Manny Harris Named Co-Big Ten Player of the Week

Dylan Burkhardt

mannyharris.jpgBoth Manny Harris and Evan Turner posted an elusive triple double last week, and for their accomplishments get to split the Big Ten Player of the Week award. Here’s the Michigan press release:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — After recording just the second triple-double in the history of the University of Michigan men’s basketball program, junior guard Manny Harris (Detroit, Mich./Redford) was named as the Co-Big Ten Player of the Week on Monday afternoon (Nov. 16). Harris shared the award with Ohio State’s Evan Turner, who had back-to-back double-doubles, including a triple-double of his own during the week.

After getting close three times last season, Harris recorded his first career triple-double with 18 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists in the Wolverines’ season-opening 97-50 win against Northern Michigan (Saturday, Nov. 14). The only other U-M triple-double came 22 years ago when Gary Grant (1985-88) had 24 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists against North Carolina (March 14, 1987) in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Harris’ 10 assists marked just the third time in his career he has had 10 or more assists in a game. Last season, he had a career-best 13 against Oakland (Dec. 20, 2008) and had 10 at Ohio State (Jan. 28, 2009). Harris’ 13 rebounds marked just the seventh time in his career he has had 10 or more rebounds in a game, while his 18 points earned the 55th career double-figure scoring game in his 68 career games. Overall, it marked the sixth double-double in Harris’ career.

With Harris’ triple-double and DeShawn Sims’ double-double (22 points, 10 rebounds), the two became the first Wolverine duo to post double-doubles in the same game since the 2006-07 season when Courtney Sims (26 points, 10 rebounds) and Brent Petway (13 points, 11 rebounds) each had double-doubles against UW-Milwaukee (Nov. 15, 2006) in the championship finale of the John Thompson Challenge.

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  • AG2

    Can Kalin Lucas, Manny Harris, and Evan Turner compete for POY with ESPN anointed contenders like John Wall, Ed Davis, and Derrick Favors?

    And enough of this Luke Harangody nonsense. ND won’t make the tournament and Mike Brey will be fired.

  • Congratulations Manny. Hopefully this is just the start to more triple doubles.

  • bentley

    Agreed AG2! Evan Turner and Manny Harris are the 2 best players in my opinion. Kailin Lucas is probably the best player on the best team. Either way all 3 should be Wooden Award candidates. ESPN is just a fiddle in the hands of big network markets, like UNC and Kentucky.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Who is this Manny Harris fellow that all the kids are ranting about? He seems to have a real knack for entering the ball into the netting and passing the buck for other kids to join along as well. It seems he is also quite the talent when it comes to securing the leather sphere as it falls into neutral areas or bounces off the back boarding. I shall have to take a gander at this fellow should my travels ever take me to Orlando. It would be so grande should I be lucky enough to witness an alley or an oop, or if fortune really strikes, a combination of the two.

  • Mitchigan

    If anyone gets the BTN Michigan verses Marquette Woman’s is on right now and Manny Harris is at the game because his sister Janelle is on the Marquette team. Manny is going to be interviewed at half. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  • Tweeter

    Kentucky down at the half to Miami(yea that Miami). The game is on Espn360 if your cable service provider has that. Miami was up big but UK went on a 16-0 run or something to close it to three by half.

  • Tweeter

    UK own 4 at the under 12 timeout. The refs have really helped them out too. Probably the worst no call on a goaltend I have ever seen and then another one a couple minutes later that looked like goaltending but I didnt see a replay.

    If UK is the number 5 team in the country then I am missing something. Certainly they will get better as the year goes on considering how many freshmen play big minutes, but this Miami team is not very good. Calapari continuing to prove why he is the worst coach in college basketball.

  • Benjamin

    Anyone else watching the UK v. Miami (OH) still? Some homecookin’ from the refs down @ UK…

    Looked like a charge, didn’t look like a travel…boo

  • JayRich

    yeah I am watching, looks like Miami is starting to poop themselves

  • Benjamin

    Yeah…can’t get anything going…plus some kinda eyebrow-raising calls…

  • Tweeter

    UK down 2 at under 4 timeout

  • Tweeter

    Miami makes one out of two from the line. Up 1 with 2 minutes left

  • Tweeter

    UK up 2 with a 115 left, Miami ball. Miami has missed two free throws in this last minute that have hurt.

  • Tweeter

    Ugh after an exchange of turnovers, Miami gets the ball and cant get a good shot off. Then they waste about fifteen seconds without fouling. Finally UK calls timeout with twenty secs left still up 2.

  • Brad

    miami got screwed…refs down south are just as terrible in basketball as football

  • Benjamin

    Damn, so close. I give the assist to the ref working the clock.

    Oh well. Good game Miami OH.

  • Miami Coach Coles (from Rick Bozich’s twitter)

    Asked why the game got away, Coles says, “why don’t you ask John why it was so close?”

  • Tweeter

    Wow a great finish to a pretty poorly played game. Wall makes one of two from the line, then Miami nails a pull up three from about 25 feet with 6 seconds left. Wall comes back and hits a pull up fifteen footer from the wing for the win. Miami had .5 left, but no timeouts so all they got was a heave from 70 feet.

    Here are my thoughts on UK:

    – they are clearly not a top ten team. They have a ton of talent but they are not coached well enough nor are they seasoned enough to beat any of the top teams in the country. This was a Miami team that lost by 11 to Towson the other day; they were not a good team.

    – if you watched any of Calipari’s Memphis teams, than you have seen this UK team. Same basic philosophy. Everything is one-on-one dribble penetration and just try and out-athlete the other team. On defense they pressure but they are the definition of undisciplined. They go for every pass fake and pump fake. They were easily beaten by simple screens and back cuts. Calipari certainly can recruit but the guy just is not a coach. Its basically role the ball out on the court and say have fun kids.

    – John Wall. Not an All-American. Not close. If I had not known before hand who he was, I dont know that I would have noticed him throughout the game (except for the final shot which was a good play). He has a lot skill, but not that much more than any other top freshman I have seen. I would be surprised if he ends up the top pick in next years draft.

    – Patrick Patterson. Might have been sick, so not his best effort. This may be the biggest reason why Calipari is a terrible coach. This guy can play, but they do nothing to get him the ball. Almost all of his points came on put backs.

    – Cousins. As advertised. Big body that moves well. He did look unmotivated early but Calipari apparently got on him and from that point on he made a lot of plays. Kind of reminded me of a slimmer Zach Randolph.

    – Bledsoe. Didnt do much. He led UK in scoring in their first game, but he took few shots tonight. When he got the ball, you could see he has some skill but it just was not on showcase tonight.

    – Other guys (Miller, Dodson, Orton). All good athletes that fit the system (if you can actually call pick-up basketball a system), but nothing special. Miller made one nice move in transition but these guys went unnoticed mostly.

    Maybe this was just a down game for UK or just part of playing a lot of freshmen, but right now I would have no problem saying that Michigan is better than this team. If it wasnt for some early help from the refs and some missed free throws late by Miami, Uk probably loses.

  • GregGoBlue

    Somebody check those Calipari recruits’ SAT scores, please!

    Agreed, Tweeter my esteemed co-commenter-colleague. This Calipari team, like those at Memphis is talented, but flashy and undisciplined. Not to mention the dude is a walking recruiting violation.

    24 hours straight of college hoops, anyone?

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    I’m at least catching this UCLA game, Greg. They look like a shadow of their former self at this point. No real athletes and awful fundamentals. I could see them dropping this one if they’re not careful.

  • This UCLA game is brutal. Yikes, UCLA is tough to watch.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    I will be betting the farm against UCLA in any game they play from here on out. They look completely void of talent, despite the top 10 recruiting class. Their best player is Dragovich for god’s sake. If not him, then the white guy who looks 40 years old. They lost to a team that probably missed 20 easy layups tonight. Now I have to watch my boy Steve Fisher get run out of the gym. Guess it’s time for bed.

  • Sam

    After watching that UCLA game, I was really having trouble knowing who to root for. Basically the only things that I was basing it on was always rooting for the underdog, and trying to think what would enhance our chances of getting Trey Zeigler. I determined that I should indeed root for UCLA to lose. Hopefully Zeigler doesn’t want to “revive” that program and wants to help continue our successful climb to the top instead.

  • JimC

    So I will not be watching the 2009 World Series of Poker tonight.
    Gonzaga is at MSU?
    Hmmmm………….GO ZAGS!!!!

  • Tom, Too.

    Seriously: If someone offered me $500 a month to read Jay Bilas’ ESPN Insider Article, I wouldn’t do it. Duke Stinks.

  • JayRich

    I love how we moved down one spot in the Coaches poll despite winning by 47 in our only game

  • Beast1530

    Ken, UCLA is with out their best player/freshman for 2 or 3 weeks. About half of the roster are injured. I wouldn’t judge any team early on this season. I’d wait until the middle of the season when the team are fully immersed in the season.

  • Giddings

    JayRich – I was looking at that too, but then I noticed that the latest coaches poll was released last Friday 11/13, before our first game. By that point OSU was already 2-0 including a triple double by Evan Turner, so apparently they impressed the coaches enough to bump them ahead of us (they’re now tied with us in the AP poll).

  • Giddings

    Never mind, I guess I’m wrong (I knew that the polls usually come out Mondays but on ESPN’s rankings page it says 11/13, must just be a typo).

  • JimC

    I’m so bored at work I just went to Facebook and “Became a Fan” of John Beilein.
    Does this mean anything at all?

  • Light/no posting today. I’m headed to East Lansing to check out Gonzaga/MSU. Will have some thoughts on that and some other stuff tomorrow.

  • Benjamin

    Have fun Dylan. Enjoy the game.

  • John

    This is a little random, but I figured this was the right place to post it. Does anyone know where you can get an iCal Calendar for the Michigan basketball season? I found one for football, but I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find a basketball one. Any help would be appreciated

  • Sam

    I don’t know what an “iCal” calendar is, but if you are talking about one of those little wallet calendars, you can get those down at the ticket office. I’m sorry if I got it wrong though.

  • Nick

    Gonzaga is taking it to Sparty right now…anyone else watching? The Zags are more physical and completely out-hustling Sparty.

  • JimC

    is an application for an Apple iPhone.
    John I would bet a dollar that no one bothered to write the app just for UM. But maybe all the NCAA schedules are there somewhere.

  • Justin C

    I think Dylan is at that game. The Zags should be ranked, but I suppose no one knew how good they’d be with all these freshmen. They have a ton of size and the matchup is a tough one for Sparty.

  • JimC

    I meant: “iCal” or the like is an application for an iPhone.

  • eddie

    Kansas beats Hofstra by 35 and now Hofstra is giving UCONN all they can handle. Our out of conference schedule should be very entertaining!

  • Tweeter

    lol Tennessee won by 75 points. UNC-Ash had 30 turnovers and 5 assists. That is a tough night.

  • Tom, Too.

    I know we are supposed to root for the B10 during non-conference games, but it is tough to root for Sparty in this case.

  • Tweeter

    Good win for State. I dont think Gonzaga is as good as Lavin does, but they played very well for most of the night and State battled back to win. Looks like the key to State’s team is again going to be the trio of Summers, Lucas and Green.

  • Brad

    not very impressed with State…I thought before the season started they were slightly overrated, and I stand by that, even though it is only one game, and Gonzaga is better than everyone thought, but they just looked like their ceiling isn’t as high as some thought

  • Brick

    Anyone else notice Olynyk playing for the Zags tonight? I remember Beilein gave him a look. He is a legit 6’10”. Did we end up taking Blake over him? I don’t remember if we cooled on him or vice versa.

  • ZRL

    Don’t worry about State. Izzo’s teams always struggle early in the pre-season before hitting their stride later on. I remember watching them get blown out by Maryland last year and thinking they were over-rated then, too. They’ll be a beast come March.

  • Brad

    good point zrl… theyll be ready…i just dont think theyre the number 2 team in the country right now…then again, memphis is giving kansas all they can handle so who knows…

  • Brad

    not really football, but thought this should be posted as many places as possible…from youtube via mgoboard….

  • Brad

    sorry, not really basketball*

  • JimC

    You were right there!!!!