Weekend Roundup (11-16-09)

Dylan Burkhardt

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Old Friends. It was an eventful weekend for a few ex-Wolverines. First, Ekpe Udoh was the hero in Waco, Texas with a buzzer beating 18 foot jump shot to secure a 2 point win over Hartford. Udoh notched 21 points (8-11) with 7 rebounds, 5 blocks, 3 assists, and a steal. Michigan and Baylor could match-up on Sunday of the Old Spice Classic.

A pair of former Michigan coaches have gotten off to a hot start as well. Tommy Amaker’s Harvard team moved to 2-0 thanks to this buzzer beater in 3OT from Jeremy Lin. Former Amaker assistant and Eastern Michigan headman Charles Ramsey also picked up a nice win, knocking off Oakland at the O-Rena.

Plus/Minus. The Big Ten Geeks passed along some plus/minus numbers from Michigan’s season opener. These numbers aren’t really that useful because Northern never even really went on a run.

Player +/- (Per40)
Lucas-Perry Laval 24 (46)
Sims DeShawn 34 (54)
Harris Manny 39 (54)
Novak, Zack 27 (54)
Morris, Darius 31 (50)
Douglass, Stu 23 (54)
Gibson, Zack 17 (49)
Wright, Anthony 19 (58)
Cronin, Ben 0 (0)
Vogrich, Matt 21 (65)
Person, Corey 0 (0)
Puls, Eric –1 (-10)
Bartelstein, Josh –1 (-10)
Akunne, Eso 2 (11)

Marathon. The ESPN 24 hour marathon of basketball action begins tonight at midnight. ESPN has the full lineup of action. It’s probably a good time to mention that you should bookmark Matt Sarz Sports on TV website. It’s  one of the most useful websites for a college hoops fan to watch a game on TV.

Will Sheehey. Florida wing Will Sheehey announced his college decision today and, as expected, committed to Tom Crean and the Indiana Hoosiers.

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  • JayRich

    If Royce White played for Michigan, Rosenberg would be calling for someone’s head and talking how UM lacks character.

  • AG2

    According to ESPN.com, Baylor is projected to finish 10th in the Big Ten, is that true?

  • Dirtgrain

    Udoh hitting a game winner? Good on him.

  • Benjamin

    AG2 – Safe to say No to “Baylor is projected to finish 10th in the Big Ten”

  • JimC

    JayRich you’re so right!

  • Nick

    Yeah, I am with Benjamin. I will definitely put some money on Baylor not finishing 10th in the Big Ten…any takers? (i.e.-Any Ohio State Sucknut fans read this blog?)

  • GregGoBlue

    I haven’t gone to the freep website since Rosenberg wrote that piece of malinformed, self-serving, completely lacking in any shred of journalistic integrity piece of trash. I have zero interest in anything Rosenberg has to say, even if it is effusive praise.