Off-season Rundown

Dylan Burkhardt

For those of you that haven’t been following the site over the summer (shame on you), here is a listing of some posts from this off-season that might be of interest. Feel free to mention other posts in the comments if you think I forgot something.


Big Ten Previews

Position by Position

Report Cards

Recruiting Commitments

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  • maxwell’s demon

    any good links previewing the nation’s freshman class?

  • JimC

    It wasn’t that I wasn’t following the site over the summer, it’s just that I was, um, on, on….vacation. Yeah that’s the ticket.

  • That’s a whole lotta stuff…here’s my brief season preview after going to the exhibition game:

  • i hope U of M
    has a season
    where the freshmen get to
    enjoy the ride

  • Tyler

    Yea I hope this season goes great guys looking forward to it!

  • bf1118

    Also hope Michigan can prove all the doubters of JB’s system wrong for a second consecutive season. Looking forward to seeing what Morris can provide as well.