Recruiting Notes (12-28-09)

Dylan Burkhardt

This isn’t a complete recruiting roundup and not meant to be all inclusive but here are some notes on a couple Michigan targets and commitments. I will also try to update the hotboards before the end of the holidays.


Evan Smotrycz (Commit)

For information on Evan Smotrycz’ early performances this year be sure to check out his diaries.

Tim Hardaway Jr. (Commit)

Tim Hardaway has put together a few very nice performances early on this year. Tim had a couple 40 point performances early on this year, most recently he scored 20 of his teams 49 points in a 58-49 loss to Columbus in the A-Rod Basketball Tournament.

Trey Zeigler

trey-zeigler-motown trey-zeigler-2

Mount Pleasant lost to Mike Talley’s Melvindale ABT team thanks to Talley notching 40 points. Zeigler struggled a bit, playing injured, and scored 26 points in the loss.

The biggest change to Zeigler’s recruitment is that Duke has become involved. Michigan still remains in a good position along with the other schools that have been recruiting Zeigler for some time including UCLA, Michigan State, Oklahoma, among others.

Jon Horford

horford-1 horford-2

The Grand Ledge senior has been playing very well early on. Most recently, Horford went for 23 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, and three blocks in a close loss to Holt.  For more on that tournament, read this premium article. Horford also notched 28 points and 19 rebounds in a win over Howell.

Regarding his recruitment, it appears that Jon still has one school on top ($): Michigan. Michigan seems ready to take a big man (Horford) as well as Zeigler in the class of 2010 if they both want to come. Looking at the roster composition right now, it’s hard to fault a decision like this. 


Carlton Brundidge (Commit)

Brundidge has not only been putting up consistent scoring numbers, he’s also been rebounding the ball extremely well. In an early season 69-64 win over Macomb Dakota, Brundidge scored 26 points and added 19 rebounds.

Amir Williams

Amir Williams had 14 points in a blowout win over Gabriel Richard. He talks about his recruitment with here ($).

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  • AG2

    In other news, Northwestern is now a Top 25 team, and according to Pomeroy’s projections, other than their home game against Iowa, their home game against Michigan on Thursday is Indiana’s best chance for a conference win. That game is very very winnable, as long as we play defense. They can score if we’re not careful and force them to turn the ball over.

  • Sam

    I’ve been looking forward to these recruiting round-ups for a while. I know this is not a full one just yet, but it’s very exciting. I was also wondering Dylan whether you or someone else used to give like a percent chance that a certain recruit would end up at Michigan. I could be thinking of another blog, but I’m pretty sure it was always on here that I saw it. If so, are we ever going to see those guesses again or is it too hard to predict you think? At this point, I half think, half hope that we get both Horford and Zeigler and Wright will not be on the team next year.

  • JayRich
  • JayRich

    That would really change the way we look at our scholarships. We still would like to get commitments from Horford and Zeigler. SO that almost means, Manny has to leave to clear the way and we don’t give Wright a 5th year (please). I thought for sure Manny was a gonna at the beginning of the year but his play hasn’t been exceptional over the past few games. We will just have to watch him over the Big Ten schedule since that will probably determine his draft status.

  • Drew

    Also just saw the news about Dumars. Do we have the scholarships to make room for him and still pick up Zeigler and Horford? Also, I don’t recall if he was that great in high school. Dylan, do you think he can be a contributor, or just another quiet, big game on occassion, role-player type like LLP?

  • Drew

    And as ridiculous as this sounds, Trey apparently dates Dumars sister. That could definitely help in his recruitment if we had Dumars pulling at Trey to join him here.

  • JayRich

    He was just a 2-star recruit. I can’t see him being amazing with that ranking and he struggled to get playing time at USF. Will he play without a scholarship, since daddy makes big bucks? I guess I shouldn’t jump to conclusions since Beilien made a couple other 2 star recruits into good players

  • JayRich

    DREW…that is awesome news

  • DET Maize/Blue

    Dumars’ son? Here? At U of M? Wow… Where’s all the people that dogged me for saying this was a going to happen/was a good idea two weeks ago?

  • Dave

    just saw on espn that ucla picked up another commitment from a juco transfer for 2010 dont know if that affects trey going there but nonetheless something to mention

  • Bluebufoon

    The Juco that UCLA picked up, is supposedly the No. 1 PG in the country amongst jucos, which one would think that would affect Ray McCallum’s interest in the Bruins, which ultimately could diminish Zeigler and McCallum ending up in Westwood as a package deal– does that make sense ?

  • Bluebufoon

    Hardaway didn’t have the best shooting night but hard to argue with his funal totals 27 points and 16 rebounds.

  • Sam

    Nice to see a box score from one of Hardaway’s games. Obviously not the best shooting night, but 16 rebounds is impressive, especially seeing that 13 of those were defensive. 7-7 FTs is also nice as are the 4 assists, but hopefully the 3 TOs aren’t a bad sign and just means he has to handle the ball quite a bit.

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