Merry Christmas from UMHoops

Dylan Burkhardt

Merry Christmas to all of you readers. Hopefully you enjoy your holidays. I’ll be back in full force on Monday as we move closer to the Big Ten opener at Indiana.

Christmas time means that it’s also been about two years since I started the site and as always I want to thank all of you one more time.

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  • JRose

    Thank you for all of your hard work Dylan! Happy Holidays to all! All I want for Christmas is a higher 3pt %! Go Blue!

  • Sheryl

    Merry Christmas to you and to all!

  • Erik

    Merry Christmas all. I agree about the 3PT shooting. That’s all I want as well, though a little defense wouldn’t hurt.

  • JimC

    This site is the greatest!

    I’m greedy and will ask for a return trip to the big dance.

    now awaiting the big10 opener….

  • Chris in NC

    Thank You Dylan! Have a great Christmas. It’s been a great 2 years here! Looking forward to many more to come.

  • JimC

    Novak’s favorite present growing up was a book called “Everybody Poops” ??? Well, that’s what he said.

  • eddie

    Andy Katz not kind to UM in his recap of non-conf and look-ahead to big ten play…

  • ToBlav

    Blessings to all (Dylan in spades)& Beilein & the boys.

  • Mith

    Thanks Dylan for all your efforts. You’ve got a really nice site and I’ve enjoyed my time here(the last year or so).

  • steve

    happy holidays to all!

    looking forward to the big ten season… im optimistic that we should win 10-11 and hopefully go dancing again. what does everyone think it would take the rest of the season to get in? as for andy katz’s article… really northwestern in the NCAA tourney without kevin coble or that 3 pt shooter who graduated last year? really northwestern? i dont know but i think we should see a much improved team in the second part of the season

    Go Blue!

  • JimC

    Northwestern is for real. I think their only loss is to a ranked Butler team.

    Yeah i would agree about 10 wins to make the tourney. But 10-6 in conference is a stretch…hope they can pull it off!

  • Giddings

    The question is, if NU really does make tourney, then would the committee take 8 Big Ten teams? My guess is no… people made such a stink about even 7 teams last year, and the conference was better last year than it is this year. I’m thinking it will be 6 or 7 this year, which means if NU gets in, we need one of the others to fall out – I’m thinking the most likely candidate is Illinois (they, like us, also miss the senior leadership and defense of a former guard… Chester Frazier).

  • Ryan

    That would be 10-8 in the conference season. There are 18 games. I think at this point, to me, they would need 11-12 wins.
    I would just have a hard time justifying a team making it at 16-13 or 17-12 (depending on UCONN, and not including the big ten turny.) But I guess at that point it would depend on the turny.

  • Dave

    there is no reason for speculation here………this team has to start winning in bunches simple as that

  • JB

    Andy Katz’s article basically states the obvious based on team’s records so far. i wouldn’t read into it much. NU hasn’t been tested, they lack a big win (though it’s early), and could easily not last through the big ten season. these next six games are winnable and followed by tougher games, so it’s especially important to start winning now.