Brandan Kearney to Michigan State

Dylan Burkhardt

No surprises here, Brandan Kearney verbally committed to Michigan State this morning. Kearney, a 2011 wing, was ranked 90th in the country by Rivals and chose Michigan State over Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio State.

Although Kearney was considered a Michigan lean early this spring, the situation changed after Carlton Brundidge committed to Michigan. With limited scholarships in the class of 2011, it was clear that Michigan only had room for one backcourt player. The other remaining scholarship in the class of 2011 almost has to go to a big man (scholarship breakdown lives here).

In the class of 2010, the priority hasn’t changed: Trey Zeigler. Zeigler recently officially visited UCLA and Michigan and Michigan appears to have positioned themselves well. However, Zeigler’s spring decision means that there will be a long wait ahead.

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  • KJay

    Dylan, any sense for where MSU stands for schollies next year? Does this mean they’re unlikely to take Dwaun Anderson? If so, that provides a good target for us if Trey doesn’t drop in the spring. Just trying to figure out how wing recruiting will take shape beyond Zeigler.

  • State’s full for 2010, and with the Kearney commit, there’s two spots left for the 2011 class. My guess would be either two wings or a wing and a point guard, seeing as MSU would have six bigs for the 2011-2012 season.

  • maxwell’s demon

    What is UCLA’s scholarship situation? Any chance they could get impatient and fill up before spring?

  • Mike

    Actually. 3 Spots left for ’11 after Kearney.

    Allen, Summers, Lucas, and Herzog leave after next season.

  • Most people count MSU as having three more spots in 2011 after Kearney, unless Thornton is put on scholarship his senior year (or the freak event occurs where Lucas leaves early and Zeigler takes his open schollie at MSU. I imagine this event would have to coincide with pig flight and the disbandment of the University of Michigan Men’s Varsity Basketball program).

  • Yup, accidentally thought Thornton had a schollie. Nice catch.

  • King PKR

    Kearney is a good player. Very similar to Darius Morris. They both have a good height/length, decent athletic ability, nice handles, decent shot, and good passing skills.

    Dylan, like you said no surprise to MSU. The only surprising thing about his recruitment to me is the fact that at one time he was considered a UM lean. If you read his comments about UM after we beat Duke, you knew that he liked MSU more than UM. So, when MSU gave him the attention he was looking for, it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to MSU. IMO, he would have gone to MSU over UM even if Brundidge was not a UM committment.

  • I don’t know what quotes you are referring to in particular but he grew up a UM fan and there were plenty of quotes that made him seem Michigan bound at a time.

  • Jim

    Sam was reporting, or at the least strongly suggesting, back in June I think that a Kearney comittment was imminent.

  • GregGoBlue

    Sam Webb’s mantra: nothing is certain in recruiting. Case in point.

  • KevinGoBlue

    Can someone compare Brandan Kearney to Carlton Brundidge?

  • King PKR

    The quotes that I was referring was after UM beat Duke. On Scout, Dre had an interview with him asking him to comment on UM’s win. To paraphase, he did not give credit to UM for beating Duke. Just think back to when Michigan beat Duke, and remember all the excuses MSU fans were making for Duke’s loss and not giving UM credit. Kearney made those same comments when interviewed by Dre. That was very telling to me. A number of posters on the UM scout board made reference to it too when they saw those comments by him.

    You are right in that there were plenty of quotes that seemed that Kearney was bound for UM. And, that was the surprising to me. I’m not surprised that Kearney was a UM fan. You can tell by his dad’s comments in an interview that he grew up in a UM family.

    With that said Kearney was been visiting MSU’s campus since his freshmen year.

  • Tyler

    Yea i’d be interested in that Kevin. So all the prospects that Michigan’s interested in who do you think will verbally commit first that hasn’t already? Just take your guess we all know it’s rocket science.

  • King PKR

    RE: Comparison Brundidge & Kearney (based on highlights from scout & rivals)

    Kearney like said earlier reminds me of Darius Morris.

    But, Kearney & Brundidge both handle the ball well enough to break their man off dribble. Their outside shots are similar. Decent form but as a defender you want to see them hit an outside shot before you come out on them. I think Kearney is better passer than Brundidge but Brundidge attacks the basket and finishes better. Both guys are not big time athletes but their lateral movement and vertical is good enough.

    I heard that Kearney has a more laid mentally on the court whereas Brundidge is in attack mode.

    Hope that helps a little.

  • Matt

    Isn’t Kearney Braylon Edwards’ cousin?

  • JBlair52

    why didnt Kearney commit a month or so ago if he was a Michigan fan growing up, etc?

  • JB

    things i take away from this:

    1. our coaching staff feels strongly that kearney is not the talent that zeigler is
    2. we must have a very good shot at zeigler
    3. brundidge wanted to be a wolverine more than kearney, and i’m glad to have him.

  • great choice for kearney to head to msu, will be a factor at msu in years to come, not to mention he’ll be coached by izzo, id choose msu over um anyday, because izzo is one of college’s best coaches around. also msu will sweep michigan for the next 3 years.