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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Sam

    Let it be known that I do not like Bill Self. Some of the remarks he made in that article are completely off-base and give no credit where it is due. To say that the game was never in doubt is not accurate, given that if we had made a few open threes, we would have been right there. To say that Kansas didn’t look like a basketball team for the last 23 minutes, well, Bill, that’s all on you. He obviously has no idea how to coach a basketball team, much like John Calipari. They go out and get two five stars and a four star in every class with shady tactics, then send them on the court to do whatever they can. Self had no idea what to do against the 1-3-1 and if he had not had the athletes he did, they would have been slaughtered by it. I loved it when they asked him at the end of the first half how he could work against the 1-3-1 and you could just tell he had no idea. He simply said “we made three terrible plays there at the end of the half”. Of course, you didn’t make any corrections either. He’s right up there with Izzo on my hate list now.

    As for the Smotrycz article, I like how the writer already knows that Michigan “will lose its top three scorers from this year, including Manny Harris”. I, for one, am not sold on Manny leaving after this year. Sure, he is having another amazing season, but he still isn’t high on any mock drafts. Thank goodness for the 1 and done rule. If Manny was a freshman this season, he would be a top 5 pick just because of “potential”. Thankfully NBA scouts don’t know what they are thinking.

  • Drew

    I agree about the whole Manny maybe not leaving early. As much as I don’t want to think about it, hopefully this whole struggle of a season will make him hungry to leave a lasting mark on this program. Odds are, we miss the tournament this year. If he comes back, with the new recruits and ANOTHER year of experience under the belts of the underclassmen, I think this team could be scary good. Losing Peedi will obviously hurt but sometimes I think he brings this team down with a lack of effort and hustle.

    That said, I’d obviously prefer to see the team get it together, THIS season. Win a lot of BT games, backdoor our way into the dance, and make some noise as an underdog. I guess I just figured out what I want for Christmas.

  • Old Style

    This sentence cracked me up in the article about Michigan: “But, alas, this team did not grow any taller or more accurate in the offseason.” And in response to sam: I believe Self to be one on the best coaches in America. I wasn’t able to watch this game but try to watch Kansas as much as possible. If you don’t like him that’s one thing but it seems hard to question his ability with the success he’s had.

  • Jimmy

    Eric Puls leaving the team to focus on academics. Our team three point shooting percentage just took a huge hit. Good luck to him.

  • bf1118

    Amen to what Sam had to say about Bill Self’s remarks after that game. Talk about a coach not wanting to give their opponent any credit. Michigan fought back into that game and not because Kansas started to give the game away but rather because Michigan finally started making plays. To say that the game should have been over by halftime is a mistake. Your a real class act Bill Self. I’ll take 5-5 Michigan w/ Beilein any day of the week over your sorry butt.