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Dylan Burkhardt

track-2DeShawn Sims, Zack Gibson, Josh Bartelstein, Zack Novak, Coach John Mahoney, and Eric Puls (

  • John Beilein’s track workouts are underway, Michigan had their fourth workout yesterday and have three left to go. The guards are pictured here as well. Yet another sign that the season is almost here, the countdown to Michigan Madness is down to 21 days.
  • What’s the latest on Casey Prather? The Item reported that Billy Donovan was scheduled for an in-home visit yesterday. They also mention that Clemson headman Oliver Purnell has not made his in-home and doesn’t appear to have one scheduled.¬† A decision is imminent and while the original plan was to decide after an October 3rd Vanderbilt visit, his AAU coach has hinted on Twitter that a Vandy visit might be unnecessary. His AAU coach, Charles Clark, also mentioned that the Florida visit wasn’t enough to name a clear leader. It’s a waiting game now — Michigan and Florida appear to be in a great position but I would hesitate to count out Vanderbilt, the local option. The bottom line with Prather’s recruitment is there are a lot of people not named Casey Prather¬† who are offering their opinions, I don’t think we’ll know how he really feels until he makes his decision.
  • Speaking of Billy Donovan, he was flying coach out of Detroit earlier this week, goes along with a tip I got that he stopped by Calihan Hall to check in on Ray McCallum Jr. McCallum is not going to end up in Ann Arbor, if he doesn’t play for his dad I think Kansas and Oklahoma are in very good position.
  • Top 20 2011 wing Branden Dawson (Gary, IN) lists Michigan in his top 10. The junior wing is also “considering attending the IU at Michigan football game Saturday in Ann Arbor” as well. Dawsen is a big time prospect but at this point the smart money is probably on Purdue.
  • Go Blue Wolverine caught up with Country Day big man Amir Williams (2011) and it appears like he is going to take his time with the recruiting process.
  • 2012 big man Malik London, of Chillicoth HS in Ohio, made an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor last weekend. Michigan State and Wake Forest are also involved, London is set to visit Ohio State this weekend.
  • Jeremiah Davis has trimmed his list to “about six“. Davis visited Ann Arbor earlier this month and also has Michigan State and University of Detroit visits scheduled.
  • Spencer Turner was in Ann Arbor last weekend but at this point it’s going to be hard to find room for him. Turner has visits scheduled to Miami (OH) and Notre Dame and is receiving interest from Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin.
  • John Beilein’s coaching clinic is scheduled for October 31st. GVSU head coach Ric Wesley and Penn State Erie Behrend College head coach Dave Niland. John Beilein’s lecture will be titled “Passing Drills to Reduce Turnovers”, can’t say I’m surprised about that one. The full schedule and registration details are listed here.
  • If your itching for some high school hoops action. Bank Hoops is hosting a camp this Sunday at The Cage in Swartz Creek from 10am-5pm. Games will be starting at 12:30pm and Dwaun Anderson, Percy Gibson, Brandan Kearney, Ray Lee, Patrick Lucas-Perry, Trey Zeigler among others are expected to participate.
  • If you missed the football press conference earlier this week, Kelvin Grady told a bit of his story from the time he left the basketball team to his time working the third shift in a Grand Rapids factory before joining the football team. Chengelis recaps the whole story here.

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  • Erik

    For those not familiar with the faces yet, who is that in the track photo?

    DeShawn,Gibson, ?, Novak, and ?

    I figured out the guards, but those two bigs I’m unsure of. Doesn’t look like Cronin or McLimans..

  • Kenny

    Puls? could be Blake, but definitely no Cronin.

  • Tom, Too.

    Bartlestein (sp) and Puls…

  • Yeah, I’m almost positive that’s Bartelstein in the middle. It’s definitely Puls on the right.

  • Paul F.

    Can tell Zack Novak by the blood on his shirt. :)

  • Justin C

    Wow, is that Vogrich in the guards pic? He’s a lot skinnier than I thought.

  • Scholarship Question

    Not sure where to ask this…

    But do you get the feeling Michigan has cooled on Kearney solely due to lack of roster space, or for other reasons? I would love to see this kid at Michigan but realize the only way to make that happen is for someone to not be back prior to the ’11 season who would normally be there. If the last ’11 schollie goes to Amir Williams, or someone similar in size, and Ben Cronin’s injuries force him to quit basketball… would Kearney re-appear on Michigan’s radar? I’d think a team of:
    Morris, Bundidge
    Vogrich, Stu, LLP
    Prather, Hardaway, Kearney
    Smot, Novak, Morgan
    McLimans, Amir/Big Guy

    Would be pretty formidable.

    Conversely… what if Cronin’s injuries are totally healed and he proves himself to be a decent Big Ten regular over the next two years. Would that make Michigan re-think taking a big in ’11 and instead go after another wing like Kearney? Basically the same roster as above but with Cronin in Amir/Big Guy slot. That’d give them two centers (McLimans/Cronin) through 2012-13 and allow them to go after one or two big guys with a larger 2012 class allotment.

  • I don’t think Michigan has necessarily cooled on Kearney. This issue is just with scholarships. I think they have to take a big to go along with Brundidge.

    If attrition happens, which is possible, it’s very possible for Kearney to be very much so back in play. I think he’ll just take his time a little bit here. We’ll see.

  • Scholarship Question

    If Cronin stays and is passable (skinny Gibson perhaps)… is there really room on a Beilein roster for McLimans, Cronin, Amir* and Morgan? Seems to be a lot of big guys for a roster that should be dominated by 6’5″ wings who can shoot.

    Granted, Morgan and Cronin have been injured and big guys take longer to develop so you could potentially redshirt a guy like Amir*, but in a perfect world where everything came together… are the 4 big bodies necessary? Especially when you have a guy like Kearney out there. Just wondering.

    *Or other ’11 big man.

  • Michael Gilchrist is on campus…

    Consensus #1 player in the class of 2011, maybe the country.