Game 7: Michigan at Utah Plus/Minus

Dylan Burkhardt

Utah Statistics:

Player Min Net Score/40 Allow/40 Net/40 Norm.
Lucas-Perry 11 4 72.73 58.18 14.55 1.21
Wright 10 0 72.00 72.00 0.00 0.00
Cronin 4 -2 20.00 40.00 -20.00 -1.00
Gibson 20 -4 48.00 56.00 -8.00 -0.89
Vogrich 9 -4 40.00 57.78 -17.78 -1.33
Puls 2 -4 0.00 80.00 -80.00 -2.83
Harris 33 -11 52.12 65.45 -13.33 -1.91
Akunne 17 -13 49.41 80.00 -30.59 -3.15
Sims 34 -14 56.47 72.94 -16.47 -2.40
Douglass 27 -15 53.33 75.56 -22.22 -2.89
Morris 33 -17 47.27 67.88 -20.61 -2.96

Updated Totals (Starting with Old Spice)

Player Min Net Score/40 Allow/40 Net/40 Norm.
Lucas-Perry 134 17 75.52 70.45 5.07 1.47
Gibson 72 9 61.67 56.67 5.00 1.06
Novak 158 8 69.11 67.09 2.03 0.64
Harris 219 -4 67.03 67.76 -0.73 -0.27
Douglass 146 -4 64.11 65.21 -1.10 -0.33
Sims 183 -22 67.54 72.35 -4.81 -1.63
Cronin 6 -4 20.00 46.67 -26.67 -1.63
Vogrich 43 -11 65.12 75.35 -10.23 -1.68
Morris 150 -29 61.87 69.60 -7.73 -2.37
Puls 2 -4 0.00 80.00 -80.00 -2.83
Wright 51 -24 59.61 78.43 -18.82 -3.36
Akunne 19 -16 48.42 82.11 -33.68 -3.67


It was obviously a painful day and the last Utah run really destroyed Michigan’s plus/minus numbers. Harris, Akunne, Sims, Douglass, and Morris were on the court when the game slipped away. Morris played with the backups to the end which explains why his numbers look to be the worst.  Guys like Lucas-Perry, Wright, and Cronin look a little better because they all played so few minutes.

  • maxwell’s demon

    If we lose Saturday is it fair for umhoops bloggers to challenge the bball team to a game? Keys to success: foul Manny and clog the lanes. Offensively we shouldn’t have any trouble.

  • MarcZ

    How come LLP only got 11 minutes in the game? He was far superior to Douglass in the little playing time he received. Was there something I missed?

  • He was loose with the ball for one. Turned it over twice in only 11 minutes.

  • JB

    I think our footspeed will overwhelm them.

    …beat the titans

  • bones

    A classic example of how statistics lie. LLP could have a plus 40 and I still wouldnt be playing him.

    I am amazed by how little the team has improved from last year. For me, the only player that seems to have a chance to improve significantly is D Morris.
    Is this a reflection of the coaching staff?

  • gpsimms

    Wait, so when watching the players you conclude that none of them, save Morris have any potential for improvement. And then, from that, you conclude that the coaches are doing a bad job?

    If every player on the court, except a true freshman in his 8th game, has met his ceiling then I would conclude that the coaches have done the best they can do.

  • ToBlav

    I think the comment someone made a day or two ago was a real possibility. This team is shell shocked. Metally they said the press clipping were meaningless but they are young and emotionally they didn’t handle last years success. On some level they forgot how they had to earned it. I don’t know what is going to happen, but hold out hope for a righted ship, and hopefully soon.

  • start winning

    I think it’s more a reflection of our roster’s lack of talent, depth, and athleticism. still, the season has been very disappointing thus far. however, I don’t think there are many coaching staffs in the country that could have taken our roster to the second round last year. I agree that morris has the most room for improvement (in a good way) and the team will win more games as he steps up his game.

  • start winning

    my above comment was responding to bones, and i totally agree with ToBlav too

  • maxwell’s demon

    I don’t see how anyone can say our failure is due to talent. Our team is more talented than last year…

  • Since we aren’t going to make the tournament, Beilein should turn more of his attention to recruiting this year during the season. Let the assistants run practice and game preparation, Beilein needs to hit the recruiting trail. He should personally attend at least two high school games a week.

  • DET Maize/Blue

    To me, these stats boil down to one thing: This team needs defense.

    In other news, a 6’5 guard with the last name of “Dumars” is trying to transfer closer to home. Let’s make this happen

  • maxwell’s demon

    Wayman – Yeah definitely. What better way to show a big recruit how dedicated you are to your team than to abandon them during a rough stretch. Hey, I wanna play for that guy.

  • Jay

    Ekpe Udoh update…15ppg 9rbnds 3asst 3blocks, we surely dont miss this guy if you let some blue in the eye fans tell it.

    Det Maize/Blue we dont need another 6’4 guard anything unless his name is John Wall, or in the form of someone who can create on their own! Give me one person who can dunk 2 hands off vertical consistently please? We need a Dionte James/ Wesley Johnson type. Alright Im done wishing. Does anybody know if Casey Prather signed his LOI? Or is he just commited still, I wish he see the light and go blue. HE IS what we need, with Trey not one or the other but BOTH.

  • Jimmy

    More talent than last year? Yes, but we didn’t have that much last year either. We made the tournament based on good coaching, leadership, star performers, and overachieving from our role players. I don’t think anyone expected Douglass and Novak to play so well as 1* freshmen.

    We will be fine. There is plenty of room to improve but I am optimistic that we will. Definitely an uphill battle for an NCAA Tourney berth though.

  • DET Maize/Blue

    Jay- Yeah, you are probably right. We don’t need a guy who is willing to rebound, has good range, and defends on the ball extremely well. Who needs guys like that when you have Eso and Stu, right? We can stick with Douglass. He probably won’t allow guys to drive the lane like he did at the buzzer vs. Marquette and vs. BC. I’m sure he’s just going through a phase.

  • bones

    i dont think i explained myself well…
    as i look at our team, excluding the freshman ( who i did see in open gym this summer) who looks…better?
    i cannot think of anyone.
    no one.
    now…who do I think has room for impovement?
    other players might have games where they might look better, but really..does anyone really see any of our vets raising their ceilings significantly?

    and yes…it makes me wonder bout coaching.

  • gpsimms

    bones. I understood what you said the first time. I think you do not understand what you are saying. let me recap for you:

    (1) Looking at this team, no returning players have improved.

    (2) Looking at said returning players, I don’t think any of them can improve.

    (3) Therefore, I conclude that the coaches are at fault.

    If you honestly think that Morris is the only player on the team that can improve, and on one else on the team has the athletic ability/skill what have you required to make improvements, how can you possibly blame coaching?

    Not to mention that of all the people on the team that deserve a free pass based on last year’s results: it’s beilein.

  • UMIndy

    I think the piece of logic that you may be missing, bones, is that the goal of every coach should be to maximize their players potential. You are saying that Beilein has done this with all but one player. And then you are blaming him for it. That doesn’t make any sense.

    I guess you must be saying that he should not have recruited Stu or Zack and you want them off the team. In which case I think you are dead wrong and spend too much time reading scout or rivals. If after a year and change, you can’t see that those two guys are far better than any recruiting site understood, then I don’t think I can lend much weight to your opinion, since it is simply parroting what scout or rivals has to say or not say.

    Additionally, I think every guy on the team can get better and that includes Harris and Sims. In other words, I don’t think anybody on the team has maxed out their potential. Just because there are growing pains for players (and that goes for all players) doesn’t mean that those spurts of poor play are determinative. The bad start for Stu (he looks worse than last yer) does not mean his “real” maximum talent level is actually lower than what he reached last year. We’ve all seen him play better, so how in the world can you say that his current poor play is his maximum talent level?

  • maxwell’s demon

    Utah game aside I think Stu has even shown some signs of improvement. Our 2nd lowest turnover rate in the country is definitely largely a reflection of him and I think he has shown himself as a better defender than LLP or Morris (at least for the time being). Now obviously his shooting is terrible, but you can’t blame Beilein for that. Don’t they shoot some absurd number of jump shots everyday?

  • Jeff

    For those of you who are trying to compare the team to last year and figure out how they have gotten so much worse, here is my two cents: First, you have to recognize that last year’s team had very little margin for error. With the early season upsets, it really gave them confidence, and they really didn’t have the weight of expectations.

    Second, yes the coaching staff has to take a lot of blame for not properly assessing where this team is at and simplifying the offense and defense to a level they could handle. It’s very obvious that a number of players on this team are confused.

    Third, the simple fact is that Lee and Merritt performed a lot better than Morris and Vogrich have so far. The latter two have more talent, but have done very, very little to help the team win to this point. Vogrich, in particular, except for the Northern game has contributed close to zero to this team.

    Fourth, and most importantly, they have two key players from last year, Sims and Douglass, who have completely collapsed. Sims, in particular, is so vital to this team, the fact that he disappeared in the Marquette, Alabama, BC and Utah games left the outcome somewhat inevitable. I think that is the biggest area where the team can improve, Sims playing up to his potential, and Douglass among others starting to hit open shots. The freshman improvement will be a slower process. (Sorry this is so long).

  • Kevin

    I actually think manny has improved from last year as well. Sure, his shooting is off but it looks to me like he’s even more explosive this year despite only being “70 percent” (which i have a feeling is different than cronins 70 percent).

  • Jeff

    Kevin, I was just going to say that. Gibson and Harris are the two players who have improved. Harris is shooting a higher % and not turning it over as much. He took some bad shots against Utah, but I think that was frustration. Novak has been about the same, Sims and Douglass have been much worse and the freshman have contributed much less than expected.

  • JimC

    This is a mediocre team at best. Period. They are 3-4…ok if you want to count NMU 4-4. I’ve given up trying to figure out why they’re bad, or how to fix them, and no longer expect them to play like they did last year.
    (Does this mean i can’t comment any more due to my attitude)

    However, i really like Maxwell’s idea at the top. I feel like i could post up anyone on this roster except sims or gibson.

  • gpsimms

    I’m with you Jeff, I’ve been harping on DeShawn’s disappearance for a while now. That is the single biggest difference from last year to this. And that is good news: if Peedi pulls it together it is absolutely possible for us to have some really strong runs.

    And about Manny, have any of you read this?

    The other thing I’ve been saying again and again is that Manny is even better than last year. The team is really struggling and Manny has been flat-out awesome in every game, IMO. Anyway the guy at the link basically says Manny should get benched because his defense/shot selection.

    I think it’s pretty silly to complain about the dude’s shot selection when he’s shooting 60%+ from two. And, as for the ‘Manny specials’ from three, can you blame the guy for taking 3-4 a game when the rest of his team is shooting 27%?!

    As far as I’m concerned, the best looks for our offense this year have gone just about like this:

    (1) Manny to hole.
    (2) Manny jacking up a contested three.
    (3) Anyone else shooting.

  • Drew

    Does the game not start at noon? Cause i’m in GR and there is wrestling on BTN right now…

  • It’s tomorrow.

  • Drew

    My bad, just saw that the game is tomorrow. Somewhat disappointed.

  • bones

    I’m not basing what I say upon scout/rivals…it’s just based on what I see sitting in section 26 and watching tv.

    This season could still turn around…everything falls into place and we go on a nice run, just as I thought we would before the season started. I thought I had reasonable expectations..2 guys that would probably make the league, a nice set of role players to complement them, an offense that could hide a major deficiency ( height), and an off season of improvement.

    Okay, Manny is manny. Sometimes great, sometimes out of control. I reassessed and feel , yes, he’s better, but some of his stupid out of control moves continue, and anyone feels like he’s the great leader of this team?
    DeShawn is dead man walking right now. No better.
    Novak, Douglass, LLP, Wright..? No better. Most worse.
    Gibson…might convince me he might be a little better.

    Go ahead and translate for me, but I’m disappointed in the how this team came out to start the year. Not only have our players really not improved…physically…but mentally, the coaches realm…they are frigging lost.

    See you all tomorrow at the game.

  • AG2

    I think this team’s turnover rate masks something more serious: shot selection. Taking bad shots, especially the way this team rebounds, is just as bad as a turnover. I think maybe they fell into the same trap as MSU does: thinking you can run when your not that good at it. Games slow down in the 2nd half and Michigan tends to get back into it more. We need to slow it up and be more deliberate about which shots we take. If anything it will at least keep the ball out of the opponents hands more.

  • maxwell’s demon

    In terms of pure scoring I gotta say Battle is most dangerous player in B10.

  • Champswest

    I think that it is mostly mental. They were hungry to make the tournament last year and to turn the program around. This year they seem to play as if all they have to do is show up. Every year it is a battle and you have to earn it. They need to figure this out and soon or it will be too late (if it isn’t already) to salvage much from this season.