’re going to try and win a game with 0 zero rebounds to break the NCAA record. Zack Gumpson for team MVP!!!!!!

  • Anybody remember when Anthony Wright scored 14 against Oklahoma last year?

    All he needs is to hit one outsiode shot and he might find his groove again.

  • Scott

    Anyone remember when we were a relevant basketball program? Oh yeah, the early to mid 1990’s. When Wright shoots everytime he touches the ball, he’s bound to make one. He misses the entire rim on most of his shots. Here’s our history of the 2000’s: Groniger, Anderson, Gibson, Asselin, Searight, Queen, Ingerson, Wright, Gaines, Vignier, K’len Morris, Grady, Jones, Courtney Sims, Brent Petway, Horton I literally choke, Jevohn Shepard, best player in Canada, remember? PATHETIC!

  • JRose

    Could someone please give Debbie Downer (Scott) a tall glass of “shut the hell up”! Last year just got everyone’s hopes up. Is it Coach B’s fault that Sims is a pansy? I do agree that Wright would struggle in intramurals, but Sims’ play has killed us. J.Rivers just played great D and showed that Manny is not quite ready for the league. I do not think it is time to freak out!

  • maxwell’s demon

    I do remember when we were an elite program in the 90s. Remember how we managed that? $$$$

  • Scott

    Texas cares about both programs, so does Florida, and Ohio St. and Oklahoma…..not us, just play it safe…Bill Martin is the main problem, we should have went after Jay Wright, Jamie Dixon or Sean Miller, we went for a coach that went to 5 NCAA’s in 34 yrs

  • Sam

    OK Scott, let’s calm down and take a logical look at what has happened this year. Can we place some blame on Beilein for the debacle we have seen thus far? Certainly; the head coach always has to be the first one looked at when things aren’t going the right way. Can we place all of the blame on Beilein and fire him after the last game of this season? Absolutely not. If you have watched one game, and you know what basketball is and how it’s played, you would see that, for the most part, the offense is working fine, we just have not made open shot after open shot. I don’t know how you can blame a coach for this. We could put five guys on the court who could shoot better from 3 than any other team in the country, but for some reason or another, many of them are in a funk and a couple are just breaking out of it. When Manny plays well, no one else makes shots and Sims is soft. When Peedi plays well, the threes aren’t falling. When Stu and Novak are shooting, we get in foul trouble. His system works, the players are just not executing to the fullest.

    As for defense, a bit more of the blame probably lies in Beilein’s hands, but game after game we win the turnover battle by forcing TOs in Beilein’s patented 1-3-1 D and simply don’t convert on the other end. Early in the season the 1-3-1 was getting shredded by the likes of Marquette and Boston College, but it has clearly worked more effectively of late, both against Indiana and Kansas forcing turnovers. The 1-3-1 cannot be played on every possession however; it needs time to get set up. When we have to play man-to-man, a coach has almost no say in what happens. It is all up to the players to stick with their man, know their assignments, and play tough. Clearly we have seen some guys play soft, and that needs some fixing by the coach and players alike. Sometimes, however, the ball seems like it is magnetically attracted to the net one our opponents’ side while there seems to be a lid on ours. I can’t tell you why this is. All I can say is that I Believe in Beilein and have all the faith in the world in him.

    It is up to you to make your decisions, but I just laid out the reasons why I still have faith.

  • I love it, I can read this stuff forever, keep em coming! Happy New Years!