Game 2: Houston Baptist at Michigan Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

peedi-corner angry-beilein (caption) U-M's Manny Harris dishes a pass around HBU's Mario Flaherty during the second half. Harris led the Wolverines with 25 points and eight rebounds.   ***  The University of Michigan Wolverines defeated the Houston Baptist University Huskies 77-55 at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor. Photos taken on Friday, November 20, 2009.  ( John T. Greilick / The Detroit News )

Sorry that this post is late and a bit shorter than usual.

The result might not look terrible on paper, but it was a painful performance from Michigan. Michigan looked sloppy from the get-go against a subpar (to say the least) Houston Baptist team. They seemed rushed on offense and settled for mediocre shots time and again.

The most painful part of the game was that Michigan played little to no transition defense. Houston Baptist’s guards would consistently push the ball the length of the court and get to the lane. Nobody made an effort to stop the ball, and often times men were left completely unmarked.

John Beilein was clearly peeved by the product on the floor. He appeared to keep his cool through most of the first half but after some lackluster defense to start the second he called a timeout and, with his face beet red, simply ripped into the team. A little later he took a timeout and devoted some quality instruction time to Stu Douglass. Beilein tends to be extremely composed on the sideline but the move was definitely deserved.

Michigan won this game because they won the turnover battle. They didn’t turn the ball over (an impressive 9.2% turnover rate) and Houston Baptist turned it over constantly (31.6% of possessions). Houston Baptist was terrible on offense, shooting a 36% eFG% and scoring only .72 points per possession.

Hopefully this game is a wakeup call for this team. Creighton is going to be ready to play on Thursday and if Michigan doesn’t come out with a level of effort and mental intensity we haven’t seen thus far, they will be in trouble.


Player Bullets

  • Stu Douglass: Stu still has to work on being more assertive on the court but he gave Michigan some very solid minutes despite shooting the ball poorly (3pts, 1-5 3pt). Stu posted 7 assists to only 1 turnover in 20 minutes. The 58% assist rate that he posted means that he assisted 58% of Michigan’s baskets while he was on the floor. Not bad.
  • Manny Harris: An extremely inefficient 25 points on 21 shots. Manny shot it poorly from long range (1-5) and had trouble finishing inside. He scored the ball but he didn’t put together the same kind of complete game that he did versus Northern Michigan. He needs to be more patient
  • DeShawn Sims: Another inefficient game, but his four made threes in a row at the end of the second half were huge toward getting this game rolling in the right direction. Peedi was only 2 of 10 from inside the arc so it’s safe to say he had trouble finishing.
  • Zack Novak: Another Novak-esque stat-line: 8 points (3-6 shooting),7 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 block. He shot 50% from behind the line and provided all of the hustle plays. He was also battling against a guy much bigger than him for much of the night.
  • Zack Gibson: 8 points on 7 shots and an impressive 6 rebounds in 14 minutes. There are times when Gibson appears to be allergic to rebounding but 6 in only 14 minutes is impressive. He didn’t shoot it all that well but it wasn’t a terrible performance.
  • Laval Lucas-Perry: Probably the best option to defend faster and smaller point guards but he only posted one assist in 24 minutes.
  • Darius Morris: He has the tools but he is going to have games like this one. His stats aren’t terrible, 25 minute, 5 points, 3 assists, 2 turnovers, but he definitely struggled a bit from a missed layup to some defensive lapses.
  • Anthony Wright: It seems like he is one of the two options to backup Manny Harris but he really doesn’t bring all that much to the table when his shot isn’t falling. 14 minutes, 4 rebounds, and one missed shot.
  • Matt Vogrich: Almost invisible. Missed a very deep three and botched a tough finish on a surprising drive late in the game.

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  • Sam

    I had to check twice when I saw Wright: 14 points. 14 minutes he had, not points. I thought my mind was going when i saw that.

  • Sam: My bad. Fixed the typo. Long day.

  • I really think that they will come out on fire against creighton. This was a nice wake up call. I am happy it happened that way.

  • Harry

    i agree with ryan. this could be a very good teaching tool for Coach Beilein. another bonus from this game (aside from the needed wake up call) was that we still won by 22 and didn’t hurt out poll position, even if our Week 2 Top 25 position doesn’t mean all that much

  • Epep

    anyone have links to some highlights? can’t seem to find any.

  • Brad

    I hope this isn’t a sign of how the Wolverines are gonna shoot all year. I agree this was a good wake up call for the team and they should be ready to go for the upcoming tourney.

    Heres a link to some highlights of that last game:

  • b. pallister

    You don’t seem to have a high opinion of llp.You consistantly seem to have a difficult time acknowledging his contributions to the team without stongly stating his faults. Unlike stu and morris you strongly acknowedge their positves and miniamze their negatives even when they don’t have good games.

  • Dylan

    Sorry if it comes off that way. I love LLP and think he can be very solid this year. I think it’s better that he starts slow compared to last year’s hot start. He is very quick compared to last year and we are just waiting for one of those games where he explodes from long range.

    For the record, I think I was pretty negative about Darius as well.

  • Michigan better be ready. The Jays are coming to WIN in Orlando. They played Dayton tough on the road with only 9 scholarship players because of injury/illness, and are LOADED with scorers and athletic defenders.

    Look for the Jays to jump out early on Thursday and take a 15 point lead midway through the first half and not look back. It’s o.k., though — it’ll be a good loss for Michigan come selection Sunday when the Jays are a top 15 team.

    Gonna be a fun one in Orlando, for sure.

  • mich man

    I was at the game and it was painful to watch. It was one of those nights where the ball wouldnt go through the hoop on shots, layups, and even free throws. I think the BIGGEST concern with the game was the lack of intensity and focus. They diffinitly where overlooking this game to the tourney this coming weekend. Even though all those negative factors where occuring during this game they still won by 22 and to me that is 1 good sign to take from this. Last year this would have been a Savannah St. type of game but with the increased talent that didnt happen. Overall its a WIN with alot of learning that can come from it. If you ask me its just what the team needed. Go Blue !!!

  • Dave

    never……there is a reason why michigan is top 25 and creighton isnt if michigan doesnt win this tournament then they should be very disappointed

  • mich man

    gtmoblue- If your a michigan fan then you looked to much into the last game. Creighton is an OK team… They played Dayton tough but lost , and Dayton IS NOT that good of a team.. They lost last night to Kansas St… I think the creighton game is going to be close BUT michigan should come out with the W.

  • Tom, Too.

    Kansas State might not be too bad this year. I think they are picked 4th or 5th in a tough Big 12…..

  • Matt

    Gtmo is not a Michigan fan, he is a Creighton fan, we all love him, but he doesn’t just drink the blue koolaide, he’s the guy who makes it.

    Dayton is a good team, not a great team and Creighton played them well. If you watched the game, Creighton just ran out of steam, partly due to a lack of bodies and being on the road didn’t help either. The Jays are playing well and certainly won’t be a cake walk for you guys. Good luck.

  • Mith

    I expect the Creighton game to be a close one and wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Jays end up winning. I don’t think that would be a horrible loss for Michigan and I don’t think Michigan should “be very disappointed” if they don’t win this tourney. It’s not like the field is full of creampuffs.

    That said, I do think it would be pretty disappointing if they limped back 1-2 from the tournament. I think you can excuse one loss, but to lose two when you are the favorite would be a bummer.

    On the flipside, a 3-0 tourney with wins over Creighton, Xavier and FSU would be pretty sweet.

  • CB2009

    dont forget:

    BEN CRONIN–rejected in the lane by sub 6 ft HBU point guard

  • Dave

    this may be a statement game for creighton but this is a statement year for michigan……..this is their year to show the country and the critics that they are high quality and can play/dominate anybody

  • Matt

    Oh dear me. It would be wise for the mod to shut this thing down before vivid_dude gets any more riled up about Nebraska Football during a discussion about a competely different sport between two completely different teams. These nice people don’t care what you think about Nebraska football either vivid_dude.

  • Brad

    agreed Matt…where this discussion looks like it is heading is what ruins excellent sites like this one

  • michigan basketball

    Dylan you can just delete my posts from earlier.. Some of the things people were posting got under my skin(which they shouldnt have) and i was wrong.. Lets have a good tourney this weekend, im excited to see how things turn out. Go Blue!!!

  • 23mj4life

    It will be interesting to see how this team responds with the performance from last week. I would like to see a little bit of D.Sims playing the 4 and Zack.G playing some of the 5 at the same time. I think that would help out on rebounds and give Sim some more open looks near the arc.

  • Ken in Vegas

    As I stuff my suitcase for Orlando (I have to continually remind people that I’m going) the anticipation is killing me. I am extremely nervous that a loss to Creighton will put me in a Micky Mouse punching mood. Not because Creighton is a slouch (they certainly are not) but because we would immediately be in the losers bracket. What I hope and expect to see is the best player on the court willing his team to win. Manny should be aggressive to the hole from the opening tipoff and either finish the play or get to the line over and over again. Once this starts drawing the defense in it’s kick-out time to our guards for a shower of 3’s. If we are shooting hot, then it’s an easy win. If not, then we will have to out hustle them and play lock down d. I still think the key is Darius and how he can handle the pressure of his first big tournament and matchup. Another key may be how effective the 1-3-1 is and whether Creighton is prepared to handle it. Question for Creighton fans…how much experience has your team had going against a 1-3-1 zone? Do you remember how they fared against it?

  • Not gtmoblue

    Creighton does not see much in the way of a 1-3-1 zone, and honestly doesn’t see much zone period, especially since we are a three point shooting team. I’m sure it will be difficult for the Jays to get a good feel for it, but I’m sure Coach Altman will have them ready.

    By the way – we played against WVU in the NCAA in what i think was your coach’s last year there (we got Pittsnoggled that year). WVU scored a basket on a steal with about 5 seconds left and CU missed a last second shot to win it. So our coach has seen your 1-3-1 before and should have the team ready for it.

  • Matt

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a team Creighton has faced that runs the 1-3-1. I will tell you this, if its the same defense Beilein ran at WVU, Creighton had success against it with less talent in the NCAA matchup, but that was several years ago. Game was tied, Creighton took a shot to win the game, it was blocked and WVU took it all the way back for the win. With this much time before the game, expect the Jays to be prepared.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Ok, good to know. I prefer to play teams that “will be prepared for it” than teams that see it all the time. Hopefully that will be an advantage, but it also could give you good looks from behind the arc.

  • Manny Harris

    Look out for manny harris creighton.. He should break the old spice record for most points just like in 2k sports classic. Cant teach how to defend a much more skilled athlete like manny harris. x factor will be Gibby look for him to have a solid tourny and of course my boy D. Sims… he should average a double double with ease.

  • Brad

    I was glad Sims was hitting the 3 ball against Houston Baptist…he took open looks, when others on the team werent hitting. However, I certainly hope he continues the solid post play he showed last year. As others have mentioned, if he balances his outside shooting with the inside game, he could be a FORCE…

  • 23mj4life
  • Bill

    Anyone know if the Purdue/Tennessee game is on TV tonight? Can’t seem to find it in any of the listings.

  • Wes Mantooth

    I know we didn’t play well this game, but I caught myself smiling reading that post game analysis. Going into last season, a 22 point win- ANY 22 point win- would have been grounds for celebration. I love the higher expectations and feel really good about where the program is and where it can go…

  • steve

    i have a question. on the highlight tape it was dan dickerson and david merrit announcing. is this the regular crew that will be announcing the games? where is matt shepard and jimmy king? just wondering…

  • redwings8831
  • Al

    Does anyone know where to get the “Manny FRESH” t shirts with the #3 on the back?????