Game 11: Michigan vs. Coppin State Preview

Dylan Burkhardt


Who: Michigan (5-5) vs. Coppin State (5-4)
Where: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
When: 7 PM EST, Tuesday, 12/22/09
TV: ($2.99)
Radio: MGoBlue, WWJ 950 AM/WTKA 1050 AM
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Line: N/A
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coppin state

The last cupcake remaining on Michigan’s non-conference schedule, Coppin State, rolls into Ann Arbor for a pre-Christmas match-up. The Eagles hail from the MEAC conference and don’t have many wins to write home about this year. They are 5-4 with 3 of their wins coming over non-Division 1 teams as well as losses to Colorado, Southern Cal, Morgan State, and West Virginia.

Their statistical profile isn’t pretty either, with an efficiency margin of -.152 (compared to Michigan’s .56) points per possession. The Eagles’ offense is the ugliest. Shooting only 40.1% on two point shots and rebounding only 26.5% of their misses. Coppin also turns the ball over on 21.7% of their possessions and doesn’t find their way to the free throw line often.

Coppin State is the 2nd worst defensive rebounding team in the country but as we know, Michigan is mediocre at best on the offensive glass. A weak offensive rebounding performance will be discouraging but it’s also important not to get too excited if Michigan rebounds the ball extremely well. The rest of Coppin State’s defense is pretty mediocre however the one thing they do well is defend the three point shot, allowing opponents to shoot only 30%. That doesn’t bode well for Michigan’s three point happy attack.

The Eagles feature a trio of 6 foot 2 and under guards who average double digits, Lenny Young (12.8 ppg, 37.1% 3pt%, 4 rpg), Kareem Brown (10 ppg 39.2 eFG%S), and Vince Goldsberry (10.3 ppg, 39.2 eFG%). 6-foot-8 Ceslovas Kucinskas starts in the middle, he’s averaging 7 points and 4 rebounds per game. 6-foot-8 Branden Doughty is the Eagles’ leading rebounder, averaging 6.6 per game.

This is obviously a game that Michigan should win with little struggle. It would be nice to see Michigan shoot the lights out and try to build some confidence before their New Years Eve tilt in Bloomington. In typical coach-speak, Beilein doesn’t see it as any sort of cupcake:

“(Ron "Fang" Mitchell has) been doing this for so many years, and he’s such a good coach,” Beilein said. “This is not just a guaranteed game. He’ll come in here to win the game.”

Mike Rothstein reports that Michigan looks to experiment with the defense a bit and Jay Bilas calls Michigan the team that “most needs a quality win” and points to the Indiana game as the first chance to get a solid W.

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  • UMIndy

    After living on the east coast for a decade, I moved to Indianapolis this summer. One of the bonuses of moving was that I would be able to get the Big Ten Network. Now I have my big 50″ plasma all ready to go with an HD BTN channel and a whole bunch of standard def ones…. What do I get? Nothing! They tell me to pay them $2.99 to watch a crappy internet feed on my 15″ computer screen! (I know you can hook up the computer to the TV, but it is a pain in the ass the way I have it set up and it would still be a horrible internet feed).

    I’ve never in my life actually hated a television network, but I do now.

    Sorry about the rant…. Go Blue!

  • Drew

    UMIndy- Please rant all you want. It pisses me off to no end how terrible that internet feed is. Last year I remember watching a game or two on there FOR FREE and it was a better stream. Now they take our money and give us garbage.

    I emailed and insisted for my money back after an early game this season and of course they argued and argued and wouldn’t give it to me. Unless you have the super computer of the century, don’t waste your money on the stream. Total BS they don’t put the game on TV.

  • Mith

    Is it asking a little too much that the B10 network show every Michigan game? Expecially against little schools like Coppin State? If it was just the Michigan network, then sure. But since its a conference network, I just can’t see complaining that much.

  • UMIndy

    Mith, they have available to them overflow channels, which they use during football season. If they didn’t I would rarely be able to see Michigan football games here with both IU and PU taking precedence in Indianapolis. I don’t think it is too much to ask that the two major college sports (football and mens basketball) be televised on the network. Those two sports are the reason the network is profitable.

    The fact of the matter is that they can do it. They simply choose not to, instead offering the opportunity to pay for a horrible internet feed. So it is NOT a matter of them having too many programs/games to show and not enough channel space to show them.

  • Dave

    anybody got a stream of this game?

  • Bob

    is anyone else getting an unknown error when they try to buy the game on BTN website

  • Giddings

    So far so good, team really looks energized. Great ball movement on offense… they missed some open threes to start the game but LLP and now Stu have each hit one.

  • GIddings

    Coppin trying to play a trapping zone on D but as I mentioned ball movement has been great, lots of skip passes and quick touch passes keeping Coppin on their heels.

  • Jeff

    It’s great to see that Stu Douglass finally remembered how to shoot the ball.

  • michigan4204

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the effort that Zack Novak brings, but if he can’t shoot, what does he offer this team?

  • michigan4204

    Halftime IU-28 Loyola(MD)-46

  • Giddings

    Side note… crowd is surprisingly large tonight. Not very energetic (most of students gone) but there’s probably more people here tonight than the BC game even.

  • Brick

    Novak offers quite a bit when he can’t shoot. That’s why he’s still playing. He may be the only player who knows how to box out. When he finally hits a 3, I think the roof may blow off of Crisler.

  • Giddings

    Stu with 14 pts, 2 rebs, 3 assists, 0 TOs

  • I want Zack to hit a three so bad.

  • michigan4204

    0-5 3pt fg’s for Novak today, but he has boxed out real well, right Brick

  • michigan4204


  • maxwell’s demon

    The reason Novak plays is because Wright is the alternative.

  • Jeff

    Stuart Douglass is breaking out in a big way tonight, 6-10 on 3-pointers tonight. Let’s hope this get’s his confidence going.

  • Jayson

    slump buster? if we can actually shoot halfway decent (30%) from three and continue the fine defensive play….why cant we be very successful in the big 10?

  • JimC

    i believe Manny scoring only 5 (6th on the team in scoring in this game) is a very good thing. Manny tries to take over the offense sometimes, usually because the rest of the team can’t score.

    The lesson from tonight is that the other guys can score, and Manny doesn’t have to do everything.

  • Jayson

    btw…is kansas “letting” california stay in the game….i hope cal beats the jayhawks…in bill self’s face.