Brandan Kearney to Decide November 3rd

Dylan Burkhardt
Brandan Kearney vs FinneyDetroit Southeastern wing guard Brandan Kearney decided today that he will announce his college choice on November 3rd. Next Generation Sports has a lengthy profile on Kearney’s career to date as well as information about his college choice.

Here is Kearney’s final list:

Florida International, Georgetown, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Syracuse.

The most recent national article on Kearney ($), from, named Michigan State the favorite but NGS says that we will just have to wait.

Now everyone has read the articles stating that Michigan is the leader, or Michigan State is the leader, and even an article about Kentucky being in front.  How will BK handle the time up to November 3rd?  “I’m just going to keep researching the situation at each school and go with the team that I feel the most comfortable with no matter where they are located,” said Kearney.

The full profile is definitely worth a read.

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  • JB

    anyone read that scout article or know how strongly it suggests he’s leaning toward state? it was published a day or two ago and now he has a commitment date, makes me think state. i hope not.

  • Kevin in GR

    FWIW, I heard Sam Webb talking about BK the other day and how he had mentioned MSU being his leader. He said that he thought the Brundidge committment may have something to do with that. Not sure how that could have a negative affect on BK as I figured they would play different positions.

  • Kevin — It’s a numbers game though. Limited ‘ships in ’11. We’ll see what happens I suppose.

  • Respectful Green

    To Kevin’s point, I imagine Brundidge and now Kearney are all part of the dominoes of who is going where starting to fall. These two recruitments will probably effect lots of other in-state players in a variety of ways.

  • Dave

    state also has offered gibson so its most likely going to be state getting his services becasue those 2 probably are trying to play together……..not even worth talking about cause all signs are pointing away from michigan here

  • I don’t know… I’m having a hard time getting a read. I wonder if State would take a commitment from Gibson and Kearney at this point. They are in great shape with a lot of other recruits including Jeremiah Rivers. I don’t know about their scholarship situation at this point though, maybe they have a ton to give.

  • Brad

    Dylan, should Kearney choose U of M, you think that would have any effect on Trey Z’s decision this spring? man i certainly hope not…

  • Kearney and Zeigler are friends, I don’t think it would have any ill-effects. Probably little to no effect either way.

  • Kenny

    I feel that he is heading somewhere else.

  • KJay

    Let’s say BK does commit to Michigan. I would still want and take Zeigler; which, if he committed in April to UM would leave us with no schollies left for ’10/’11. People have expressed concern about not targeting a big man for next year (Williams, Plumlee, Gant, even Gibson, etc) but I’m not sure we’d need one.

    If things played out as per the above, in 2011/12, we’d have Cronin, Morgan and McLimans as juniors and Smotrycz as a soph, assuming that neither Morgan or McLimans redshirts (Morgan appearing the more likely candidate at this point, both given his injury, age and the fact that he wants to major in engineering). To me, that’s enough depth at the 4/5, assuming all are healthy, and there’s a guy like Puls to provide a fifth taller guy in a crunch. Furthermore, you still have the option of small ball with guys like Novak.

    Then, for the class of 2012 you have three scholarships to give, with the graduation of LLP, Douglass and Novak. Two of those could go to bigs, and one to a PG like Ray Lee.

    I’d like the idea of a lineup of Morris, Kearney, Zeigler, Smotrycz and Cronin/Morgan, with guys like Vogrich, Brundidge, McLimans, Hardaway and Morgan/Cronin as solid options as well.

  • El Capitan

    I really think Kearney will be headed elsewhere because of the fact that Brundidge has already committed. Even though they would play different positions, I think Kearney will recognize the logjam that is going to be there for minutes at the guard spots.

    Regarding the date, maybe he’s waiting for Gibson to weigh his options so they can both make a joint decision.

    Either way, I wouldn’t reach much into the story saying State is the leader. If I was a writer for one of those sights I would always put State ahead of us unless there is explicit proof that we are higher on a certain recruit’s list. State just has a better head-to-head record against us with recruits in the past decade (though I think that will start to even out).

  • AG2

    I can’t imagine he’d consider Florida International for any other reason than Isiah Thomas coaching there. Has he really been affecting recruiting in a noticeable way for that school?

  • Dylan

    Thomas has had a real effect on FIU recruiting. Dominique ferguson was the first big time target he landed.

  • Dylan