Wednesday Links: Casey Prather Update

Dylan Burkhardt
Casey Prather
  • Recruiting Roundup (9-23-09) — Casey Prather
    Beilein, Mahoney, Dunn had their in-home visit Monday night and Sam Webb claims Prather was “blown away”. Webb goes on to say that Michigan is likely “the team to beat” at this point. Definitely worth a listen, Webb talked extensively with people connecting to Prather’s recruitment and wrote an article on GoBlueWolverine ($) as well in the Detroit News.
  • U-M gets statement recruit; Broncos sign familiar name
    Stephen Bell talks about Carlton Brundidge: “Brundidge is a human layup. When he gets going downhill it’s all over. He’s rugged and creative, not the most usual combination, when he gets into the paint. Brundidge is a better passer and shooter than sometimes given credit for.”
  • College basketball’s top 10 small forwards
    Manny at #10, before you complain there are some very good players ahead of him and DeCourcy says he could be a first team All-American with an improved three point shooting percentage.
  • College Basketball Class Rankings 2010
    Michigan comes in at #14

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  • Tom, Too.

    He is just gonna be soooo good under JB. We all really, really have to keep our fingers crossed. He sounds like the perfect fit. It is obvious JB is going after really nice kids with great families and great attitudes. It shows.

  • Brad

    was really hopin jb’s in home would leave an impression and guess it did…man i am excited…hopin it works out

  • Maceo Baston is trying out for the Pistons.

    Beilein has really upped the ante with the recruitment of Prather. I just hope that he can reel him in. The thing about Beilein is that he is genuinely likable, and kids know they’ll get better when playing for him. It is good to see that some kids see that instead of whatever a guy like Calipari is throwing at them.

  • SteinerBlue

    That is just an awesome report on Prather. I think we’d have a Top 10 recruiting class if he signs on. Hoping for some good news in the next few weeks.

    Coach B and his staff have been working so hard to change perceptions and get our recruiting to the next level. With Brundidge, and possibly Prather, I think they will have officially broken through.

  • JB

    great news on prather…should know for sure within a few weeks.

    i didn’t know brundidge was the family’s leading scorer. i really have a good feeling about him. it takes everything to have a great team, so i really like having him in the mix. Although his offensive skills are not typical beilein, i still think he’s really gonna shine. i don’t think his height will be an issue, look at what ty lawson did taking it to the rack for unc.

    a top coach and top talent…it’s gonna be a lot of fun

  • UMIndy

    Man… I saw that Prather picture pop up and my heart jumped at the thought that he committed! Still great news, though.

    I think I might be too emotionally involved in this.

  • El Capitan

    Regarding Maceo Baston, I saw him at the Lifetime Fitness in Troy just about everyday this past summer. I don’t know if he’ll make the team, but he’s definitely been putting in some hard work. Also, look out for his son who is only in 8th grade but is a tremendous talent… just sayin’ in case he becomes something in the future haha.

    As for Prather, I would love to get a player like him who can both slash and play lockdown defense on other perimeter players. But I still want Trey Zeigler too (though his latest comments have me taken aback a bit). I guess my desire for Beilein to steal another MSU recruit is blinding my better judgment, which is that Prather commits next month so we can go after another big man instead of waiting for Zeigler.

  • James

    Starting to get good feelings about this Prather kid.

    Beilein’s doing a great job on the recruiting trail. It remains to be seen whether any of these guys will develop into star players, but I feel fairly safe in saying that he’s acquired enough talent that Michigan can afford an injury or two and still have a NCAA tournament caliber team. Up until maybe this upcoming year, it seemed like Michigan was always an injury away from going into a tailspin. I don’t think that’s going to be the case anymore. Even if we lose Manny we’ll still be very competitive.

  • Kenny

    Sure getting Zeigler will score a big against Spartans, but getting Prather on board is just as huge. I think that Prather will bring just as much as Zeigler to this program. And for those who say that JB cannot recruit, in just two years here, he bring in top talents from in-state, west coast (Morris), deep south (Hardaway and more highly recruited Prather), Northeast(Smotz), and midwest (Vogrich). It is a great effort. Kudos to coach Beilein and his staff. And I would not be surprised that one of 2011 bigs will commit soon after Prather.

  • I like the comparison of skill set of Brundidge with Ty Lawson as the ideal. Last year Lawson was virtually unstoppable when he wanted to get to the rack. From what I’ve heard about Brundidge, he has a similar ability to consistently get to the hoop despite his size. To have a player like that as a perimeter shooting-oriented team is so valuable when you spread the floor. When he gets penetration and the defense collapses, there are 3-4 other shooters that he can kick it out to. Brundidge is an exciting fit for Beilein’s offense for this reason. This offense will be deadly.

  • Tom, Too.

    I think what you will see in the next couple of years is the culmination of a life’s work. Like players, coaches get better with each season of experience. JB has learned a lot during his 30 years of coaching, starting at the High School level in Upstate New York, JuCo, Division III, through LeMoyne, Canisius, Richmond, WV and now UM. You are starting to see all this experience with Kids, Alumni, Press, HS Coaches, Recruiting, Games, etc, etc. come through and this is going to be a real joy to watch. I truly believe this is the last stop in his coaching career.

  • BL11

    I did some looking around on other boards to get the feel for mr prather. the UNC board was very content with his game just a few months ago. They felt like he was a “backup” option but was adequate and his only flaw was 3pt shot. fwiw. His defense seems to be what seperates him from other players right now.

  • Sam

    OK, we’re all excited about this report, and for good reason, but let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. I haven’t ever heard Sam Webb say that Michigan wasn’t leading for any recruit. I’m not ragging on the guy, but he seems to be somewhat of a homer. He thought that Zeigler was a sure thing just a couple months ago, he thought that Kearney was going to commit by now, I’m sure he said somewhere along the line that Nate Lubick would be blue. Now I’m just as hopeful as the next guy that we’re gonna get Prather, but let’s not go out and say that he has committed already.

  • Sam Webb is usually pretty accurate. A lot of people thought Kearney would have been locked by now and Lubick to Georgetown was a complete shock. He’s the first American born white kid they’ve recruited in about 5 years. Usually when Webb says things he is right, and he doesn’t just say things in the hope that they come true. If he has a good feeling on Prather so do I.

    But only time will tell.

  • Sam has missed before… I’d have a hardtime calling Lubick a miss, things happened there. Kearney isn’t a miss yet, he hasn’t even committed anywhere.

    The one that stands out to me as the most painful positive article was the 3 part series on Scottie Reynolds:

    That being said, Webb is probably the most well connected hoops recruiting guy out there, period.

  • KainKitizen

    It’s a valid point Dylan, Tommy was very good recruiter, He almost got Michigan an all-american point guard. I think now with the upgrades in many ways for the program that we are going through right now, he would have committed to us.

  • He would have committed to us, but he wouldn’t have been an All-American under Tommy. He just couldn’t develop talent.

  • Blah let’s not start a Tommy Amaker debate. Point was, that recruitment was absolutely painful. Especially after the Beverley, incident.

    Anyways… There is no reason not to be excited about the news coming out of Tennessee, however it’s not over til it’s over.

  • “Coach Beilein and his staff came up this morning and actually CMU as well, looking at other players we have,” said Southfield head coach Gary Teasley. “After they left, he got on the cell phone he did it in a way that was appropriate, talking to the staff. He hung up and told me, ‘Coach, I’m going to Michigan.'”

    I’m sure everybody saw this already. Great quote from Brundidge’s coach. Just getting him is huge, but if we can get Prather next month. The future just keeps on getting brighter.

  • Sam

    I’m not trying to rip on Sam Webb in any way, I’m simply saying that it is impossible for anyone to know exactly what is going to happen and everyone has called things wrong before. I was responding to Kenny, who basically said that Prather has committed already. I’m just suggesting that we let everything play out. But I am ecstatic for all of this excitement floating around the program.

  • The Hairston recruitment is one that sticks out in my mind. I listened to way too much sports talk radio back when that was going on, and he said so many great things about the program and then bolted at what seemed like the last second.

    I think we are on a much more stable footing now than we were at any point in the Amaker years. But that’s painfully obvious. Here’s to a hopeful Prather commitment and to a great 09 – 10 season.

  • Kenny

    By no way I implied that Prather was already committed. I am still holding my breath for Prather. He have one more visit to go, and it is Vanderbilt, close to his home and family. But I have good feeling about the kid who seems to bond well with JB and his staff.

  • ryan
  • Tom, Too.

    I hope that article doesn’t jinx us. Seriously.

  • David

    @Tom,Too no kidding

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Okay, I understand that everyone wants Casey here because he is ridiculously talented. Granted and agreed. But is anyone like me, and particularly excited, because he just has a really cool name? It just sounds like an NBA name to me.

  • The Oracle

    I’m overly cautious, not only because Webb is a homer, but as close to the vest as Prather has been playing this the whole time, it’s almost impossible to tell who is leading right now. That’s my issue with Webb saying that M leads. CP has been status quo the entire process.

  • Paul F.

    Casey’s a cool person and a heck of a talent.
    Hope he choses U of M.

    Renewed my season ticket today. Bring em on.

  • Dave

    there is plenty of reasons to be optimistic here……..finally getting the practice facilities, everybody including analysts are talking about mich……..jb is bringing in very good talent…..everything is in place to draw the best of the best here now…….

  • max

    i know maceo bastons son he goes to my school