Game 8: Michigan vs. Detroit Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt


Who: Michigan (4-4) vs Detroit (6-3)
Where: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
When: Sunday, December 13th, Noon EST
TV: Big Ten Network
Radio: MGoBlue, WWJ 950 AM/WTKA 1050 AM
Stats: Live Tempo Free Stats
Line: Michigan by 13.5
Pomeroy Profile


Finals week means no time for a preview today as Michigan welcomes a much improved University of Detroit team into Crisler Arena. The Titans play uptempo basketball (71 possessions) and get to the free throw line very well. Their shooting and rebounding statistics are pretty much average but they turn the ball over a lot.

Indiana transfers Xavier Keeling (14 points, 4 rebounds, 35% 3pt) and Eli Holman (14.5 points, 10 rebounds) lead the way for the Titans. A pair of wings, Chase Simon and Thomas Kennedy, both average double digit scoring as well.

The Titans are coming off of the worst home loss of the year to Tennessee State and it would be great to see Michigan play a strong game with a road trip to Kansas on the docket next weekend.

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  • Mith

    Yeah it would be great to see this team show some signs that they’ve figured out some things(defense, rebounding, 3-pt shooting) before we go to Kansas.
    With the non-conference schedule a complete disaster, the only real hope is to get on-fire for the B10 season.

  • hambone

    after surfing the stats of detroit mercy, and comparing how they matchup to ours, i wouldn’t be surprised if we lose this game.

    i hope im wrong, but a loss today and the team is likely lost for the season.

  • Bball

    No worries Dylan. Good luck on your finals!

    It looks like they have played a very weak schedule overall.

    KenPom Profile – rankings in [brackets]
    Category Offense Defense D-I Avg
    Adj. Efficiency: 99.7 [188] 99.9 [167] 99.8
    Adj. Tempo: 71.1 [89] 68.7

    Four Factors
    Effective FG%: 49.9 [146] 47.2 [128] 48.8
    Turnover %: 22.6 [248] 23.9 [62] 21.1
    Off. Reb. %: 34.3 [135] 32.4 [152] 33.1
    FTA/FGA: 52.2 [14] 39.7 [218] 37.7

  • Bball

    Michigan’s Profile – Ranked 152 vs. Detroit Ranked 175!

    Category Offense Defense D-I Avg
    Adj. Efficiency: 98.2 [207] 96.4 [116] 99.8
    Adj. Tempo: 66.0 [266] 68.7

    Four Factors
    Effective FG%: 45.0 [269] 51.3 [241] 48.8
    Turnover %: 14.3 [2] 26.4 [12] 21.1
    Off. Reb. %: 29.6 [259] 39.3 [324] 33.1
    FTA/FGA: 30.7 [292] 22.4 [3] 37.7


  • JimC

    Right now maybe these two teams are about the same level, so at least it will be an entertaining game. No 30-point blowout either way.

    As much as I try to not get wrapped up in this team, i just can’t avoid it….c’mon Michigan…make my day!

  • JayRich

    At the beginning of the year, who would have thought that this would be a game we needed to worry about?

  • Benjamin

    Anyone find a stream online?


  • Giddings

    So far I’m seeing more quickness and more effort, but outside of Manny and Peedi no one can hit a jump shot still. Defense has been OK, I give credit to Detroit for playing well on offense.

  • AG2

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

    Giving up easy layupus, Manny the only one whose showed up.

  • Drew

    I have a bad, bad feeling about this. Our defense is pathetic

  • pgrom

    my gosh this is bad. Start playing like you care. This is embarrassing.

  • JimC

    Novak can’t buy a bucket, then gets dunked on and knocked over.

  • JayRich

    I am just more and more perplexed with this team. How can our “great” shooters from last year, struggle to even come close this year. I mean look at those 3 pointers from Stu and Novak….both weren’t even close. There is no way that they were on a “hot” shooting streak throughout all of last season. It’s not luck…it’s skill but what happened to it?

  • Giddings

    JayRich, it’s all mental… btw, I think we need Darius to play more than 8 minutes this half… but he’s not even starting

  • Tweeter

    Douglass had a good first half, so thats probably why no Darius to start out.

  • maxwell’s demon

    We need to let Stu and Morris play together. LLP is giving us nothing.

  • Giddings

    Gotta love Peedi playing inside out rather than outside in today

  • AG2

    See what happens when Michigan shoots slightly better than awful from 3 point range? Slow it down, keep the ball out of the other teams’ hands, and find better shots. Its that simple.

  • JayRich

    horrible defense though

  • Eric

    anybody have a link to watch this online? im at the library

  • JayRich

    Anthony Wright is so bad

  • Josh

    at least free throw shooting has been better… trying to come up with something positive here…

  • AG2

    My friends keep saying “Michigan takes too many 3s” and I keep telling them “we’re not taking too many threes, were just not taking good ones.”

    Today they’re taking good ones.

  • Tweeter

    Well it wasnt always pretty, but it looked like the team found some things that worked in that second half. Wright and Vogrich dont see the floor, D-Mo sees only two minutes, Gibson only got a couple minutes as well.

    The Stu, LLP, Manny, Novak, Sims lineup really seemed to be our best defensive lineup. It also helps that they made some shots and Sims was an actual presence on the floor. Hopefully there is some carry over from that half to the Kansas game.

  • Jayson

    nice confidence boost for this team…best half probably of the year…a full week to prepare now for KU…look for a spirited effort and a close game next saturday…GO BLUE!

  • I Miss Alan Branch

    I’m just grateful for the W. This one was ugly at halftime, but they got it together and made their free throws.

  • gpsimms

    Well I, for one, am not all that comforted by this win. The three shot selection was the same as it has always been, and the non Manny/DeShawn shooting was as bad as its always been. The defense was not really any better either. :

    Defficiency: 108.8
    Stu, LLP, Nov, Dmo, 3 pt/att: 2/14

    I don’t think DeShawn 3/3 from deep is a permanent answer. Most of the teams problems look the same as they did last week.

    On the bright side, Peedi did seem to be playing harder and got a lot of boards. Also, he played a solid offenseively besides the three pts.

    The other piece of good news: I counted 27 possessions in the first half followed by 32 in the second. This means that our Deff=1.333 in the first half, and .875 in the second. So our D was actually pretty solid after an epicly (even by this year’s standards) bad first half.

  • gpsimms

    * Peedi 3/3 from three is NOT a permanent answer, I meant.

  • Erik

    Good effort but the game should not have been that close. I only caught the 2nd half but Stu’s 3 point shot was painfully ugly. I hope to God they can find some magic boost for their shot, otherwise this next game won’t just be a loss, but it will be UGLY.

  • gpsimms

    Of course, a win is a win is a win. I’m just not too optimistic that this was some sort of “we’re all going to be alright, now” win.

  • ToBlav

    The next game always starts out 0-0. The ‘experienced’ team with three sophmores played the second half when we won. Douglas is starting to at least look to penetrate and seems to be able to pick it up around the top of the lane which you don’t see often. Hopefully we build on an improved game and more players start contributing like Douglas and Lucas-Perry did. Novaks block and later put back don’t make a good game but they sure were timely.

  • Tweeter

    Yea I dont think this was necessarily a “We’re going to alright win,” but I do think there were a lot of positives. Maybe not great positives when compared to last season, but certainly positive when compared to the last few weeks.

    The D stepped up in the second half and made it difficult for UD to get easy baskets. The defensive rebounding was also much improved and I thought the team showed some scrappyness on D which has been absent for awhile now.

    We didnt see a huge rotation of players which had previously allowed guys like Wright and Vogrich to get too many minutes. It was a very short bench in the second half and I think that is a big positive. Depth is nice to have, but UM does not have it. Give the subs some minutes in the first half, but in the second our starters need to be playing almost the entire half.

    On to the starters, although I though Darius showed signs of improving over the last couple games, I think the team is better with Douglass at the point. Or at least it was today. I even thought Douglass did a much better job of penetrating and creating than Morris has done all year. Will it keep up? I dont know, but for now I think I move Stu to the starting lineup.

    Sims finally shows up. A lot of it was him just hitting open shots, but he also had several nice post moves and a drive and dunk from the top of the key. He still struggled at times on the glass by getting into jumping battles instead of boxing out, but his overall aggressivenes improved.

    It is amazing how much smoother the offense looks with Novak in there. He didnt shoot well at all today, but his knowledge of the offense and ball skills really help to get things moving. I really wish this team could go big at times, but when Sims plays the four, everything seems to bog down on offense. He just really struggles at handling and moving the ball on the perimeter and when its him and Gibson, the whole offense goes to crap.

    Its going to take a lot to play with Kansas, but again, hopefully there is some carry over from this second half.

  • Brad

    LLP won the game today…obviously the huge effort from manny and sims was clutch, but without someone else providing a little support, M wouldve lost again today…LLP with a couple 3’s and drives to the bucket for the and 1, as well as handling the pressure of D’s point guard was big…On a side note, I thought Detroit was a very solid team. They played very aggressive d, and were monsters down low…I was impressed

  • JimC

    Will take the win…and the team can have some confidence, however small, going go kansas.
    But i’m glad they have a home game 3 days after Kansas against a weaker opponent. Long stretches after a loss aren’t fun.

  • AG2

    Well, at least we know which Horizon League team is going to be the beneficiary of a Butler choke in the conference tournament.

  • JB

    central michigan beat south florida, big win for coach zeigler

  • Paul F.

    My take: Manny, Deshawn and Laval three stars of the gameI liked the fact Coach Beilein got in some faces today. D Mo got his pocket picked more than a man on the subway. Stu did too. Knew it was gonna be a close game when the first three times they had the ball Michigan turned it over twice. Detroits a decent team. Couple of their guards have pretty sweet jump shots. All in allots a win a confidence boost before the big bad Jayhawks. I noticed the maze rage was smaller today. Must be cause of finals?

  • maxwell’s demon

    Brad – Completely disagree on LLP. He had a very poor first half and had a number of “what the hell are you doing” plays on both sides of the court. He did hit a couple 3s but that was it. I thought Stu actually played a really strong all around game. Was hoping his 3s would get back on track after that first make but by the end he looked broke again. Still he really looked in control on offense and on defense was very solid with a couple steals. Thought Gibson and Morris were pretty disappointing today.

    Anyways, without question defensive intensity and discipline was key to success in 2nd half.

  • Kevin

    Interesting that LLP was bringing the ball up court at the end of the game when it mattered most despite having some struggles throughout the season. Showed Beilein’s confidence in him. As long as it works.

  • Brad

    I can think of some of the plays you’re talkin about demon, and yeah there were some forces…im just happy somebody else was trying to do something on the offensive end., taking it to the basket…i will admit i didnt key in on watchin him on the defensive end…and agree stu had a solid game, just still hopin for that breakout game where he nails 7 3’s

  • maxwell’s demon

    Just hope we can continue to play better d and that at least llp or stu can find some consistency with their shot

  • Jim

    Defense was better in the second half and Peedi showed up. Without that this would have been a loss. The confidence level for Stu and LLP is awfully low. They routinely pass up open looks and put the ball on the floor. This team is still very very weak in the paint. Detroit had something like 45 points in the paint with mid major talent. This is a recurring theme during the pre-conference schedule. It won’t be pretty in Kansas.

  • Tweeter

    Its hard to tell if its confidence with LLP, Stu and others right now, or if the coaches are telling them that they need to find better shots than quick threes. Maybe they are just the guys that are listening and passing up quick open looks in hopes of getting something better. Obviously the three that Stu passed up against BC was a little troubling, but other than that, most of the passed up shots have been early in the clock and not necessarily the shot that the team is looking for.

    On the other hand, a great shooter would probably tell you that they would never pass up a semi-open shot no matter how many they had missed in a row. But are either Stu or LLP or anyone else for that matter great shooters?

    Right now, one of the reasons I like having Stu along with LLP in there more than D-Mo, is because either of those guys could get hot and knock down 4 or 5 threes in a row. Morris cant do that right now. And until Morris starts penetrating at will and creating more shots, those guys are better options.

  • Jayson

    i may be in the minority here…but I expect a heck of an effort in lawrence and would not be surprised if it was a close game in the 2nd half…a week to prepare, nice confidence boost coming off of the solid 2nd half against detroit, and the team in the relished “underdog” role which worked so successfully last year. dont be shocked if they put forth a solid game.

  • Tweeter

    I agree Jayson. While this season has been disappointing so far in terms of wins and losses, its not like they have been getting blown out by people. They have had their chance in every game (I believe its been within a point under 10 mins in each game maybe not BC), but just have not closed the deal. I expect them to compete, there are really two questions right now.

    1. Does UM figure out the level of effort it takes for an entire game?

    2. Does Kansas realize how easy it is to score inside against us if they are patient?

    Question one seems like an easy answer. We are playing the top team in the country, I expect the effort to be there. Question two however remains to be seen. I have no doubt that Kansas has scouted UM and understands we are weak inside. However, a lot of times teams that have an advantage like Kansas does in this game, get lazy and settle for early open shots instead of exploiting the opponents weakness. See Duke last year.

    If Kansas wants to, there is virtually no reason they cannot get a very good look every time down the court. UM has to create enough chaos with ball pressure and being in passing lanes, that Kansas shoots a lot of pull up jumpers instead of getting to the hoop.

    All that said, UM is due for a flat out on fire game. Maybe this is the day. My guess, similar to last years UConn game. UM hangs tough, knocks down a bunch of shots, but Kansas just has too much inside for us. 82-73.

  • Finals Suck

    Don’t forget Kansas has a full week off, so they actually have a longer time to scout and prepare for us than we have to do the same for them.

    With Kansas having that much time off, it scares me that they will be able to easily attack the 1-3-1 or the 2-3 zone if we pull it out. Which might force us to play a lot of man to man , but they will also have seen how easily they can exploit their size advantage with Aldrich if we play man to man.

    So if Michigan is going to go into Lawrence and beat the number one team in the nation, we probably will have to shoot well over 50% from the field and do at least a decent job at defensive rebounding to limit second chance points (if they ever miss a shot).

    Haha, I felt a lot better about this game before I wrote this post than I do now. Hopefully I am wrong though. Go Blue!