Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • George

    When are you going to update the HotBoards? You show comments that are no longer true. Casey Prather probably not a Michigan recruit at this point. Also, any news lately on Zeigler?

  • I’ll try to update the hot boards soon. Obviously, 2010 is down to basically Trey Zeigler or bust. 2011 one needs work and 2012 might have to start.

  • NVE

    I was at the Warriors game on Friday night and was positively stunned when the PA announcer introduced Chris Hunter. He played really well against Oden on D, and made both the contested mid range jumpers he took. Very nice showing overall.

    Yet another talented guy that Tommy never developed properly. I appreciate the respectability he brought back to the program, but he recruited some really good HS talent that just didn’t get better while they were under his tutoring.

    Talent development…reason #278 to love Coach Beilein.

  • JimC

    Totally psyched for the Old Spice Classic this T-giving.
    Normally it’s also a good time to watch college FB, but that subject is just sad.

    Speaking of old spice,

  • JBlair52

    That’s cool to see Chris Hunter still hanging with bball.

    He was seriously (in my opinion) one of the nicest guys ever to play at Michigan.

    And I’ve gotta say – he looks HUGE compared to his days in Ann Arbor. He always had a nice shot too.

  • pgrom

    Chris Hunter was always hurt at Michigan

    He had a good stretch of games as a junior but never could find a rhythm because of the injuries

  • gpsimms

    Watching Purdue, this is a pretty good game. Where’s Lewjack?

  • ChE

    How about Iowa keeping pace with Texas so far?

  • bird

    Iowa! (They’re gonna beat us once again this year.)

    Hunter had such a promising shot — classic Amaker “I-have-no-clue-how-to-utilize-this-talent.”

  • Tweeter

    good win for purdue. I was pretty impressed with both those teams. Each team had to work hard to get shots and everything seemed like it got challenged. I think I like Purdue at this point as the fav in the Big Ten. Jackson is injured.

    What is going on in KAnsas City? Iowa tied at the half with Texas? Anyone watching with details?

  • gpsimms

    I didn’t see much of the first half, but I did see Cully Payne throw in a full court shot to tie the game with time expiring in the first. Texas is pulling away now, they appear too athletic. Iowa is going on a cold streak, and they can’t defend anything. Every time Iowa takes a non three pointer, it gets blocked it seems like.

  • rlc

    This is looking like an excellent year to have eight games against Iowa, Indiana, Northwestern and Penn State. A consistent but not particularly dominant team could sweep those eight, split the other ten, and wind up 13-5 in conference. Pick up a win in Minneapolis and you’re talking Big 10 title…

  • Giddings

    Iowa showed last night that if they’re hot, they can hang with anyone… Problem is, if they’re not hitting threes like they were in the first half last night, they can be beaten by anyone (see Duquesne, etc).

  • bird

    And a big win for Sconi over another potential bubble team.

  • Kenny

    Basketball wise speaking, Chris Hunter’s days in Ann Arbor were pretty much wasted. A classic example of how Amaker’s inability of developing his players.

  • Maybe Amaker’s S+C… Hunter was literally always injured.