Casey Prather Down to Two, Will Announce Wednesday

Dylan Burkhardt

One quick update on Casey Prather, who appears to have come to a decision. The Tennessee native will announce his decision on Wednesday. Word leaked on Monday that Prather had narrowed his list to two schools: Florida and Michigan.

At this point the prevailing internet rumor is that Florida is the likely destination for Prather’s services. Prather has kept his recruitment close to the vest throughout and most of the communication with the media has been through his coaches. This trend doesn’t appear to have changed as the latest rumors are not direct from Casey himself.

Sam Webb thinks Michigan still fits Prather’s criteria but he also says he has no read on what Prather’s decision will be (MP3). He thinks that if he chooses Florida, it will be a deviation from the criteria that Prather’s camp has set. Webb also thinks that the fact that Prather’s father didn’t make the visit to Ann Arbor and did make it to Gainesville is a boost to Florida’s chances.

Prather’s AAU coach, Charles Clark, has been a unique source of information throughout Prather’s recruitment by keeping followers up to date with his twitter account. Clark let off a series of tweets last night about Prather’s recruitment:

Didn’t know it was going to be made public so soon but if you havent heard its between Florida and Michigan for Casey Prather.

Feel bad for him considering his gotta tell some wonderful coaches “Thanks, but No Thanks”.

What if he goes to Michigan and potentially him and Austin Hollins are going head to head againist each other in two years..WOW!

Gotta give alot of credit to Beilein and Mahoney. I think they’ve done a fantastic job recruiting this guy. They covered alot of ground.

Casey seems to be pretty excited about his college choice…Wonder what hes thinking, NORTH or SOUTH? Gators or Wolverines?

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  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    This coach seems like the typical sleezeball, trying to use his players’ abilities to direct as much attention as possible to himself.

  • I definitely think that is too harsh of a take on his AAU coach just for a having a twitter account.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Okay, that was a bit harsh. But I just hate it when coaches are clearly trying to bring attention to themselves through a player. Obviously, Casey doesn’t want people to know where he is going. He has played things close to the vest. So why would the coach think it’s his place to bring attention and pressure to the kid?

  • KurtD

    I don’t see the coach using twitter any different than anybody else. It’s really no different than doing an interview with Scout or Rivals. Heck, probably saves him cellphone minutes.

  • Dave

    the troubling thing is indeed the rivals account stating that he has florida high and michigan medium……it sadly looks like another close but no cigar situation coming this way……….if prather has been secretive about his leader how does this come about?

  • Mat

    Bummer. If Prather goes UF and Ziegler sounds like he’ll wait toward signing day, is there a Plan C offer/commit out there or is the team best served by waiting for a 2011 guy?

  • el anĂ³nimo

    The tea leaves on Scout and Rivals seem to point to UF.

  • AG2

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the “tea leaves” also say that Delvon Roe wouldn’t choose MSU over UNC?

  • Tom, Too.

    It would be tough to say no to Florida. I think the thing we have going for us is the father-like figure in JB. I think Donovan looks all slick and junk. I hope Prather sees through that….

  • Brad

    i gotta sneaky good feeling…dunno why, especially cause of all the talk, and even though my head is tellin me im wrong, im still optimistic

  • Big Blue

    If you followed Prather’s recruitment on Rivals and Scout at all, you would know that Coach Clarke isnt event the AAU coach with any real knowledge of the situation.

  • Kenny

    If all internet rumors pointing to FL are from this tweetie, then I am more optimistic about our chance.

  • Paul F.

    Florida all the way from what I’m hearing and reading. Come on Johnny B.. Full court press on TZ.

  • jwalk

    While I’d prefer that the signs were pointing towards M, all we can do is wait–who knows what will happen tomorrow? Not to trumpet moral victories here but it’s great that we’re close to landing an elite talent & if it doesn’t work out we have some very attractive fall back options as well (TZ or 2011).

    We had a great year last season but the 07 – 08 year wasn’t pretty. JB & the team have certainly come a long way & ahead of schedule at that (at least in my mind)…..

  • I still think Prather will put on a U-M hat tomorrow. He couldn’t have picked a better day to visit Ann Arbor in the wake of the Football win over ND even though his dad wasn’t there. If he doesn’t commit, we will be fine with Evan, Tim Jr, and a possible Ziegler committment.

  • Paul F.

    I see on rivals front page Shawn Kemp opened his recruitment back up. Another big kid;). What his story?

  • RespectfulGreen

    AG2, the tea leaves also couldn’t fathom that Jamil Wilson would choose Oregon over MSU.

  • Erik

    Personally I’m going to be happy if we land Kearney, Zeigler, or Prather….the recruiting has been solid so far and to me, these three would just be icing.

  • ryan

    I am still confident. After looking at his twitter He said those things toward you, Dylan. Is he being followed by anyone from florida? I’m sure he would probably say something like that to a florida Basketball group if he was followed by them.
    I hope I’m right. Crossing my fingers!

  • He did not say them towards me, they were directed at all of his (125ish) followers.

  • Justin C

    Well, if we’re not the choices, then supposedly he will inform the coaches today. Either way, we should have a good sense of things by the end of the day.

  • In his chat today (
    Dan Wolken of the Memphis Commercial Appeal said that he thinks Casey Prather is headed to Florida.

    That seems to be the prevailing rumor… but nothing is official yet.

  • Dave

    anybody know what sam webbs lastest scout article talks about……….what happened last night

  • Mith

    Man, I am bummed out. I had a feeling all along that we’d get CP, but it doesn’t sound good, does it?

  • el anĂ³nimo

    Webb’s latest article basically gives says no one really knows yet. Prather has done an impressive job keeping his decision secret.

  • Adam

    it’s Florida.. Prather made the decision.. pretty disappointing because I’m not super confident on Zeigler coming to Michigan, but what can ya do? Beilein did a good job recruiting the guy but just came up short against a coach that has 2 national championships and a bunch of first round draft picks to show.

  • Brad

    source adam? not saying i dont believe u, i just have to hope u are wrong

  • Adam


  • Nick

    I don’t see it on scout…link?

  • Yeah, it’s over.

  • ryan

    there is nothing on scout. He is not announcing til tomorrow.

  • Justin C

    it’s over – confirmed on Rivals.

  • Paul F.

    Ok Dylan. Has Coach Beilein made a in home visit with Trey?