Big Man on Campus: Michael Gilchrist

Dylan Burkhardt

According to Go Blue Wolverine, 2011 super recruit Michael Gilchrist is on campus ($, but the picture tells all). Gilchrist is the consensus #1 player in class of 2011 and possibly in the whole country. For more information, here’s Seth Davis’ profile of Gilchrist from this summer that details his life, early recruitment, relationship with William Wesley, and just about everything else. Obviously the competition is steep for landing the consensus top player in the country but getting him on campus is a statement none-the-less. From the SI article, here’s Michael’s school situation (July):

As for Michael’s recruitment, many people in basketball circles are assuming that his relationship with Wesley will ultimately lead Michael to sign with Kentucky, whose coach, John Calipari, is perhaps Wesley’s closest friend among major college coaches. When Michael was 13, he told a newspaper reporter that he wanted to attend Memphis, where Calipari was then the coach. This week, Michael said that Kentucky and Villanova were his top choices. (Michael used to play youth basketball with Wildcats coach Jay Wright‘s sons, and Cindy is close with Wright.) Cindy, however, cautions against anyone playing connect-the-dots between Wesley, her son and Calipari.


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  • gpsimms

    My only beef with Beilein is he seems unwilling/unable to make runs at top tier talent. I think it’s pretty clear that Beilein is a solid coach, but his teams will always have a ceiling.

  • Adam

    haha good one gpsimms.. WOW, just WOW.. to even get a player the caliber of Gilchrist on campus is truly incredible. He is supposed to be the best high school player in the nation regardless of class.. it’s a long uphill battle with this one but wow, this is huge even generating any kind of interest from him.

  • Drew

    An expert team will always outperform a team of experts.

    Beilein has shown that he can mold the right collection of non-top-tier players into a winning team. There is no ceiling.

  • Couldnt agree more with Adam that it is amazing to get this guy on campus even. Couldnnt agree more with Drew about an expert team will always outperform a team of experts. THERE IS NO CEILING

  • obes

    he plays with one of my former high school teammates, trevor cooney. that just makes me like this kid even more.

  • gpsimms

    Drew, south fla: You get jokes, right?

  • Kenny

    our friends at EL better get nervous now.

  • Drew

    gpsimms: only when they end in ;-)

  • JayRich

    OMG! what fantastic news. I am sure our chance of landing him isn’t that great but it at least brings interest to the program. Word will spread that Gilchrist visited AA and I would expect a couple other recruits to return the favor

  • Ken in Vegas

    Man, I really hope we don’t all go down in the dreaded year of 2012, because this team could be championship caliber by then! I’m just kidding….I think.

  • gpsimms

    ha, nice recovery drew.

  • Wow. More and more positive things about UM basketball. In the past these types of recruits didn’t even know UM had a basketball team.

  • Wes D.

    Do you guys consider him being a one and done player?

  • Dave

    thats pretty cool…………gotta love the unexpecteds whether anything pans out or not, its a fun read

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  • Wes – Generally the number one basketball recruit in the country is a one and done player. But you never know until they get on campus.

  • Sam

    Clearly a one-and-done type talent, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they revised the rule by that time. A lot of coaches and players really don’t like it and want it to be similar to football, in which a player needs to be three years removed from high school, or simply allow the players to jump straight to the pros as in the past.

  • KJay

    Anyone else intrigued by the timing of the visit? It’s not exactly a quick trip from NJ to Ann Arbor, nor is it an official (paid for) visit. He also just turned 16 on Thursday. Does he have family in the area or some other reason to come to town (please not WWW)?

    This is crazy man, just crazy. Practice facility, Brundidge, Prather rumblings and now Gilchrist visiting. Holy crap I can’t contain myself.

  • Alex

    Unbelievable. I saw Gilchrist at the City of Palms Classic last winter and I loved his game (not profound, obviously everyone does). St. Pat’s (his team) was/is loaded with D-1 talent but they ended up losing to Mater Dei in the championship. Mater Dei’s starting five were all high major talent and between the two absolutely loaded teams, Gilchrist was the best kid on the floor…and he doesn’t have to have the ball in his hands all the time to be the best. He is solid in virtually every facet of the game, he plays hard, rebounds, can post, has handles, he D’s it up, and he does all of this with in the flow of the game. He is like the polar opposite of John Wall who was also in the tournament and had ten turnovers in a game and was quoted in the paper afterwards (in a game his team lost and the ten turnovers definitely hurt their chances of winning) saying “(he) like(s) to put on a good show for the crowd”. I go to the tournament every year…and it will be a bit more exciting to say to everybody there this year, that I hail from Michigan the home of the Wolverines. Wow.

  • mitchigan

    We have in my opinion a top 3 teacher/coach at the helm with great recruits – boy has our program turned around. I’m extremely excited about the mix of guys we have. Below is a cool video I found that shows the top players in the class of 2010 (Evan the Matrix Smotrycz is not on it), but Richard Solomon, Trey Zeigler, Ray McCallum, and my boy Casey Prather are all there. Let’s keep up this momentum….Go Blue!

  • mitchigan

    You’ll have to rewind the video and if you don’t want to watch the whole video, Prather is at the 2.52 mark and Zeigler is at the 1.22 min mark.

  • KainKitizen

    Stunning!! Absolutely Incredible!! Times have Changed with a Vengeance. Jerod Ward is the last #1 recruit in the country to commit to UofM from the past if i’m not mistaken. Now to at least have a visit from a #1 recruit in the country sure tells a lot about the program.

  • Wes D.

    Nice job J.B.

  • Blucinic

    Could we really get Prather, Zeigler, & Gilchrist? Can we make room? Who gets squeezed out? Does Manny stay or go? At least, these are all good questions to have . . . better to have options.

  • JayRich

    Anyone know how the visit went?

  • Erik

    Blucinci, Manny will already be gone by 2011 so that’s not really a factor for Gilchrist. I highly doubt he comes to play at UofM. But, if he even considers us, I bet he doesn’t make a decision for another year which means the whole Zeigler/Prather situation will have worked itself out as well.

    Bottom line is I think we need to focus on Zeigler/Prather.

  • Kenny

    Strongly agree with Erik, the significance of Gilchrist’s visit is the visit itself rather than where he ends up playing. Simply getting attention from the nation’s No. 1 recruit shows that
    1. The program is back to the center stage of college hoops;
    2. Beilein, defying people’s conception, is not afraid of going after the top talents across the country against elite programs like Duke, UK and UNC, and eventually will have some to play for him.

  • Jim

    Gilchrist lives in my town and i want him badly to go to Nova i hope he wants to as well