Jordan Dumars Interested in Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

jordan-dumarsMark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press is reporting that South Florida transfer Jordan Dumars is expected to make his decision within the next few days and appears to be favoring Michigan over Detroit Mercy and Michigan State.

“I’m leaning toward Michigan because my game is predicated on shooting, and I’m able to shoot threes,” Dumars said today. He said a team’s style of play is his No. 1 concern.

This is an interesting development because scholarships are very tight in the Michigan backcourt and Jordan Dumars wasn’t really a high profile recruit. The 6’5” wing guard was a 2-star prospect before he committed to South Florida, averaging 10.2 points, 2.3 assists, 2.2 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game while captaining Detroit Country Day’s team to a 19-1 record. Dumars shot 36 percent from three point range and 96 percent from the free throw line.

If Dumars is walking on, this situation makes a lot of sense. If he is taking a scholarship, with players like Zeigler and Horford still on the board as well as the entire class of 2011, it doesn’t make nearly as much sense. I would assume that Joe Dumars has the money to pay in-state tuition for his son, which would make the first situation seem probable. We should find out much more over the course of the week.


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  • Drew

    Well, from my few minutes of watching that highlight video, I see an Ant Wright/LLP mixture. I think there is definitely a reason he was only a 2 star coming out of high school. But hell, if he could somehow shoot 35% from three, I’d take it.

  • DET Maize/Blue

    The things you won’t see on that reel is his attention to detail on the fundamentals, especially with regards to defense. He’s a good kid from a strong home, too. Solid pick-up if he walks-on.

  • Tweeter

    Wow I dont think I have ever seen a highlight video consisting entirely of spot-up threes. Even THjr’s had some variety in it. I am sure that Jordan is a solid kid and being the son of a great player, I am sure he understands the game, but I don’t see a whole lot there. I felt like I saw DCDS play sometime last year (maybe the year before) and I dont even remember this guy.

    I think this has to be a walk-on spot and I am ok with that. But I cant imagine a scholly being used here.

  • Junderground

    We’ll always take a walk-on, and if he can play Wing, that’s better. But he isn’t a rebounder, and we have more guys who can just shoot than we know what to do with. With Brundidge and Hardaway on the way, I don’t see how he’ll get minutes, so I think giving him a scholarship would be a travesty.

  • I love it that we have “more guys that can shoot than we know what to do with”… We’re shooting 29% from three point range.

  • Nick

    Burying spot up 3’s from the corner with anything over a 33% clip would put him above the whole team as far as I’m concerned…he’d be able to find minutes with that stroke, as long as he can not be a total liability on D (the Vogrich conundrum).

    You can tell who coached him up…that rainbow looks very Joe D.

  • Also, those percentages are high school stats… So take them with a grain of salt.

  • Tweeter

    yea its a little easier to knock down wide open threes in a high school game when you are 6’5 being guarded by a guy who is 5’9, compared with college where you will not be wide open and you will be guarded by a guy at least your size. I dont see anything to get excited about here, except that maybe Joe D will attend some of our games.

  • Kevin in GR

    He’d be a good replacement for…Anthony Wright someday :) Maybe getting this pickup could help us with Amir Williams?

  • I’m sure Dumars would be a great role model for the team and university. Would love him to join UM, but don’t want to burn a 4 year scholarship to get him. If we want to consistently be in the top tier of the Big Ten, UM needs Top 60 in the nation recruits.

  • Bball

    As a walkon this would be outstanding. I’m blindly guessing, but it seems like the Dumars family is a class act. As for Jordan’s game, from the highlights, his release looks really slow and he doesn’t have much lift at all on his jumper. I would bet he gets it blocked quite a bit. I’m sure he can work on that though with Beilein, PHD in Shotology

  • I want Jordan to join the team for one reason only: hearing the PA guy shout “JORDAAAAAAN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMARSSSSSSSSSSS”! :D

  • Giddings

    Good points by everyone here, but I’d like to add that having the sons of not one but two former NBA superstars on the team could have a significant effect on recruits’ perception. If I’m a parent of a top high school recruit and on our official visit to Michigan, I get to watch a game with Joe Dumars and Tim Hardaway at my side telling me how great of a coach Beilein is, my opinion of Michigan would go way, way up.

  • Adam

    This isn’t the best place to post this but I watched the tail end of the Bryant-IU game tonight and Maurice Creek suffered one of the more odd/painful injuries I’ve ever seen. Initial reports are that it’s a dislocated kneecap but nothing for certain yet. I checked and he would not qualify for a redshirt of any kind either. Tough break for Crean.

    Awful news for the Hoosiers and their leading scorer but great news for us going into Thursday. Assembly Hall was dead for the rest of the game after it happened. They have some of the birghtest/most basketball saavy fans in the nation there and they were fully aware that this ends any chance they had of winning a few in the conference this year.

  • Sheryl

    I was watching that IU game too. Word is it’s a broken knee. I still don’t understand how it happened even watching the replays.

  • Paul F.

    Welcome Jordan with open arms I’d say. If he’d walk on then great. Anybody that can play defense at this point is alright with me. And if he shoots three’s he’ll fit in nicely.

  • Reid

    Holy crap,

    I was Jordan’s camp counselor when he was 5. I had no idea he was playing college ball.

    1) I feel old
    2) He was the nicest 5 year old ever. Seriously. Just for that he deserves to be on our team.

  • Tom, Too.

    I wish he was 6″10″ and rebounded and blocked shots.

  • Ryan

    One thing to remember is Beilein has had a long history of success taking lesser recruits and making a winning team.

  • Junderground

    Dylan, you misquoted me. I said “we have more guys who can JUST shoot.” Vogrich, Douglass, Wright, Lucas-Perry, they don’t have much of a game but threes. I know they’re not shooting well now, but the point is that they don’t do anything ELSE either.

  • Merlin

    I think I heard Beilein’s son is an intern with the Pistons so there is a connection here.

  • Mike

    I played against Jordan before his freshman year, and I was extremely unimpressed by his game. I was guarding him, and even though I was only 5’4″ at the time, while he was over 6 feet tall, I still managed to block one of his jumpshots. As I recall, he would lazily jog up the floor, only to plant himself on the baseline and wait for the ball so he could fire a jumpshot. Now maybe he’s become more disciplined since then, but if he is the same lazy player as when I played him, I do not want him on our team.