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Dylan Burkhardt


Who: Michigan (3-3) vs. Arkansas Pine-Bluff (0-5)
Where: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
When: Saturday, December 5th, 2PM
Stats: Live Tempo Free Stats
TV: BigTenNetwork.com
Radio: MGoBlue, WWJ 950 AM, 102.9 FM
Sirius Ch. 127 / XM Ch. 193


Michigan looks to get back to winning as they welcome the Golden Lions to the friendly confines of Crisler Arena. Luckily, Pine Bluff should provide much less of a challenge than any of Michigan’s previous four opponents.

Pine Bluff has struggled this year, losing all five of their games to largely subpar competition. However, the Lions are certainly used the traveling, they play their first 14 games on the road.

Judging by Pine Bluff’s statistical profile, it appears that this might be just the game that Michigan needs to snap out of their offensive funk. Opponents shoot the lights out versus APB, 42.4% from behind the arc and 55.9% on 2 point field goals. The Lions also allow opponents to live at the free throw line with a free throw rate of 61.3% and don’t manage to cause many turnovers.  However, Pine Bluff is the best defensive rebounding team in the country and rebounds 80% of their opponents’ missed shots.

Pine Bluff isn’t as bad on the offensive side of the ball, but they aren’t good at much either. The one bright spot is their offensive rebounding, they pull down 36% of their own misses. Their shooting is subpar (eFG% of 45.5%) and they turn the ball over on a quarter of their possessions. They take most of their shots inside teh arc, but only shoot 45% on 2pt field goals while only assisting 45% of made baskets.

Now some quick personnel bullets:

  • Savalance Townsend is the leading scorer for the Lions, averaging 12.6 points per game while shooting 44% from long range.
  • 6 foot 8 245 pound center, LeBaron Weathers averages 9.8 points and 7 rebounds per game.
  • The rest of the starting lineup includes 6-foot-7 Tyrees Glass (9.8ppg), 6-foot-5 Tavaris Washington (6.6ppg), and 6-foot-2 Terrance Calvin (10ppg).

It looks like a relatively easy test for Michigan, who could certainly use an easy game. It would be great to see Michigan shoot the ball well and get back on track before a big road game at Utah next Wednesday.

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  • maxwell’s demon

    We just aren’t gonna beat good teams with novak and stu shooting like this.

  • JayRich

    Problem with taking the good with the bad is that ….right now the bad is BAD! Hopefully the GOOD shows up against Kansas and UCONN

  • JimC

    Ug. Douglass needs a shrink.

  • adsf

    stu 1-7. STU…ST(F)U. Thank you.

  • Tweeter

    well as bad as we played in the first half, it was a pretty easy coast to the victory in the second. APB is not a terrible team. They havnt won all year, but they have hung around in games against some decent teams and they were picked to win the SWAC. So all in all, while everyone would like to see better shooting and a twenty plus point win, this was not a terrible game. At least not a terrible second half.

  • hambone

    manny had 5 turnovers… thats somewhat surprising… but a played a good second half and got the team picked up where needed going into weds game

  • AG2

    From what it looked like, they played the exact same way as they did against everybody else: bad shooting, dominated inside. Utah is going to roll us like a fine cigar.

    Man, and I thought Michigan’s football defense was awful. Did Illinois have like 9 players out there today? Fresno state scored at will, its no wonder they went for 2 on the last possession and got it. 53-52 on senior day, at least we didn’t suck that hard this season.

  • I Miss Alan Branch

    It was a struggle, but we got the W. The three point shooting is below freezing, but it will run warm at some point. Once it climbs near 50%, we will have the potential to beat all but a handful of teams.

  • rlc

    Way to turn it around, Dylan.

    I’m a little surprised Vogrich didn’t see more action – I guess the matchups weren’t there. Morris is already showing improvement. He will be responsible for the third scoring option by the end of the year, either finishing drives or finding open shooters. And there will eventually be shooters who can make shots.

  • Tom, Also

    Morris still has some ways to go. Often he bogs down the offense with indecision and his lack of a 3pt shot.

    Douglass will find his shot. He went through a slump last year and came out of it. There’s no reason to think the same won’t happen. I’ve been impressed with his control of the offense. Someone already mentioned the great assist-turnover ratio. Right now I would like to see Stu on the floor to start the game, Morris coming in with the second group to provide a bit more of a dynamic option if the offense struggles without other playmakers on the floor.

    Gibson continues to play well. This will obviously be one of the biggest factors come B10 season – keep it up big guy!

  • Lockdown D

    Wow…tough break for the front-runner in the Big 10 POY race. According to this, Turner should miss the game at Crisler


  • jmblue

    Well, tough break for them but frankly I’ll take it.

  • BL11

    thats a pretty quick diagnosis and recovery plan to be out just hours after the injury occurred.

  • Not like it is going to matter. Michigan is not good.

  • JB

    yeah i’m a lot more worried about us than than evan turner or everything else. (obviously) we’re playing way below what we’re capable of …need to get back on track quickly

  • I Miss Alan Branch


    There’s a reason why they actually play the games instead of simulate them on a computer. If the three pointers start falling, this team is top 25.

    Turner is huge for the bucks. It would be nice not have to face him, but I’m sorry that he’s hurt. Back injuries scare me.

  • Sam

    I’ll tell you how they can say he’s out 8 weeks just hours after it happens. I’m guessing 2 broken vertebrae don’t heal with a little bit of rest and medicine. You never like to see a player get hurt, but I’ll be honest, there’s not one player in the country that I would rather have gotten hurt. And it’s not like he got a bad break or pushed or something. He pulled a Zack Gibson and paid for it.

  • AG2

    If I recall, Robbie Hummel had the same problems last year, and it pretty much limited him even when he played. That being said, OSU still won 111-60 so they have some scorers and athletes to spare.

    Imagine if we had a guy who could actually shoot with some consistency like Diebler. It truly is a testament to Beilein’s coaching that they made the tournament last year considering we were, and frankly still are, a 3 point shooting team that doesn’t shoot 3 pointers particularly well.

  • maxwell’s demon

    It looked extremely painful and I hope he makes a full recovery. Incredible basketball player. Big Ten really taking some hits this year with Coble, Turner, and Royce White.

  • Little off topic, but I have been at the last two home games and watched B.Cronin run, errr walk. Even after one year from his surgery he still is hampered by his hip. Don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this looks like a careering limiting injury. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see him getting off the end of the bench the next two years. He may have a gimp his whole life. Feel sorry for him.

  • JB

    I’ve been holding out a lot of hope for Cronin. I think I’m with you now though. I hope I’m wrong but it seems very unlikely that his movement will be good enough, and it would probably be a lot worse if he were playing more minutes. too bad …he seems to have a nice touch with the basketball.