Monday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • GregGoBlue

    LLP predicts he and Stu will get most of the time at the 1. He also says he’s very impressed with DMo (equal praise for all other freshmen).

    Should we temper our expectations for DMo, or is LLP’s idea of himself playing a lot of point wishful thinking? Anybody got the word from inside how DMo is shaping up?

  • ToBlav

    I read it to say he and Stu would provide a lot of the floor leadership. That is not quite the same as playing the 1. Could mean helping with reminders and pointing things out on the fly in the games.

  • umhoopsreader

    Dylan… thanks for the link to the Kelly/Lickliter story. That was phenomenal, and I had no idea.

    So great to be thinking UM Hoops again…Crisler will be rocking again before we know it

  • Greenspan3000

    I am disappointed to find out that “Michigan Madness” is not “Midnight Madness”, as I already have tickets to go see Wilco at Hill Auditorium that night. Traditionally though, don’t most programs that have this event usually start it at midnight? When I was in high school and lived in Tucson, I went to the University of Arizona’s version and I believe it was at midnight.

  • Greenspan: I think the hope is that 8PM will increase attendance… I’m a little nervous as is.