Game 0: Wayne State at Michigan (Ex.) Preview

Dylan Burkhardt

Who: Michigan (0-0) vs. Wayne State (0-0)
Where: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
When: Friday, November 6th, 7 PM
TV: for 2.99
: MGoBlue, WTKA-AM (1050)

It’s not quite the real season but it’s a chance to finally see Michigan take on some live competition as they welcome Wayne State to Crisler Arena.

Wayne State finished 12-15 (10-12) last year, good for 7th in the GLIAC. Here are some quick calculations of Wayne State’s key tempo free stats last season.

Offense Defense
Efficiency 96.92 96.92
eFG% 46.2% 47.2%
TO% 22.4% 22.1%
Off Reb% 39.7% 44.3%
FTA/FGA 36.9% 36.1%

Wayne appears to be a good offensive rebounding team but a terrible defensive rebounding team. They don’t shoot the ball all that well and somehow they scored the exact same number of points as their opponents on the year.

Bryan Wright is the leading returning scorer for the Warriors, the 5’10” guard averaged 14.1 points per game last year. Redshirt senior Shane Lawal is the man up front, the 6’9″ transfer from Oakland averaged 11.7 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per game last year.

One player with a familiar name to Michigan fans is Carlton Brundidge’s older brother Dale. Brundidge averaged 5.5 points in 18.2 minutes per game his freshman year. It’ll be a great opportunity for Dale and despite his brother’s commitment you can bet that he will be looking to make the most of the opportunity.

The Warriors obviously shouldn’t give Michigan much of a challenge but these upsets do happen. When they do happen, they at least tend to be winning teams in their respective leagues like Grand Valley State over Michigan State a couple years back.

It will be about the more subtle elements of the game tonight. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • What lineup combinations does Beilein roll out?
  • How often does Michigan go “big”? Will Sims play with Gibson? How much playing time does Cronin get?
  • Who are the fringe 9/10 guys in the rotation?
  • Laval Lucas-Perry is one guy that I will be watching. How comfortable does he look in the offense? Are his passes crisp and on time or is he overthinking things and making passes a second late?
  • Have Novak and Douglass diversified their games? A game against Wayne State should give them an opportunity to do more than just bomb away.
  • Who is positioned where in the 1-3-1 zone? Darius Morris is a guy that could play in multiple spots.
  • How do the freshmen look? More specifically, what specific skill sets will they contribute? Darius Morris can dribble but can he shoot? Matt Vogrich can shoot, but what else can he do?

Feel free to follow along in the comments if you are watching the game online. I’ll also post periodically throughout the game.

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  • Mark

    Is the date of Feb 22nd right?

  • MarcO

    Just bought it, hope the streaming is good. Go Blue!

  • JimC

    Finally, something to help me forget the football team for another 10 months.

  • Tom, Too.

    Fired UP……

  • Simon

    kinda funny…their upfront presence, Shane Lawal, actually went to Michigan his freshman year and lived down the hall from me…really nice guy, except he was always in my room playing halo haha

  • bird

    Angelique’s column today made me think we won’t see much of Manny or Cronin tonight. Beilien’s quote on the latter was a little disconcerting — “Not 70% – be patient.” I’m feeling a little short on patience.

    I think the thrust of tonight’s exhibition (as was the case with her column) is point guard point guard point guard. That’s probably the thing we’ll learn most about tonight. I could see Morris taking over maybe by conference play, with LLP holding down the role until Morris is ready — or beyond if he excels. I just don’t see Stu there — seems much more valuable to have him out there finding open looks.

  • Paul F.

    Can’t wait for the game tonight. Go Blue!

  • ToBlav

    bird – Stu is a little like Zack in the fact that they both tend to get undervalued a lot. He understands the game and has good instincts and basketball IQ, that are less obvious than fancy physical plays but just as important. I don’t know that he’ll end up at the point, but I think he will force someone to be really good to beat him out. I too, love having him setting up for his shot.

  • maxwell’s demon

    PG should definitely be interesting. Morris aside, I personally like Stu running the show more than LLP. Feel like Stu is a pretty good distributor and decision maker, but maybe LLP has a better knack of getting penetration. And I think a plus is with Beilien’s de-emphasis on the PG position, Stu can still get shots even when acting as the PG.

  • mich man

    I really hope the Manny hamstring issue isnt an ongoing theme for him this year… I was really hoping he would play some solid mins. tonight but it doesnt sound like that is the case… Manny needs to be 100% the entire season if Michigan wants to have success.. Go Blue!!!

  • Dylan

    Starters: Morris Lucas perry Harris novak and sims.

  • Jordan

    Is this game available to listen to online outside of AA?

  • Dylan

    Definitely a sloppy start. 7-5 Michigan at the first tv timeout.

  • JimC

    Yeah so where can we listen to this? WTKA has hockey on now. I don’t see any “Listen Live” on MGoBlue.

  • Nate the Newt

    2.99 a game? Sheesh. How about for a season, something like 10-15? I’d go for that.

  • Dylan

    Try 950

  • michmgoblue

    Im listening to a buch of ads on wtka.

  • Brent
  • JimC

    Dylan’s the man.

    Yes it’s on WWJ 950 AM in Detroit, and you foreigners should be able to listen online too.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Looks like a lot of line-up experimenting and looks pretty good.

  • Dylan

    First half certainly wasn’t pretty but Michigan has a nice 37-22 lead.

    Cronin definitely appears to be the 10th guy in the rotation, he came in around the two minute mark and got a block and a free throw.

  • Drew

    Big Ten Network stream is absolutely awful. A job well done once again by such a high class network.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Drew- Yeah I was planning on hooking up my laptop to my TV but quality is so bad figured it’d look better condensed. You’d think for $3 it would be respectable.

  • chris

    did the stream just go down for anyone else?

  • mich man

    LOL i just lost my feed and now it says the selected item is not currently available… anyone else have this problem?

  • UMIndy

    Yeah, Chris, it’s down for me too. First it was a horrible feed and now it is just gone.

  • maxwell’s demon

    yeah better get a refund

  • Dave

    yeah it did

  • Duffy

    Yeah, the stream is down for me too, also just an fyi but I checked my online banking after I made the purchase and besides the 2.99 I was charged a 1.o1 for something else from the bigtennetwork as well so it’s really like 4 $ Not sure if I will be using this again unless there is major imrovements

  • Nick

    Man crush, thy name is Zack Novak. Kid’s a beast.

  • michigan4204

    Anyone know the score? How’s D-Mo playing? Who’s looking good? Bad? Any update would be great. Thanks

  • mich man

    73-54 was the final.. Manny lead the way with 25, Zack was a beast behind the three point line 5-8 for 15. D-Mo looks good out there with the basketball still needs to find his outside shot but looked good from close range. D. Sims had 9 points and went 3-9 from the field so not the best performance from him.. Overall i think it was a solid performance for the 1st game.. Definitly needs some tune ups on offense and defense but to be expected in the 1st game.

  • mich man

    oh and i was wrong about manny he looked fine and played 29 mins out there so the hamstring must be feeling good.

  • Tyler

    Overall I thought it was a solid performance. Manny looked great played a lot of minutes tonight no indication that his hamstring was holding him back he played quite a bit.

    Darius looked good I thought definitely showed a lot of talent at the position, although he only put up 4 points I think it was he definitely looked good, distributed, etc, etc. Cronin came in with some blocks but just watching him play I dont know he’s so tall and he’s physical I guess you could say but just doesn’t LOOK athletic, his height definitely helps him but i’d be curious in his 40 time.

    I actually really liked the lineup we had tonight I was surprised LLP started over Stu but still looked good. LLP didn’t put up to many points just another thing with him getting in his groove.

    Overall I thought it looked great it was GREAT to see the student section out in full force. I enjoy seeing all the playmakers we have now especially a good amount of guys coming off the bench, (ie, stu or llp, blake, matt, gibson)

    Jordan Morgan didn’t start tonight guess he’s still recovering from the surgery.

  • Paul F.

    Good showing. Manny got it going after a slow start. Deshawn Got in foul trouble early. D Mo Handled the ball good with good defense. Good to see Ben get some playing time grabbed a few rebounds and had some blocks. Good to see pretty much everyone that dressed got some playing time. Eso, Blake, Josh, Cory and Eric all on the floor. I guess that was Jordan in regular clothes. Good to see the season ticket holders that sit next to me there.

  • Dave

    i thought gibson made some real solid hustle plays and impressed me a bit, darius is going to be the starting point thats a done deal he looked good, novak was solid……..those 3 stood out to me, besides the obvious, gibson though especially made several nice screens, finished nicely around the rim, hustled a lot it appeared

  • Kenny

    Thanks for everyone for recapping the game. Glad that I didn’t bite on the streaming, watched a few games last year when it was free but the quality was not respectable. They should put it on TV, even as a PPV option.

    Can someone at the game let us know different line-ups Beilein tried.

  • Tyler

    He was just putting everyone in so it’d be a lot to name. um…

    Starting was: Darius,Manny,Novak,Sims and LLP
    then he had Gibson in there with 2 big men
    He took darius / LLP out and changed it up with Stu
    Cronin in for Sims / McLimans in for Sims

    Just some I remembered.