Big Ten Media Day Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Big Ten Media Day is underway in Chicago. John Beilein, Manny Harris, and DeShawn Sims are there representing Michigan. The AP Preseason Top 25 and Naismith Preseason Top 50 lists are also due out sometime today.

Friday – Andy Katz looks at Beilein’s preparation and his passion for breaking down film.

Friday – The Daily profiles DeShawn Sims and his newfound maturity.

9:45 PM – Big Ten Media Day Coached Transcripts (PDF)

3:17 PM – In his breakdown of the top 25, Mike DeCourcy lists Michigan as his overrated team.

2:51 PM – DeShawn Sims speaks about expectations and the NBA. Video from Mike Rothstein of

12:44 PM – The AP Poll was just released, similar to the Coaches’ poll, Michigan comes in at 15th. Other Big Ten teams include Michigan St (2), Purdue (7), Ohio State (16), Illinois (23), and Minnesota (25).

12:39 PM – Manny Harris stopped for a quick interview with the Big Ten Network:

10:05 AM – Some highlights from Beilein’s presser at Media Day. (Summary of tweets from @bigtenconf, @michdailysports, @dailydosesports, @freepwolverines, and @jonjkerr)

  • This is one of the toughest schedules Michigan has played in sometime. Possibly one of the toughest in Beilein’s career.
  • Beilein on rebuilding: “You have to build those relationships and then you have that trust.”
  • Zack Novak is a leader on this team despite being a sophomore. Novak is a good glue guy, is in great shape, and is at the business school.
  • Beilein wrote the team a letter this offseason telling them that they are still hunters, they haven’t achieved anything yet. When Michigan in the NCAAs is expected, then they will have the program turned around.
  • Beilein says that the NBA can be a great motivator, tells Harris and Sims to practice everyday as if there are NBA scouts watching.

I’ll be retweeting updates throughout the day on my twitter page (@umhoops), you can also follow the hashtag #bbmd for more updates.

  • 10:01 AM — Manny Harris was named to the Preseason Top 50 Naismith Watch List. JaJuan Johnson definitely got snubbed and I think DeShawn Sims deserves to be on the list as well.
  • 8:34 AM — The USA Today Preseason Top 25 has been released, Michigan comes in at #15. Other ranked Big Ten schools include MSU 2, Purdue 7, OSU 17, and Minnesota 18.
  • 8:34 AM — The Preseason All Big Ten team includes Kalin Lucas (POTY), Manny Harris, Evan Turner, Talor Battle, and Robbie Hummel.
  • 8:34 AM — The media chose a top 3 in conference of Michigan St, Purdue, and Ohio State.

Here is John Beilein’s pre-Media Day interview with the Big Ten Network:

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  • Sam

    After watching that video, I decided to remind me of some of the joy of last year by watching some highlights of one of the Northwestern games. Both to my surprise and dismay, the game was actually from two years ago, when we went 10-22. The reason I bring this up is that Ekpe Udoh played a great game that night, 14 points, 11 rebounds, 4 blocks in one of the better performances of that game. Just thinking of what our team could be this year if we had both Ekpe and Sims in the post with our many quality guards makes me so sad. He was my favorite player, and I bet he feels just a little bit of regret for transferring.

  • Tyler

    where did he transfer to again?

  • Tom, Too.

    Baylor…playing in the Old Spice…

  • AG2

    We’re going to have that ranking tested early with a trip to Orlando. Still its awesome to see. It would take a lot though for the Michigan/Michigan State game to be a battle of Top 10 teams though.

  • Beilein is at the podium now. Tweets and retweets and the like are at

  • Beast1530

    Sam, there were rumors that Udoh is disgruntled and is a huge distraction on the team. If that’s true, I’m glad that he’s gone.

  • gpsimms

    haha, I love manny harris. “you know, I like to watch kalin lucas, evan turner, talor battle…even [that white boy] kevin coble”

  • jgunnip

    I think 15 is a bit high for Michigan. It depends on what your criteria are for a preseason ranking but if it’s an end of season projection #15 seems to be the upper bound of what we’ll see. Including the postseason tournaments we’re probably an 12-13 loss team, which given our SOS and conference will probably would be a decent year and probably good for a spot at the bottom end of the T25.

  • Tweeter

    Hey Dylan,

    with the news that Payne is signing with State, how do you handicap the Zeigler race now? It appears to me that State will be filled to 13 scollies for 2010 unless someone leaves (could happen if Lucas has a real good year). I dont see anyone that they will take a scholarship away from, so could they be out of the race?

  • BL11

    If TZ wanted to go to MSU they would make it happen….however MSU seems to be the 4th team on his list right now….still a ways to go though.

  • Tweeter

    I agree in most instances schools find a way. But I dont know how they would do it? I see no one on their list of scholarship players that they would “let go.” Like I said if Lucas goes pro, then it doesnt matter, but other than that I see them keeping all of their scholarship players. Perhaps they could pull a Matta and renig an offer to one of the incoming guys, maybe Guana. But I think Izzo is too classy for that.

    Personally I really like our chances with State out of the picture.

  • Mike

    The main competition is CMU.

  • Dave

    i dont think mich st is even a factor in his decision………i think its going to come down to how much he and mccallum want to play together, but i think its a good sign that his mom, grandma and girlfriend all were in ann arbor last weekend. he has spent much more time at michigan than st. or so it seems and the only way cmu matters is if his dad keeps his job…… comes down to do whats best for your playing career and life and michigan is going to be the better option over his dad and cmu, no disrespect to his dad obviously but michigan just has more to offer

  • Kenny

    Agree with Dave on Mich St not being a factor. but I don’t see McCallum be a factor either. There is really possibility that Trey will play for his dad, then it is Michigan or UCLA.

  • Dave

    that is probably a reasonable assessment

  • Sam

    Beast1530, where did you hear those rumors? And are you referring to him being a distraction while he was at Michigan or at Baylor now? I’m just saying, from a pure talent and size standpoint, he would be the perfect fit for us I think. And I never really got the idea that he didn’t get along with anyone, only that he didn’t think Beilein could properly prepare him for an NBA career…oops.

  • jmblue

    I don’t know about Udoh himself, but his AAU coach seemed to be a real nut and seemed to want to fill his head with some unhealthy ideas.

  • LVS

    FWIW, I think that with Payne on board, we (MSU) are almost certainly pulling out of Zeigler’s recruitment. Unless I’m counting incorrectly, Payne will have the 13th scholarship for 2010-11.

  • LVS: But Kalin could very well leave early.

  • ChE

    I would take Alicia Keys wherever she wanted to go too.

  • Bball

    Love the sweater Manny-Fresh! He flashed that snarl a little bit in that video. Can’t wait to see that puppy out in full force soon! Excited for DeShawn to wreck some people too.

    I hope the big ten dominates the out-of-conference this year. I’m confident the drought in the ACC-Big 10(ish) challenge is going to be snapped too.
    Someone check my math here, but this is interesting to me:
    Top 25 Conference Breakdown:
    Big East – 6 teams
    Big Ten – 5 teams
    ACC – 4 teams
    Big 12 – 3 teams
    SEC – 3 teams
    PAC 10 – 2 teams
    A-10 – Dayton
    Horizon – Butler

  • Beast1530

    Sam, distraction while he’s at Michigan. I don’t remember where I heard the rumor but I do remember hearing about it.

  • Transfers happen, especially after a 10-22 season. Ekpe was no doubt frustrated, people were in his ear that this wasn’t the right system for him, and he transferred.

    Was it the right decision for him? We’ll find out over the next two years.

    Is he a perfect fit for what we need? No probably not.

    Michigan has done fine without him and hopefully Ekpe will rebound with a good year, as long as that doesn’t include a win over Michigan in Orlando.

  • big ten
  • Old Style

    Any news on a redshirt for this year?

  • Kevin in GR

    With Payne’s committment to MSU, what does this mean for Kearney then? (If any)

  • Tweeter

    It doesnt mean anything for Kearney since he is the year after Payne. State will several free scholarships by then due to the end of eligibility. Payne took the last of their 13 scholarships going into 2010 assuming no one leaves early, which as stated above is a posibility with Lucas.

  • Tyler

    Thank god for Michigan basketball starting up soon..

  • AG2

    In light of the shame Rich Rodriguez has brought upon our football team, basketball needs to be a symbol of hope for the Big Blue community.

  • Football done Basketball come

    Man micigan football is such a let down right now.. BB needs to step up and take the place of this.. Come on JB lets have a great season.. GO BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad

    don’t blame this all on rich rod…the d has virtually no talent outside of b graham, and tate is a true freshman…give him at least one more season before abandoning him…but back to the topic, GO BLUE B Ball…its gonna be a great season, and I can’t wait for the opener against Wayne State…

  • Nick

    Outside of B Graham and D Warren.

  • Brad

    correct…i forgot about Warren…how sad is it that he is playing a hybrid corner/safety? covering pretty much his whole side of the field…back to bball tho, who thinks we beat kansas dec. 19? i got a sneaky feeling we pull the upset on their break…man that would be sweet.

  • Dave

    there are plenty of 4 star recruits playing defense right now, so its definitely gotta be some coaching issues, but the players are just not performing either

  • ZRL

    Our defense has sucked the past 3 years, each with a different coordinator. At some point you have to stop being delusional and repeating the “this is Michigan, we have talent” line and just admit that our defensive talent is subpar.

  • This defense is hurting from the incredibly bad 2005 and 2006 recruiting classes. You can’t field a good defense when you don’t really have the players. None of our starting linebackers were recruited to be linebackers. After Donovan Warren our CB recruiting has been crap for years. It is kind of idiotic to blame Rich Rod for the fact that 70% of this team is made up of underclassmen. The complete lack of upperclassmen is on Lloyd Carr. Not to drag him through the mud, but his last two full recruiting classes sucked. I know today was disheartening, but get a grip on your emotions.

    End soapbox.

  • Brad

    that was the exact thread i had in mind musket rebellion…great post

  • BL11

    lets not talk football here…there are other forums for that. This is a bball forum and I am sick of the pissy attitudes displayed on the football boards. Basketball season starts today at 1pm..lets enjoy that. (not a personal attack on any of you guys talking about football..just in general)

  • Tyler

    Yea how’d the scrimmage go today? Can’t wait till the 6th sooo much who are you guys looking to have a break out year besides manny and Deshawn just pick 1 player

  • Sam

    Tyler, I’m looking for Novak to average double digits this season and really emerge as the the vocal leader and that third scorer that has eluded us these past few seasons.

  • Tom, Too.

    Wouldn’t that be amazing? To go from no scholarship offers during his senior year, to UM offering, to a between the legs dunker & the vocal leader and third leading scorer on a B10 Contender. Unreal. Hard Worker.

  • Bluebufoon

    Novak was the most impressive from the video of the opening practice.
    His shot looked improved and he has really steam-lined his body. I remember prior to last season Coach Beilein described Novak as a Chris Mullin-type player, which was quite a compliment for a player who had yet to play college basketball but Beilein has a track record for finding these type of players.

  • I think either Novak or LLP will be the ones to have that break out year. But the player that I’m hoping to have a break out year is Darius Morris. The ability to put two guys who can slash their way to the basket on the court (Manny) and kick out to our platoon of shooters will add a huge element to this offense. We’ll just have to wait and see, but in the very least basketball season will be fun to watch this year.