First Word: Notre Dame Recruiting Weekend

Dylan Burkhardt

All of the recruits that were expected in Ann Arbor made their way there (full list at bottom of this post). The football team certainly put on the best show they could and it would have been hard not to enjoy yourself in Ann Arbor this weekend.

Of course the first question at hand is how did the visits go, especially for the #1 recruits on Michigan’s board, Casey Prather and Trey Zeigler, both of whom were on official visits this weekend. There hasn’t been much reaction posted yet, but here is one quick and vanilla quote from Prather thanks to Phil Kornblut from Palmetto Sports:

Prather said he enjoyed the Michigan visit. “I liked the campus and the people,” he said.

Prather likes to keep things close to the vest, after his visit to Clemson he said that Oliver Purnell and company “Made a good impression” but not much more. He certainly doesn’t appear to be tipping his hand in any direction. I expect we will hear more from Prather and Zeigler later today from recruiting websites.

In-homes and more official visits are up next. Kevin Stallings has already had his in-home while Billy Donovan is slated to visit this week before Prather officially visits Florida. Prather’s final scheduled official is to Vanderbilt on October 3rd before he makes a decision.

Here is the list of visitors that Best of the Best Scouting posted on Sunday. Most of the big time in-state prospects were there as well as several kids from Indiana as well:

Trey Zeigler Sr 6’5 G Mt. Pleseant
Casey Prather Sr 6’5 Wing Jackson, TN/South Side
Tim Hardaway, Jr Sr 6’4 SG Miami, FL/Palmetto U-M COMMIT
Tom Droney Sr 6’4 G Sewickley, PA/Academy
Brandan Kearney Jr 6’5 SG Detroit Southeastern
Percy Gibson Jr 6’8 PF Detroit Southeastern
Ed Brown Jr 6’3 Wing Detroit Southeastern
Trey Babers Jr 6’5 SG Saginaw High
Tommie McCune Jr 6’8 PF Saginaw High
Markus Crider Jr 6’5 Wing Wayne, OH/Huber Heights
Justin Gant Jr 6’8 PF Terre Haute, IN/North Vigo
Carlton Brundidge Jr 6’1 G Southfield High
Ray Lee Soph 6’1 PG Robichaud
Cameron Fowler Soph 6’0 PG U-D Jesuit
Kellon McCormick Soph 6’7 F Pontiac Notre Dame Prep
Austin Burgett Soph 6’8 PF Avon, IN/High
Gary Harris Soph 6’3 PG Hamilton Southeastern-IN
Jacoby Bledsoe Soph 5’10 PG Hamilton Southeastern-IN
RJ Hunter Soph 6’2 PG Indianapolis, IN/Pike
Yogi Farrell Soph 5’10 PG Indianapolis, IN/Park Tudor
Denzel Watts Fresh 5’10 PG Flint Carman-Ainsworth

It was no doubt a great recruiting weekend. We should start to hear more from the various recruits who made it in over the following days and weeks.

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  • Tom Too

    How do you host so many players and make them feel special? I am blown away by how many recruits were there…I thought there were going to be, like, 6.

  • Paul F.

    I know Tom. Wow! What a list of visitors. You could of had a game and. each team had it’s own bench. Fantastic!

  • RE: Attention…

    I’m sure the priority is on the older guys… With the sophomores it is more of a feeling out process I’m sure. The hope would be that they make it back to campus further along in their recruitment. Especially with 2012 kids and the like.

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  • JayRich

    Yeah, I think just get the younger kids a positive experience (thank you football team for helping out with this) that they will remember. I am thinking Beilein met with the priority guys like Trey Z. and Prather and tried to convince them a bit more. He probably just said hi to the other guys and moved on.

  • W3

    Get em both TZ and CP….get it done

  • gooter9

    Did Trey and Prather get any chants from the student section?

  • Brad

    unfortunately no…and the crowd didnt get as pumped as i would have liked when they showed the bball preview…also, anyone with a rivals insider account care to enlighten us about what prather said about his visit?

  • Justin C

    The Rivals article was very positive on his visit per comments from his coach.

  • Brad

    thanks Justin…good to hear

  • Ben

    I would call the rivals update extremely positive!! “Prather told his Coach that they needed to talk” and how he got the “vibe” when he was down for the weekend and Beilien felt like a father figure to him. he also said that the fans were great!!!

  • Kenny

    Zeigler’s future is very much tied with his dad’s, and I would rather secure Prather right now than waiting out for Trey.

    It has been always clear that Beilein really impresses Prather. What left uncertain is whether Prather likes the campus and the people of the university. And thanks for a true freshman on this campus, the atmosphere cannot be better this past weekend.

  • JayRich

    I totally agree Kenny. I am afraid Trey is going to string us along and then go elsewhere. I would love to have both….but would rathher have one locked up now

  • ToBlav

    Yep, a bird in hand . . .

  • It is strange that a few months ago we (including myself) would have called Prather a long shot and Zeigler the near can’t miss. If we get either I’ll be excited, if we get Prather and Zeigler goes to MSU it’ll be interesting to see them battle for 4 years.

  • David

    I get the sense it’s all going to come down to whether Trey feels as if he should play for his dad.

  • W3

    Zeigler aint going to MSU…if he stays in-state he’ll be at UM

  • Tom Too

    What month is Prather deciding this Fall?

  • Benjamin

    Tom Too…October/Nov.

    He visits Florida and then Vandy. After that he is going to decide.

    Beilein still has his in-home as well- so, things are looking good.

  • Tom Too

    Great! Thanks. Florida will be tough. The girls there are unreal and the facilities are class A. And, Vandy is real close to his home. Loving the quotes coming out about his visit.

  • Kyle

    Can anybody with a Rivals membership tell me what the article on Zeigler says?

  • AG

    Is it possible that Trey’s dad might get let go by CMU and that Trey is waiting to find out where his dad will be next season?

  • JBlair52

    anyone know who their hosts were?

  • Bluebufoon

    If Casey Prather pulls the trigger for U-M– I seriously doubt Trey Zeigler will choose Michigan on top of that. As talented as TZ is, he and his family will choose a school with less competition for playing time. U-M’s roster with Prather would include Hardaway Jr,, Novak, Douglass, Morris, Vogrich and LLP that’s too much competition.

  • Ben

    Rivals article sayd Noval was sitting with Zeigler. it said TZ and CP hit it off and sat together during the game. Direct quote from Trey and the article on rivals: “I think it’s possible we could both come if Manny [Harris] decided to enter the draft. And it doesn’t matter to me … I think Casey is a good player, and he and I could both do well at Michigan.”
    Its great news that he is waiting to decide in the spring because if we land Prather Zeigler knows he will have a scholly when manny goes pro,
    P.S I don’t think Zeigler is worried about losing playing time to Hardaway…lol he’s a stud and will play right away and he knows that

  • Tom Too

    D-MO at point, TZ at the two, CP at the Three, McLimans at the four, Big Ben/Morgan and the fizz-ive + Beilein’s tactical prowless = National Championship.

  • Sam

    Try Metrics at the four more like.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Yeah, if Smotz get’s beat out by McLimans, I would be shocked and horrified.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Not because I think that McLimans isn’t good, but because I have such high hopes for Smotz

  • Tom Too

    Oh, yeah…I forgot about Metrics.

  • UofMspirit

    Im pretty shure Ziegler isnt even thinking about Hardaway….if anything I bet Hardaway is hoping Ziegler chooses elsewhere to be honest.

    I would love to see Ziegler in Maize~

  • I’m willing to bet that Zeigler, Prather, Hardaway and whoever else want to play with the best kids around. They want to win games.

  • KainKitizen

    Recruiting is very intriguing these days. It’s hard to say that we all are doing here is playing coach for and with the recruits. We are hoping and wishing for the best of the best to now come to our basketball program. There is meaning to this now. We are now getting to be with and one of the big boys. Playing time in the future is going to be fun and interesting to see who wants to play. Could this be the next recruiting class to win championships at university of michigan. Who’s going to be our next Glen Rice, Cazzie Russell of Michigan Basketball.

  • nick

    Here’s a good one for the rivalry. Top player in 2013 class Steve Haney jr is on campus this weekend for a visit. MSU connection? East Lansing HS and Magic Johnson cousin….UM connection, mom a UM grad….interesting…MSU had him in two weeks ago at football game …..6’5 Frosh wing playing varsity this year at EL high, who can really shoot it