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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • michiganman777

    This has the wrong link -> UNC, Michigan St. on top again with toughest non-league schedules

  • michiganman777

    I think this is the link you meant to put in there

  • Thanks.. Should be fixed.

  • Tom Too

    Two things of note: Top 7 toughest schedules in the country is amazing and Top 10 after JB has only coached 60 games (or so) is unreal if you think about it. That KU game in December could, COULD, be a battle between two top 5 teams. I guess sneaking up on people (UCONN last year) is over.

  • Kenny

    I am cautiously optimistic about the next season and do not think that we are in the top 10. In big ten, we are behind State and Purdue, comparable to Minnesota and OSU, and we have not beaten Wisconsin in recent memory. We certainly are getting better but other teams in the conference return a lot of talent too.

  • Tom Too

    Me, too. I was thinking that if they drop out of the top 25 for a week or two during the B10 Season (which could happen in this stacked conference), people might all of the sudden think the season is a disaster. People need to remember that JB coaches for a team to peak in March (ie Benching Manny in Iowa), so there could be some early sacrifices for the greater good and that could very well mean a few losses in January.

  • Mith

    Maybe my standards are low, but the only way this season is a disaster is if the boys aren’t even on the bubble for the tourney. After missing the tourney for 10 years, I’m content with tourney appearances at this point. A disappointment if they don’t make it, but only a disaster if they aren’t even close.

    That said, the team seems to be getting a fair amount of hype and while I don’t buy into it all, it does sound like we might consistently be in the Top 25. And maybe its not a stretch for this team to only have 1 or 2 losses going into that UConn game.

    The beauty of it all is that our “reasonable expectation” is for the Wolverines to not only dance probably be a 7 seed or better. And that it awesome. I love it a lot more than going to the season and only hoping they make the dance.

  • CraigP

    Anyone else hear that Wisconsin kicked 2 of their 3 incoming freshmen recruits off the team because they got caught stealing? Not sure what impact this will have on Wisconsin this year, but it can’t be good for them.

  • CraigP

    here is the Wisconsin link:

    I guess one was a walk-on, and one was on scholarship.