Season Preview Mailbag

Dylan Burkhardt

There is plenty of preseason coverage on deck, including a preview of the Old Spice Classic, articles about this year’s team, as well interviews with several college hoops bloggers. But I also want to give you guys a chance to get involved as well. If you have a question about Michigan basketball, the Big Ten, or even college hoops in general please send it in.

If there is enough interest, hopefully a periodical mailbag feature can become a more permanent feature of the site. Send in your questions!

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  • el anĂ³nimo

    Hey Dylan, here is my question:

    I was talking recently to a very successful Michigan high school basketball coach who speaks once in a while with Izzo. This coach told me that there is a feeling that Beilein’s teams will always have a ceiling in conference play because they don’t play good enough defense to win when the threes don’t fall. I am not suggesting that this critique is coming from Izzo; I am only saying that this high school coach knows basketball and is connected, and he was critical of the defense that Beilein’s teams play.

    My question: What should we think of this coach’s assessment? I remember some stats from Mgoblog showing that West Virginia improved a lot defensively when Huggins arrive. What’s the take away?

    Brief aside: This coach also made an interesting point about the 1-3-1. He said that part of the value of running this defense is that it’s rare, so opposing teams usually aren’t able to invest lots of time figuring it out. In the Big East, only WV ran it. However, in the Big Ten, as Northwestern runs an almost identical defense, Big Ten teams now have an incentive to spend more practice time on the 1-3-1. The value of the defense might then be reduced.

  • dj

    two questions:

    1) Casey Prather’s superior rebounding skills for a 6-6 athlete make him far more valuable to Beilein than Zeigler. Discuss. (i’ll note in this regard that Manny has just rebounded the heck out of the ball over the last two years — he has had really extraordinary numbers. i guess my question is: is this just an intrinsic ability manny has? is it a “feature” of the 1-3-1? or is a result of the weak rebounding we get from the 5?)

    2) i am as thrilled as any re recruiting. but who the heck is going to play 5 next year? ugh. pls pls pls convince me we are not looking disaster in the face, with zero prospect for post scoring, in 2010-2011.

  • Kenny

    The No. 1 question mark coming into the season opening is the status of Ben Cronin. Is he fully recovered? Can he stay healthy? How much relieve he can provide to the lack of size and depth of last year’s front court.

  • ToBlav

    Since my Vista won’t support the program you’ve (Dylan) set up I’ll send my question here. I’ve noticed that most videos show the incoming guys being very fluid and easily moving through traffic. Darius in particular never comes close to stopping. So is it going to be a problem for them to run a half court offense like they are sure to have to do at this level?

  • JayRich

    I am interested in the Redshirting process. First off, who may redshirt from this class (Morgan with his knee, Vogrich with the depth at his position, Mclimans despite the fact we need big men) and if so, how does it affect our scholarships in the future years?

    Thanks, love the blog!

  • DMitch

    Hey, Dylan.

    What about Jordan Morgan. I think if used correctly, he can become another Maurice Taylor. An underated recruit who becomes a big ten force. As he and Cronin are the centers for the time being, can they have a true impact?

  • Kenny

    DMitch, I am not sure that Maurice Taylor was under recruited. I was at the midnight madness his freshmen year, and from day 1, he appears to be the best of his class, which was ranked #1. But mentioning Mauruce Taylor also brings out one of the worst moments in Michigan basketball history, AKA, the accident on I-94, which started the whole uncle martin fiasco.

  • JB

    el anonimo –

    Bob Knight is a huge proponent of man-to-man and dislikes the zone, but will readily praise the job Beilein does with his defense. He says Beilein runs the best zone d in college basketball. I would value Knight’s opinion as much as any coach’s. Teams win championships with zone defenses. There’s not a ceiling with Beilein’s teams. Beilein always overachieves. There will always be critics though.