Practice Facility Approved

Dylan Burkhardt

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The Regents voted unanimously to approve the practice facility design today. The 57,00 square feet building features two basketball courts, team locker rooms, as well as training facilities. The second floor will hold coaching offices as well as film and weight rooms. The design also features a “dramatic Hall of Fame ” in the entry lobby. Construction is scheduled to be completed in fall 2011. For a 19 slide gallery of renderings, head over to the official athletic department release.

Beilein on the approval:

“It is indeed an exciting time for Michigan Basketball as we continue to work with our architects on the design of a brand new Basketball Player Development Center. These recent visual renderings of this project reflect the commitment that has been made to both the women and men’s basketball program’s here at U-M. I love the fact that our student-athletes will benefit from having the opportunity to train and prepare, using the latest technology, in a state of the art world class facility. The dedication of so many involved with the design of this facility, and the continued leadership of President Coleman, Bill Martin and Mike Stevenson has been instrumental in moving this important project forward.”


There were times when I wasn’t sure when, if ever, this day would come. It probably should have come a few years earlier, but the past is the past and now is better than never. The facility will no doubt be top notch, similar to all of the other construction going up around the athletic campus.

As frustrating as the wait was, the last year has been extraordinary for this program. An NCAA tournament berth, and a couple thousand season tickets sold for probably the most anticipated basketball season since the Fab Five was a great start. Now construction is set to break ground on a long overdue practice facility.

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  • Adam

    Awesome! It’s finally getting done! This will be huge for recruiting as well as player development.. these top notch facilities in Ann Arbor will be second to none

  • A question which maybe Dylan can answer, maybe someone else:

    With this “Hall of Fame” going up, what happens to the atrium of Crisler. It will be interesting to see if the basketball memorabilia is moved to the new facility, or if different things will be on display there.

    This is a huge step for the basketball program. Beilein has worked hard to get this thing started and now he can show these designs to the next flight of recruits that come in.

    I picked a perfect time to move across the country, the football team looks to be on the right track and the excitement around the basketball team is the highest it has been since 1991.

  • I assume all the basketball trophies and such will be displayed in the “hall of fame” as well as some big picture/poster things like you can see in the renderings.

  • Erik

    Long overdue, but good to finally see.

    I wonder if there will be any discussions about the Fab Five with regards to the Hall of Fame. I know the U wants to distance itself and also use it as punishment…but it was such a huge piece of UofM history (both the wins and the aftermath). I’d kind of like to see it in the Hall of Fame section.

  • KainKitizen

    What if Chris, Jalen, Juwan, Jimmy, and Ray donate $$$ to fund the project as a, we are still here attitude. What do you do then? This would be a perfect way for them to be part of Michigan basketball again and history making? Donating money is probably the only way for them to be recognized again with Michigan Basketball.

  • This building looks nice. Another positive step for the Michigan basketball program. This should be another feather in our cap for recruiting.

  • Chris

    A small UFO has landed next to the big UFO!

  • Adam

    I hope they don’t completely disregard the Fab Five in the new building. It was a huge part of Michigan basketball history and really a huge part of college basketball history. I think it’s time to stop distancing ourselves from it and move on. Those kids have to be represented.

  • I think Webber is allowed to be near the program again in 2012, or rather, that is when his probation is over. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them recognized at some point after that. But it isn’t likely to happen before then. I don’t know if Webber can even donate money to the program until then.

    I was at the UM – Illinois game (2008?) where they honored Jalen Rose for his “contributions to society” through his fund. At the end of the speech the band broke into The Victors but he shushed them, pointed to the rafters, and said something to the effect that there was something missing from up there and he was working to bring them back.

  • jBdub

    There’s a huge poster of cwebb dunking in the renderings of the interior.

  • jBdub

    Oops…I’m guessing that’s DeShawn.

  • JayRich

    I think this is awesome. It will definitely help on the recruiting end and won’t hurt the players who we already have. As for the fab five…i think this is down the road a bit but it will happen

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  • I echo what Chris said above. The glass building on the side looks like a UFO. It’s HORRIBLE! A glass UFO has landed next to Crisler! What were these architects thinking??? I love the fact that the building was approved, but frankly there’s no cohesion between this building and Michigan Stadium next door, and there should be. The glass UFO has TO GO! Also, anyone walking to the game last Saturday can see how much of an eyesore Crisler has become, and the Athletic Department could spend a little money by at least giving the exterior of the arena a good power wash ASAP. The brick has faded and the silver columns and roof look disgusting. Maybe paint the silver columns and roof blue and color the brick. That would at least make it look reasonable.