Tuesday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • gabe

    Hey Dylan,

    You have a poll about whether we’ll make the tourney this year. WHat do you think?

  • JRose5

    I feel good about this Utah game…for some reason I think we will find our stroke from three and things will fall into place! Go Blue!

  • I definitely think we still have a good chance. Need to take care of some business and get to the Big Ten season at 7-4. UConn game becomes huge because Michigan needs a signature win to hold their hat on. .500 in the Big Ten probably won’t do it, but this team is capable of winning more than 9 conference games.

    On the other hand, if they keep shooting 27% from three… Forget about it.

  • AG2

    All that size makes Utah sound like Wisconsin. I can only hope that we somehow manage to get around it.

  • Eric

    I see that the Utah game is on CBS college sports. Does it anyone know if its also on BTN or anything that Comcast provides?

  • Pretty sure CBS College Sports is on the “Sports Tier” of comcast.

  • AG2

    You could always try channelsurfing.net to watch it online.

  • JB

    here’s brundidge’s team’s schedule if anyone’s interested in checking him out. if you do, be sure to sport some maize and blue to let him know you’re there supporting him.


  • steve

    the game is only on the CBS sports tier part. its not on regular CBS (criminal minds) and the btn or espn networks. so you can maybe find it online if you dont have the CBS college sports.