Dylan Burkhardt

I think these numbers speak for themselves. They should provide some context as to just how bad this team has been through 8 games.

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  • Drew


  • Stale Bread

    depressing stuff man

  • Stunned

    I couldn’t have imagined the season would start this way, but there’s a lot of games left, and I still think this team can compete in the Big Ten this year.

  • Eddie

    it’s amazing that we’ve won 4 games with those numbers.

  • maxwell’s demon

    So you’re saying there’s a chance

  • Giddings

    The thing about the low turnover numbers is… when all you do is pass the ball around the perimeter, the risk of turning the ball over is extremely low.

  • Giddings

    Also, I would be curious to see how last year’s team ranked in the categories listed above.

  • JayRich

    Great point Giddings! Anyone know what we do when we create a turnover (points off TOs, sort of thing) and where we rank there? I guess it is not good.

  • I give Michigan credit for the turnover numbers and I don’t think “all they do is pass it around the perimeter”. Beilein’s team *always* value the basketball and it’s clear that this team does at least that.

  • Here’s last year’s profile with rankings in parenthesis:

  • AG2

    On the contrary, passing it around the perimeter leads to intercepted passes and run outs for wide open layups.

  • hambone

    id suggest that the turnover numbers are low because we aren’t making many/if any passes on the offensive end and instead just chucking up a three early in the shot clock or letting manny drive the basket and throw up an out of control shot.

  • hambone

    what also scares me is that kansas is #1 at 36.5% opponent shooting percentage…

  • PeteM

    Obviously our shooting sucks, but I wonder how much of that is based on the shoooters’ all being in a slump and how much based the looks they are getting or shot selection? Our offense looks tentative, and it seems like last year (and even two years ago) more our 3-pointers seemed to be part of the plan rather than just random shots several feet behind the line.