Game 10: Michigan at Kansas Live Blog

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • maxwell’s demon

    anyone else notice that this was a game until wright entered

  • AG2

    For what its worth, Michigan stepped it up on defense for once. God help our opponents if we can actually hit shots.

    Beilein needs to step up his recruiting. We need shooters.

  • Jay

    Defense played decent today. If the O ever clicks, or hits shots. Let me rephrase that, if the role players ever step up and become consistent 6-10 point contributors this team will make noise. Guys have to play with confidence, or they wont make shots ever.

  • Giddings

    AG2 – look no further than Tim Hardaway Jr. Plus when Vogrich adds some muscle and learns how to play defense there’s another shooter for ya. And don’t sleep on Smotrycz either…

  • Dave

    defense was solid all game……….somebody needs to make the 3 pointers obviously………i was particularly happy with their rebounding, however they need a big banger down low……i don’t consider deshawn that……we need somobyd who will bang hard down low all game long and then somebody needs to be consistent at 40% from 3s …….if michigan makes like 3 more 3 pointers this could have been a very different game

  • Dave

    solid all game may be to much defense was pretty solid ill leave it at that

  • I Miss Alan Branch

    Good D. This one doesn’t hurt us. My coworker, a Kansas fan, said that we’d lose by 25. A bit of a moral victory.

  • AG2

    Beat UConn at home, and 11 Big Ten wins. Doable but not easy.

  • Giddings

    Plus 1 or 2 wins in the BTT.

  • TomThrice

    It’s amazing that they only lost by 11 today considering how bad they shot. If they hit 8-28 from three instead of 5-28 this would have been an interesting game. 28% 3pt shooting shouldn’t be too much to ask for, should it?

    One good thing was Darius’s play today, especially considering the competition. If he continues to improve, we just need to hope that LLP, Novak, and Stu can snap out of their funk before it’s too late.

  • Eric

    Need better 3 pt. shooting. When will this team come out of this 3 pt drought? Very impressed with the 1-3-1 today.

  • UMIndy

    I agree with you all. This was the best defensive effort of the year. If only we were an average 3pt shooting team…

  • Jay

    Bright side is..if they play with this effort the rest of the year, the season will turn around (also knock down a few shots)