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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Dave

    again……… way this kid has been offered if trey is still a possibility, doesn’t make sense…….interesting though

  • Tommy

    Maybe it is just me but when i click the “Rules Violation Specified: Royce White arrested for stupidity” and the “Upset: LeMoyne stuns Syracuse, 82-79, for city basketball title”, they both bring me to the same page (royce white link that is)

  • Oops. Fixed.

  • michmgoblue

    Does anyone know where we can watch the game online friday? For free?

  • So, is Beilein saying that Wright won’t be back for a 5th year?

  • BTW, no need to apologize for a “light posting,” Dylan. A light posting here is still better than what we get at other sites. You are doing a great job!!

  • Tom, Too.

    Sure looks like Ant is gone to me….

  • Hey guys, Beilein should be on the radio around 8:40 (now) on WTKA. Streaming at

  • Tom, Too.

    BTW – That LeMoyne Dolphin win over the Orange in the Carrier Dome is Huge.

  • Benjamin

    The podcast is now available for those interested:

    Belein on WTKA

  • Giddings

    Wow, when you first posted that quote about Ant, I was confused as to why it was so notable. Totally forgot that this is his RS Junior season… seems like he’s been around so long that this should be his RS Senior season.

    I still don’t think it necessarily means this is it for him, but could be a sign…

  • Exactly. It could mean a multitude of things. Just found it interesting.

  • BlimpyBlue


    According to, Friday’s game will be shown online at

  • mich man

    Blimpyblue it will cost you $2.99 to watch the game at To answer michmgoblue no there isnt a place that you can watch it for free unless somehow they post it on, or channelsurf or something like that..

  • Ken in Vegas

    I think we can handle $2.99 to see our boys.

  • mich man

    I agree $2.99 not that bad of a price. I probably will resort to buying it and watching it at if its not posted elsewhere. GO BLUE!!

  • Kainkitizen

    Anthony Wright was in D. Sims recruiting class. About Wayne State, their Roster of Players is small in Height. Mostly boys from the Detroit Area. It’ll be great to see the team get a chance to finally play together in a game. I could see us scoring 80+ points on them, maybe even a lot more. Wayne State is in the bottom half of the GLIAC with the likes of Grand Valley State, Saginaw Valley State, Ferris State, and Northern Michigan.

  • michmgoblue

    Thanks guys, I guess the $2.99 is worth it.