Cronin to Miss Remainder of 2009-10 Season, At Least

Dylan Burkhardt

It sounds like Ben Cronin is done, not just for the season but for his career. This is terrible news for all involved and it’s very tough not to feel for Cronin who has been through so much over the last several years and is regarded as one of the nicest kids on the entire team.

This also explains the sudden interest in Grand Ledge big man Jon Horford. With the future roster composition I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michigan put the full court press on Jon, if they haven’t already.

Here is the official press release from the Athletic Department:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — University of Michigan men’s basketball coach John Beilein announced today (Tuesday, Dec. 29), redshirt-freshman center Ben Cronin (Syracuse, N.Y./Hemminger HS) will miss the remainder of the 2009-10 season, and more than likely the remainder of his career, as he continues his rehabilitation on his left hip.

“Above all, our chief concern has always been for Ben’s current and future health,” said Beilein. “Following his hip surgery last season, we were hopeful that Ben would be able to return for this season.

“Unfortunately, there have been complications with this particular injury which have prevented him from progressing like we had hoped. Consequently, Ben will not play the rest of this season, and more than likely for the remainder of his career. This is a very difficult decision that has everything to do with the quality of Ben’s life after basketball.

“Obviously this was not an easy decision to make, but we agree with our doctor’s assessment that Ben’s chances for a full recovery and to play a full time college basketball schedule are slim. He will remain on scholarship and we will continue to support his rehabilitation and pursuits of becoming a teacher and coach.”

“This has been a long process for my family and me, however, after meeting with our doctors I feel it is best for my long term health to focus on my hip rehabilitation and stop playing college basketball,” said Cronin. “I really appreciated basketball and I will miss it like crazy, but my faith will help me get through this. I continue to have wonderful experiences here at the University of Michigan and I am truly grateful for all the guidance and opportunities given to me. I am looking forward to continuing my rehab, having the opportunity to finish my degree and helping this program in any way that I can.”

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  • sven

    Not a big loss.

  • Alyzen

    Man, that kid’s had some tough breaks. What a hard thing to go through. I wish him the best — it does sound from what I’ve read that he’s got a good support system and the emotional strength to press on into the next phase of his life.

  • JimC

    jeez i see Jon Horford listed at 185 lbs. Somebody feed this kid.

  • maxwell’s demon

    How thoughtful Sven.

  • Jeremy

    Does this mean there will be an extra scholarship for next year?

  • Jeremy: Yes.

  • JayRich

    Now the Dumars transfer is making more sense. I imagine he gets a scholarship for sure now

  • JayRich: I disagree, I don’t see Dumars getting a scholarship.

  • Kevin in GR

    Wow, a lot of (potential) comings (Dumars) and goings (Puls, Cronin) in the last week! Here I thought I heard not long ago that Cronin was improving and may be ready for the Big 10 season….

  • sven

    Don’t worry maxwell’s demon I’m weeping for the kid on the inside.

  • Jeff

    That’s really a shame for Cronin.

    Someone on the rivals message board posted that Horford has gained 40 pounds in the last year.

    I still can’t see giving Dumars a scholarship as anything other than a big mistake. The last thing this team needs is another 2-star guard. If he walks on, that’s a different story.

  • Drew

    Dumars won’t get a scholarship, barring some major transfer or departure we don’t expect.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the scholarship for a player who has a career-ending injury?

  • Jeff: They get full financial aid throughout their career but don’t count against the scholarship limit.

  • bird

    Alex Legion Redux?

    (I could not be kidding more.)

    I assume he’s off to Harvard, smart kid like that.

    (Okay, maybe I could.)

  • Jay

    Aye Dylan whatever happened to Agnus Brandt or the German Nowitzki pt 2? Did he make it in to Oregon St?

    Sure wish that Payne wouldnt of commited to MSU a couple months back. Plus I know Beilein doesnt own the snake oil to pry him away from Izzo.

    Sorry to hear the news Ben, wish you the best of luck.

  • Brick

    While I feel really bad for Ben, I don’t think this is a big surprise to anyone. I don’t see how he was ever going to give anything more than spot minutes unless he could get completely healthy and that was looking unlikely. I don’t see this affecting Morgan or McLimans redshirts though. Morgan is practicing at the 5 spot and it makes no sense to burn his redshirt with Sims and Gibson ahead of him. McLimans is practicing at the 4.

    I would have bet that the coaches were penciling in Morgan over Cronin for next year regardless but we will definitely need to get a backup center on the roster ASAP.

  • Jeremy

    Really hate it for Cronin seems like a great kid. But hopefully Coach B. can get Zeigler and Horford!!!

  • dave

    Interesting contrast in stories re. Ben Cronin and Alex Legion. Cronin notes that his faith will get him through this and that he will get a degree, benefitting from the guidance he received at M. Legion will wait for his mother to decipher her next vision, all in preparation for his NBA career she has been assured of. Knowing the character of Coach Beilein, he is getting more satisfaction working with Cronin on crutches than he would having Legion on his roster. If God truly caused Legion to twice decommit from Michigan, we should all be thankful

  • AG2

    Sorry to hear about Ben. We could have really used a kid of his size. I always had faith he was going to bounce back.

    This Alex Legion situation is just getting sad. I feel for the kid that he can’t seem to find a place for himself.

  • Sam

    This is terrible news, and while it may have been written in the sand a couple weeks back, it’s sad nonetheless. Cronin always seemed to be the first one on the bench to stand up after a basket cheering for his team and always, always had a smile on his face while sitting on the bench. Going into the offseason last year, Beilein was thinking that Cronin could give us some big minutes this year, and has mentioned on many occasions that when they found out he wouldn’t be full-go right away that it really threw a wrench into the plans. He will be greatly missed.

    On the other hand, trying to see the good in everything, I guess it just means one more scholly. I really can’t see Dumars getting a scholarship. At this point I think we need Horford and Zeigler, and then possibly another big in 2011 (Amir Williams???).

  • SteinerBlue

    That’s too bad for Big Ben. The recent recruitment of Horford makes total sense now from a scholarship # standpoint. If we land him, we would have 4 players (Morgan, McLimans, Horford and Smotrycz) at 6’8 or better for next season, although all with zero experience.

  • Paul F.

    This is very disappointing news. I feel so bad for Ben. I hope he doesn’t have major issues with his hip in the future. I was happy when they got a seven footer. I noticed the limp when he would be
    in warm ups. My best to Ben Cronin.

  • steve

    horfords up to 220 ….hes being fed ha

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