Tuesday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • maxwell’s demon

    Definitely don’t need a “B10 championship” to make tourney, as KJ said. A win with UCONN, a marquis road win, 11 conference wins, and two in the tourney puts us in IMO.

  • Math Major

    Anyone saying it’s “nearly a mathematical impossibility” for UM to make the tourney doesn’t understand math/statistics. Maybe the team won’t make it — indeed, that might even be the smart bet based on the numbers from non-conference play — but it’s interesting that someone supposedly using a numbers analysis would have such a bad grasp of the concepts.

  • Junderground

    It’s very hard for me to imagine more than 7 or 8 conference wins. They’ve perked up a little in the last couple of games, but it’s too early to claim a permanent change from the team that lost to Alabama, BC and Utah. Unless you count Creighton they haven’t beaten a solid team yet.

  • JimC

    These first 5 conference games are winnable, but Jan 7 @ PSU looks like a real gut check, not to mention OSU and NW at home. I guess we’ll know for sure in about two weeks if this is a tourney team or not.