Commit Diary: Evan Smotrycz (12/4/09)

Dylan Burkhardt

smotrycz-signingHere’s the second edition of Evan Smotrycz’ commitment diary as well as his numbers through his first four games.

Date Opponent Result Points Rebounds
Bridgton Academy W 81-69 9 12
NIA Prep W 15 7
Kiski School W 15 3
St. Thomas More L 87-86 13 8
Averages 13 7.5

Started off 3-0 before the Thanksgiving break, we beat Bridgton at home, NIA Prep, and The Kiski School at the Prep Showcase. I got some good rest out in Vegas over the break. I was there for a week with my family and some friends of ours. We took the red eye back and I went straight up to school. Thankfully, unlike last year, everyone stayed in shape over the break so we wouldn’t have to start from square one. Even though our stamina wasn’t horrible we didn’t have any time to waste.

We had to travel to St. Thomas More last night, a real tough place to play in, let alone win. We were trailing by as much as 17 at the six-minute mark. We battled back to within one with 11 seconds left. We had a timeout so we drew up a play that ultimately got us a last second shot. It didn’t go in but it was a good look and that’s all we could really ask for. You can’t control everything during the course of the game like poor officiating or whether the ball goes in, only how hard you play and how well you execute your offense and defense. With the exception of a few small stretches we played really hard and ignored the officials. We would have won the game if we took care of the ball, but turnovers killed us.

The good thing that comes from the loss is that we matured as a group. We proved that we don’t give up on the road and we stayed together as a team. Since the beginning of the season we have been calling ourselves a family. Family’s don’t give up on each other, whether it’s a bad shot, turnover, or bad pass we fought through adversity and got better as a team. It’s still early in the season and we have a long way to go, the more we play together the better we will be. We have practice tonight to refine some things then we travel to Winchendon for another tough road game.

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  • Tom, Too.

    I can’t wait for this guy to get on campus. I am very fired up about Evan coming to AA to do what he does.

  • emmekel

    Can you enroll early in time for the Big Ten season?

  • Andy Andersen


    Enjoy your site on a regular basis.

    Do you think the Blue is missing the speed of Kelvin Grady?

    Please comment.



  • I don’t think Michigan is missing Kelvin. Honestly, they played their best basketball at the end of last year when Kelvin was sitting at the end of the bench.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I may have to disagree. Having Kelvin on the bench right now would be a great asset. We can talk about how we played our best basketball when he was on the bench, but I honestly think our wins agains Duke and UCLA were our best basketball and he was a huge part of that. I think his ability to drive and dish would have us at least 1 win healthier right now. It’s too bad that he left based on playing time, because he would probably be getting a considerable amount of minutes right now.

  • Ken in Vegas

    As the season progresses and Darius improves, Kelvin’s value would have declined, but I think in the early going he would have made a positive difference. Alabama would be in the win column. Those who disagree will point to Kelvin’s defense. Well….I don’t have much of a counter point to that….

  • gpsimms

    especially because kelvin was our best 3pt shooter.

  • AA

    Thank you for the reply, Dylan.

    I think that I am with Ken In Vegas on this one. Just finished reviewing UCLA and Duke again.

    I think Grady would make this team better on offense now, distribute to the right offensive players sometimes, and not play any worse defense in this early season portion of the schedule than they are playing right now at the point.

    I do not think he would contribute that much later in the year, as Morris progresses.

    The Udoh transfer really stabbed us, and we certainly miss him more than Grady.

  • AA

    Also, I apologize for posting in the wrong thread. This belongs with the post BC thread.

  • Tweeter

    The way the team is playing right now Grady would certainly not be anymore of a liability on D than anyone else, but last year when the team went thru a slump, he was one of the guys that was struggling defensively. The later part of the year the team played terrific defense without him, and did just fine offensively.

    This years team just needs to figure out the defense and they will be just fine. Good defense will lead to more easy baskets as well as fatiguing the other team by making them work to score. They still need to make shots but I imagine at some point they will. Probably when they are not playing 4 games in a week. I believe that really contributed to the poor shooting. Last years team struggled in short rest games and they just played 3 straight games on short rest this year.

  • Paul F.

    Well, Its game day for Arkansas Pine-Bluff. What’s everyones take? I can’t make the game.
    I got the Blue by ten. Let’s talk about a win here.
    I’ll follow the game on the net.